Mississippi River

SBLVII Odds Say Winner Will Be East Of Mississippi River

There are -130 odds on the Super Bowl 57 winner to be on the east side of the Mississippi River. A team from the west side of the Mississippi River has -110 odds to win the Super Bowl. Seven of the top-10 teams on the odds board are on the west side of the river. … Read more

Week 1 NFL Betting Splits

Early Public Betting Splits For Week 1 Primetime Games

The Buffalo Bills have -135 odds to beat the Los Angeles Rams with 96% of the betting handle on them. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are seeing 70% of bets to cover a 2-point spread. The Denver Broncos have a 5-point spread in their favor against the Seattle Seahawks. LOS ANGELES – Betting lines for the … Read more

Buffalo Bills

Comparing Highest Scoring Team Odds With Super Bowl 57 Odds

The Buffalo Bills have +500 odds to lead the NFL in points and +650 odds to win the Super Bowl. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have +750 odds to both win the Super Bowl and lead the NFL in points. The Los Angeles Rams have +1100 SB57 odds and +1000 odds to score the most points … Read more

NFL Playoff Parlay

SB Sportsbooks Offering Large Payout On Elite Teams Parlay

Bovada has a valueable prepackaged parlays though when betting on the Los Angeles Chargers, Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green Bay Packers, and Buffalo Bills to make the playoffs with +325 odds. Betting on four outright division favorites and the Chargers to all make the playoffs makes the parlay an excellent value when taking into … Read more

Super Bowl 57

How Super Bowl Odds Have Changed Throughout The Offseason

The Buffalo Bills(+600), Tampa Bay Buccaneers(+700), Green Bay Packers(+1000), Kansas City Chiefs(+1000), and the Los Angeles Rams(+1100) have established themselves as Super Bowl betting favorites, with their odds rarely changing over the offseason. Contending teams such as the Denver Broncos, Cleveland Browns, and Indianapolis Colts have all seen their odds change dramatically since their trades … Read more

Russell Wilson - Tom Brady

2022 Odds For Wilson, Brady To Break NFL Season Records

Tom Brady has +900 odds to break the NFL passing yards record of 5477. Russell Wilson, now on the Denver Broncos, has +2500 odds to do so. Brady has +1800 odds to break the touchdown record, while Wilson has +7500 odds to do so. LAS VEGAS – Tom Brady and Russell Wilson might be in … Read more

Tom Brady - Jameis Winston

Best Division Exact Finish Odds To Take For 2023-23 NFL Season

There are +250 odds on the NFC South order of Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, and Atlanta Falcons. There are +325 odds for the Los Angeles Rams to finish in first and the San Francisco 49ers to finish in second in the NFC West. The NFC North exact order odds are favoring … Read more

Super Bowl 57

Sportsbooks Overcorrect Seed Bets For Super Bowl Winner

Super Bowl sportsbooks are offering an over/under bet for the winning team’s seed. The under 2.5 is favored with -125 odds, but those odds still offer great value based on history. Seven of the last ten Super Bowl winners were either one or two seeds. The new playoff structure may have something to do with … Read more


Division Favorites Bets More Likely To Payout Than 10+ Wins

Online sportsbooks have 13 teams with odds that favor them to win 10+ games. That many teams may be unlikely considering only 12 reached 10+ wins last season. Betting on favorites such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers(-480) and Buffalo Bills(-450) to win their divisions instead of 10+ games offers better odds. NEW YORK – Instead … Read more

Super Bowl LVII

Bills Vs. Bucs Tops Odds Boards As Exact SB LVII Matchup

Buffalo Bills vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers sees +1700 odds to be the exact Super Bowl LVII matchup. The Kansas City Chiefs facing the Las Angeles Rams or the Green Bay Packers see +3100 long odds. Both the Bills and Buccaneers are also favored in their respective conferences. LAS VEGAS – Even with the NFL offseason … Read more