Betting On The Super Bowl Coin Toss

Super Bowl Coin Toss Betting

There are plenty of people in the world who love betting on the Super Bowl coin toss. There are probably a couple of reasons for this, as the coin flip for the Super Bowl is probably the most-watched coin flip in the entire world. All eyes in the United States and with football fans around the world watch a coin flip at the same time to determine who will have first possession for the Super Bowl.

It’s not only that, but most people believe that the coin flip is a real 50-50 bet. Because people believe that they have a real shot of winning this bet and it is one of the Super Bowl prop bets that are listed well before the event, millions of dollars are wagered on the Super Bowl coin toss. But is it really a 50-50 bet? How many teams have won the Super Bowl and also won the coin toss? Are there any connections between winning the coin toss and winning the Super Bowl? There are a lot to analyze the Super Bowl coin toss and it is especially true when people want to throw down money on it.

Best Sites for Betting on the Super Bowl Coin Toss
Bovada Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $250
BetOnline Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $1,000
MyBookie Sportsbook
  • 250%
  • up to
  • $1,000
Xbet Sportsbook
  • 100%
  • up to
  • $300
Sportsbetting Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $1,000

Super Bowl LVII Coin Toss Odds

There are several popular Super Bowl prop bets surrounding the coin toss at SB57. Will the team that calls the coin toss be correct? Will they defer? Will the coin toss winner win the game? Betting on the Super Bowl coin toss allows for far more options for Big Game betting. With the coin toss being fully left up to chance, this is the biggest gamble of the Super Bowl.

Bovada Coin Toss Odds

  • Heads -105
  • Tails -105

BetOnline Coin Toss Odds

  • Heads -101
  • Tails -101

MyBookie Coin Toss Odds

  • Heads -101
  • Tails -101

Super Bowl Coin Toss Prop Bets

There are several popular Super Bowl prop bets surrounding the coin toss at SB57. Players can wager on which team will win the coin toss between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. There are also odds for if the team that calls the coin toss will be correct. Betting on the Super Bowl coin toss allows for far more options for Big Game betting. With the coin toss being fully left up to chance, this is the biggest gamble of the Super Bowl.

What Team Will Win Coin Toss In Super Bowl 57?

As you would normally bet on the winner of the Super Bowl with the moneyline, with these odds you are betting on the winner of the coin toss. Like all of the coin toss odds, they are set at a standard -105.

Will The Team That Calls The Super Bowl 57 Coin Toss Be Correct?

  • Yes -105
  • No -105

These odds are easy to understand as it is betting on if the team that calls the coin toss will call it correctly. A $100 bet here would profit $95.

Will The Team That Wins The Coin Toss Win The Game?

  • Yes -105
  • No -105

This is another popular bet to make on the coin toss. They are basically double result odds on if the team that calls the toss correctly will win the game. In the last seven Super Bowls, the winner of the coin toss has gone on to lose the game.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Betting Trends

Betting on the Super Bowl coin toss is one of the easiest bets to make being that it does not really require any type of knowledge, but for those that are looking to get a bit of an upper hand can look at past trends. Looking at the last 56 Super Bowls, it has been quite even as a result of heads has happened 27 times while tails has happened 29 times. Looking at streaks between heads and tails, heads holds the longest streak of five straight from Super Bowl XLII to Super Bowl XLVII. As for Tails, its longest streak was four which has happened on four separate occasions - the most recent streak coming from Super Bowl XLVII to Super Bowl LI. Some teams to look out for when betting the Super Bowl coin toss are the Dallas Cowboys (6) who have the most coin toss victories, San Francisco 49ers (5), Miami Dolphins (4), Las Vegas Raiders (3), New England Patriots (3) and Seattle Seahawks (3).

History Of The Coin Toss At The Super Bowl

With the coin toss being a staple for Super Bowl betting, there is a lot of data that helps us analyze the history of the coin toss at the Super Bowl. It is not exactly 50-50 in terms of results, but it is extremely close. Tails has won 29 times while heads has won 27 times during the 56 Super Bowls. Although it is not exactly even, it is extremely close. Tails usually has more winning streaks than heads do. About 48 percent of the winners of the coin toss ends up winning the Super Bowl, although there is no real correlation that shows it is because of the coin toss that these teams win. Some teams like the Dallas Cowboys have won more coin tosses than other teams. With tails being the commonality, this will be enough to push more people to bet on tails rather than betting on heads.

Who Flips The Coin For The Super Bowl?

Every year, bettors are awaiting the pregame coin toss to see if yet another prop bet wager will successfully hit before the gamer even begins. Though the referees generally flip the coin, there has been a load of other celebrities, politicians, and football family members who have had the honor. Marie Lombardi – widow of Vince Lombardi – is one of the prime examples of an unexpected coin flipper. Rumor has it that she had to be taught how to flip a coin a day before the Super Bowl. Presidents such as Ronald Reagan and George G.W. Bush have flipped the Super Bowl coin as well.

What Are The Odds For The Super Bowl Coin Toss?

Different Super Bowl 57 betting sites have coin toss odds that differ from one another. No matter the sportsbook, both selections of "Heads" and "Tails" will be considered favorites. This is a way for the sportsbook to pay out the winners with the losers' money and keep the vigorish as their revenue. However, shopping lines play a crucial role in betting Super Bowl prop bets such as the coin toss, as each sportsbook will offer a different vigorish. For example, at SportsBetting, both results are listed with odds of -105. Other sites can see the same answers for -110, -115, or even -120. Keeping the sportsbooks' cut as low as possible helps find the most value in these wagers, such as they are.

Coin Toss Winners’ Record

Sportsbooks host prop bets for if the winner of the coin toss will win the Super Bowl. Winning the coin toss gives a big advantage as the winning team determines who gets the ball at the beginning of the game and the start of the third quarter. Believe it or not, however, in the last few Super Bowls the winner of the coin toss has actually gone on to lose the game. The last seven coin toss losers went on to be Super Bowl champions which is a long consecutive streak. Still, sportsbooks will continue to give relatively similar odds on both sides of this wager.

Past Super Bowl Coin Toss Betting Results

YearSuper BowlCoin Toss ResultCoin Toss WinnerSuper Bowl Winner
2022Super Bowl LVIHeadsCincinnati BengalsLos Angeles Rams
2021Super Bowl LVHeadsKansas City ChiefsTampa Bay Buccaneers
2020Super Bowl LIVTailsSan Francisco 49ersKansas City Chiefs
2019Super Bowl LIIITailsLA RamsNew England Patriots
2018Super Bowl LIIHeadsNew England PatriotsPhiladelphia Eagles
2017Super Bowl LITailsAtlanta FalconsNew England Patriots
2016Super Bowl 50TailsCarolina PanthersDenver Broncos
2015Super Bowl XLIXTailsSeattle SeahawksNew England Patriots
2014Super Bowl XLVIIITailsSeattle SeahawksSeattle Seahawks
2013Super Bowl XLVIIHeadsBaltimore RavensBaltimore Ravens
2012Super Bowl XLVIHeadsNew England PatriotsNew York Giants
2011Super Bowl XLVHeadsGreen Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers
2010Super Bowl XLIVHeadsNew Orleans SaintsNew Orleans Saints
2009Super Bowl XLIIIHeadsArizona CardinalsPittsburgh Steelers
2008Super Bowl XLIITailsYork GiantsNew York Giants
2007Super Bowl XLIHeadsChicago BearsIndianapolis Colts
2006Super Bowl XLTailsSeattle SeahawksPittsburgh Steelers
2005Super Bowl XXXIXTailsPhiladelphia EaglesNew England Patriots
2004Super Bowl XXXVIIITailsCarolina PanthersNew England Patriots
2003Super Bowl XXXVIITailsTampa Bay BuccaneersTampa Bay Buccaneers
2002Super Bowl XXXVIHeadsSt. Louis RamsNew England Patriots
2001Super Bowl XXXVTailsNew York GiantsBaltimore Ravens
2000Super Bowl XXXIVTailsSt. Louis RamsSt. Louis Rams
1999Super Bowl XXXIIITailsAtlanta FalconsDenver Broncos
1998Super Bowl XXXIITailsGreen Bay PackersDenver Broncos
1997Super Bowl XXXIHeadsNew England PatriotsGreen Bay Packers
1996Super Bowl XXXTailsDallas CowboysPittsburgh Steelers
1995Super Bowl XXIXHeadsSan Francisco 49ersSan Diego Chargers
1994Super Bowl XXVIIITailsDallas CowboysBuffalo Bills
1993Super Bowl XXVIIHeadsDallas CowboysBuffalo Bills
1992Super Bowl XXVIHeadsWashington RedskinsBuffalo Bills
1991Super Bowl XXVHeadsBuffalo BillsNew York Giants
1990Super Bowl XXIVHeadsDenver BroncosSan Francisco 49ers
1989Super Bowl XXIIITailsSan Francisco 49ersCincinnati Bengals
1988Super Bowl XXIIHeadsWashington RedskinsDenver Broncos
1987Super Bowl XXITailsDenver BroncosNew York Giants
1986Super Bowl XXTailsNew England PatriotsChicago Bears
1985Super Bowl XIXTailsMiami DolphinsSan Francisco 49ers
1984Super Bowl XVIIIHeadsLos Angeles RaidersWashington Redskins
1983Super Bowl XVIITailsMiami DolphinsWashington Redskins
1982Super Bowl XVITailsCincinnati BengalsSan Francisco 49ers
1981Super Bowl XVTailsPhiladelphia EaglesOakland Raiders
1980Super Bowl XIVHeadsLos Angeles RamsPittsburgh Steelers
1979Super Bowl XIIIHeadsDallas CowboysPittsburgh Steelers
1978 Super Bowl XIIHeadsDallas CowboysDenver Broncos
1977Super Bowl XITailsMinnesota VikingsOakland Raiders
1976Super Bowl XHeadsDallas CowboysPittsburgh Steelers
1975Super Bowl IXTailsMinnesota VikingsPittsburgh Steelers
1974Super Bowl VIIIHeadsMinnesota VikingsMiami Dolphins
1973Super Bowl VIIHeadsWashington RedskinsMiami Dolphins
1972Super Bowl VIHeadsDallas CowboysMiami Dolphins
1971Super Bowl VTailsDallas CowboysBaltimore Colts
1970Super Bowl IVTailsMinnesota VikingsKansas City Chiefs
1969Super Bowl IIIHeadsNew York JetsBaltimore Colts
1968Super Bowl IITailsOakland RaidersGreen Bay Packers
1967Super Bowl IIHeadsKansas City ChiefsGreen Bay Packers