How Much Does A Super Bowl Ad Cost

Each year, football fans and regular Super Bowl watchers are curious to ask “how much does a Super Bowl commercial cost?” The number of dollars advertisers invest seems to keep rising, as it cost millions of dollars for companies to shoot and produce the commercial, aside from buying a time slot from the network. The best way to make that guess is by studying the past prices that companies have paid to run ads. Also, paying attention to network executives during the summer can often answer this question.

The Cost Of A Commercial For Super Bowl 59

After Super Bowl 58 commanded a record $7 million value for 30-seconds, FOX announced this will be the minimum buy in for SB59 as well. Having nearly sold out in September last time, the demand is as strong as ever thanks to record audiences tuning in. Being the last Super Bowl that FOX will host until 2029, there's no doubt they are taking full advantage of the commercial cost for SBLIX.

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Most Expensive Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

There is a reason that companies pay so much to get the time slot for a Super Bowl commercial as there are millions upon millions of eyes on them. In addition to paying for just the time slot, these companies put tons of money into their commercials that could be double or triple the price of the cost of the slot. With that, there are going to be opportunities for you to bet on Super Bowl 58 commercials as well. Right here are some of the most expensive Super Bowl commercial cost in history.

  • (2020) Google Loretta: $16.8 million
  • (2020) Amazon “Before Alexa”: $16.8 million
  • (2017) 84 Lumber “The Journey Begins”: $16.2 million
  • (2017) Ford: Go Further: $16.2 million
  • (2014) Chrysler: America’s Important: $16 million
  • (2019) Amazon: Nothing Makes The Cut’ $15.6 million
  • (2019) Kia: Give It Everything: $15.6 million
  • (2013) Samsung: The Next Big Thing: $15.2 million
  • (2018) Amazon: Alexa Loses Her Voice: $14.9 million
  • (2016) 2016 Toyota: The Longest Chase: $14.4 million

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The Average Cost Of A Super Bowl Commercial

The cost of a Super Bowl commercial has varied over the years. Dating back to Super Bowl I in 1967, the cost was $37,500. Fast forward to the year 1995, the average cost broke $1 million as the average cost was $1.1 million at Super Bowl XXIX. The year 2000 marked broke $2 million at $2.2 million for Super Bowl XXXIV. The trend continued as the average price broke $3 million in 2011, $4 million in 2014, and $5 million in 2017. The 2022 Super Bowl saw the highest price yet at an average of $6.5 million.

Year: Average Price (30-seconds):
2023 $7,000,000
2022 $6,500,000
2021 $5,500,000
2020 $5,600,000
2019 $5,300,000
2018 $5,200,000
2017 $5,000,000
2016 $4,500,000
2015 $4,250,000
2014 $4,000,000
2013 $3,800,000
2012 $3,500,000
2011 $3,100,000
2010 $2,954,010
2009 2,999,960
2008 $2,699,963
2007 $2,385,365
2006 $2,500,000
2005 $2,400,000
2004 $2,302,200
Year: Average Price (30-seconds):
2003 $2,200,000
2002 $2,200,000
2001 2,200,000
2000 $2,100,000
1999 $1,600,000
1998 $1,291,100
1997 $1,200,000
1996 $1,085,000
1995 $1,150,000
1994 $900,000
1993 $850,000
1992 $850,000
1991 $800,000
1990 $700,400
1989 $675,500
1988 $645,500
1987 $600,000
1986 $550,000
1985 $525,000
Year: Average Price (30-seconds):
1984 $368,200
1983 $400,000
1982 $324,300
1981 $275,000
1980 $222,000
1979 $185,000
1978 $162,300
1977 $125,000
1976 $110,000
1975 $107,000
1974 $103,500
1973 $88,100
1972 $86,100
1971 $72,500
1970 $78,200
1969 $55,000
1968 $54,500
1967 $37,500

The Cost Of Running A Super Bowl Commercial

No matter which network is presenting the Super Bowl (Fox, NBC, or CBS), the cost of running a SB commercial, for the most part, has risen substantially. The price of airing a Super Bowl ad for the 2019 Super Bowl was slated at $5.25 million for just 30 seconds worth of ad space. That breaks down about $175,000 per second. The amount that television networks charge companies hoping to get in front of the Super Bowl audience has increased by about $200,000 each year. This begs the question of whether or not it’s even worth it for companies to pay that amount for such little time on screen.

But, the average number of Americans watching the game amounts to a little over 100 million each year. Not only do Americans watch the Super Bowl Commercial when it’s live, but millions of them also watch sneak peeks before the game starts and re-watch them afterward on various sites that have the top Super Bowl ads. The 2024 Super Bowl commercial cost has yet to be confirmed but it will most certainly be a little more than $5 million. If teams with large fanbases end up making it into the game, that price could grow even more.


The Cost To Produce A Super Bowl Commercial

The cost of a Super Bowl commercial begins with the production which is often lost when factoring in the hefty price tag that companies pay. There are still camera crews, directors, actors, and various other costs that companies have to consider when designing their Super Bowl campaign. Big-name actors come with large price tags. For example, in 2005 Heineken paid Brad Pitt over $4 million to make an appearance in their commercial, and in 2014 Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid $3 million to do a Bud Light ad. In an interview with, Jon Swallen of Kantar Media told the site that companies can expect to pay between $15 to $20 million in total marketing costs. This not only includes the fee that they have to pay the television network but also factors in all the production costs. When watching a 2024 SBLVIII commercial with recognizable celebrities, just remember how much that company had to pay to produce that short Super Bowl Commercial.