AFC South Division Odds – Best AFC South Betting Lines

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Betting on the AFC South comes with several different ways of doing so whether it’s betting on the outright winner, the correct order of the standings, or betting on one of the single teams odds. The four teams that make up the division are the Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans. The Colts are the winningest team in the division with 16 AFC South championships which is 10 more than the next team in line.

Everything that there is to know about betting on the AFC South can be found right here. You’ll be greeted with the current AFC South odds each season, a brief history of each teams performance in the division since 2002, each of their Super Bowl LVIII betting, and anything else related to betting on the AFC South.

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AFC South Division Odds

Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts

As a part to betting on the Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl 58 odds are their odds to win the AFC South division. The Colts have won 16 division titles with 9 of them coming since 2002 when the divisions were realigned. However, they haven’t seen an AFC South championship since 2014 when they had -175 preseason odds. Six of those nine division titles since 2002 also came at under +100 odds. Since their last division championship in 2014, oddsmakers have lost some hope on them with five of the nine years since then opening at +350 odds or longer and six of those years seeing their odds jump to over +1000 odds at some point during the season.

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans have just four AFC South division titles since 2002 and three of those four titles all came with under +200 preseason odds. Tennessee generally isn’t seen as a threat to the division in the eyes of the oddsmakers as they’ve opened at or above +300 odds 14 times since 2002 and have just one division title that came above those odds in 2008 when they had +800 preseason odds. They certainly aren’t a threat in 2023-24 with the Titans Super Bowl 58 odds coming over +300 once more.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars

Both of the Jackson AFC South championships came since 2017. They captured their first in 2017 with +500 preseason odds and again in 2022 at +750 preseason odds. Fast track to the 2023-24 season, the Jags are the preseason favorite to win the division at -150 which are their shortest opening division odds in team history. The Jaguars Super Bowl LVIII odds also opened at +2800 which are their shortest preseason odds in the last four seasons which backs their case even more.

Houston Texans

Houston Texans

Six times have the Houston Texans won the division and all six of them have come after 2010. Also, five of the six division titles came with +200 preseason odds are stronger. The Texans have also trended in back-to-back AFC South championships with all six coming in back-to-back situations on three separate occasions. Since 2019 though, all of Houston’s preseason odds, including the Texans Super Bowl betting odds, have risen in each year since with their highest point reaching +3000.

Taking A Futures Bet On The AFC South

AFC South Betting Odds

Although futures betting is the main form of betting on the division winner, there is much more to it as there are plenty of different futures odds to choose that include AFC South teams. Those include Super Bowl odds for each team every year, each of their AFC championship betting odds, AFC South players odds to win the MVP, and much more. All of the futures odds for AFC South teams can be found right here.

Preseason AFC South Super Bowl Odds

Preseason AFC South Conference Championship Odds

AFC South MVP Contenders

Preseason AFC South Odds To Make The Playoffs

Preseason AFC South Win Totals

Past AFC South Champions

While the Indianapolis Colts have led the division since 2002 with 9 titles, the race has heated up in the last eight seasons as all four teams have claimed a division title in that time. Since the start of the division though, the heaviest favorites were 2005 Indianapolis and 2012 Houston Texans who both has -500 preseason odds to win. The team with the longest odds were the 2008 Tennessee Titans who won with +800 preseason odds.

Year Team Odds
2022 Jacksonville Jaguars +750
2021 Tennessee Titans -110
2020 Tennessee Titans +180
2019 Houston Texans +175
2018 Houston Texans +200
2017 Jacksonville Jaguars +500
2016 Houston Texans +160
2015 Houston Texans +450
2014 Indianapolis Colts -175
2013 Indianapolis Colts +240
2012 Houston Texans -500
2011 Houston Texans +125
2010 Indianapolis Colts -175
2009 Indianapolis Colts +130
2008 Tennessee Titans +800
2007 Indianapolis Colts -300
2006 Indianapolis Colts -500
2005 Indianapolis Colts -400
2004 Indianapolis Colts -150
2003 Indianapolis Colts +150
2002 Tennessee Titans +140

AFC South Teams To Win The Super Bowl

The Indianapolis Colts are the only team in the AFC South to win a championship in the history of the Super Bowl. The Colts were on a tear during their Super Bowl winning season having gone 16-4 overall and 12-8 against the spread. They had 12 wins in the regular season which was good enough to hit the over on their 11.5 projected win total. Aside from the Colts, the Titans are the only other team from the division to make the Super Bowl in 2000 but fell short to the then St. Louis Rams.

Past AFC North Super Bowl Winners

Year Team Odds
2006 Indianapolis Colts +600

AFC South Teams To Make The Wild Card

Since 2002, the AFC South has seen a Wild Card berth 10 times with 11 teams. Of the four teams in the division though, the Houston Texans have never played in the Wild Card Round as a Wild Card team, only as division champions. The Colts have been a Wild Card team five times since 2002 but have never made it out of the round. Jacksonville has been a Wild Card team twice but haven’t made it far as their furthest was a loss in the 2007 divisional round. Tennessee has gone furthest as they’ve gone past the Wild Card Round in three of their four appearances and even went to the AFC Championship game.

Year Team Odds
2020: Indianapolis Colts -175
2019: Tennessee Titans +200
2018: Indianapolis Colts +240
2017: Tennessee Titans -120
2012: Indianapolis Colts +700
2008: Indianapolis Colts n/a
2007: Jacksonville Jaguars n/a
2007: Tennessee Titans n/a
2005: Jacksonville Jaguars n/a
2003: Tennessee Titans n/a
2002: Indianapolis Colts n/a