Betting On The Philadelphia Eagles To Win The Super Bowl In 2022

The Philadelphia Eagles

Betting on the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl has definitely seen better day. The Eagles have taken a steep drop after their awful 2020 campaign. With that said, the Eagles will certainly find trouble adding on to their 27 playoff appearances and building off of them as well. Although the Eagles odds on the season might not look to be in their favor though, NFL bettors could find a nice payout on them if they do turn out to be successful.

Looking at the Eagles roster, they have the ability to turn things up in 2021 as they have a nice young roster behind an explosive quarterback in Jalen Hurts who turned out to be a diamond in the rough for them. The Eagles also have an above-average running back in Miles Sanders as well as one of the better offensive lines in the league. However, the one thing that the Eagles have struggled with consistently season after season is their receiving core which has played a significant role in their struggles.

Those that are looking to bet on the Eagles betting odds can find that information on this page. Bettors will come across the Eagles Super Bowl odds, odds to win the NFC Championship and their odds to win the NFC East division as well. There are also Eagles player props and a breakdown of their playoff history also.

Philadelphia Eagles Playoff History

Playoff Appearances
1947, 1948, 1949, 1960, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019
Division Championships
1947, 1948, 1949, 1980, 1988, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2010, 2013, 2017, 2019
Conference Championships
1960, 1980, 2004, 2017
Super Bowl Victories
2018 (LII)
Super Bowl Losses
1981 (XV), 2005 (XXXIX)
Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks
Nick Foles
Super Bowl Winning Coaches
Doug Pederson
Super Bowl MVPs
Nick Foles (LII)
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What Are The Eagles Odds To Win The Super Bowl?

The Eagles have made it to three Super Bowl’s in their teams history but have only managed to win one of them that came in 2018. Since Philadelphia’s 2018 Super Bowl run, they have taken a back seat and have entered a slight rebuild. With that said, the Eagles odds to win the Super Bowl are sitting towards the bottom of the odds board.

What Are The Philadelphia Eagles Odds To Win The NFC Championship?

Although the Eagles have proven to be somewhat of an explosive team, they still do not have enough to match up with the other powerhouse teams that are in the NFC. As this team continues to grow, so will their odds to win the NFC Championship which are at the bottom of the odds board as well. The Eagles have made the NFC Championship game seven times in the Super Bowl era and have won three of them.

What Are The Philadelphia Eagles Odds To Win The NFC East?

The Eagles have lucked out in recent years as they are in one of the worst divisions in all of the NFL in the NFC East. The Eagles have been able to muscle in 14 division championships in their teams history with their most recent one coming back in 2019. With that said, the Eagles odds to win the NFC East are in the upper half of the odds board.

Eagles 2021 Betting Odds

  • Super Bowl: +5000
  • NFC Championship: +2800
  • NFC East: +325

2021 Philadelphia Eagles Betting Trends

  • Regular Season Record: 4-11-1
  • ATS Record: 6-10
  • Over/Under Record: 7-9

Betting On The Eagles In Pennsylvania

Those Eagles fans located in Philly have sports betting right in their backyards as there are three retail sportsbooks available in the city. There’s Harrah’s Philly Sportsbook, South Philadelphia Turf Club and Sugarhouse sportsbook. However, if someone does not want to make their way to a retail sportsbook, there are online sportsbooks such as MyBookie that offer the same betting odds on the NFL and the Eagles for bettors to take advantage of. In addition to the betting lines, they also offer different prop bets as well as futures bets for NFL bettors to look at.

Philadelphia Eagles Draft Odds

The Philadelphia Eagles have found success in the past when it comes to using the NFL Draft to build a Super Bowl contending team as they did in 2018. The Eagles will look to use the 2021 NFL Draft to get back to their Super Bowl contending ways. The Eagles are going into the Draft with eight draft picks including one pick in rounds one and two, two picks in rounds three and five and a pick in rounds six and seven.

Betting On Eagles Team Props

Super Bowl Betting PropsThe Eagles have been on a roll and their team is jelling pretty well. This is why placing team props on your Eagles is an awesome idea! You can place a team prop bet on if the defensive unit will get a certain number of sacks in the game, or pick the exact result for an even greater payout. Your bet would be determined from all the players on defense and if they can come out and put together a team effort, winning money is that easy.

2021 Eagles Player Prop Bets

The Philadelphia Eagles have had some trouble with their offense over the years, especially in the 2020 season. They will look to put their struggles behind them with some of their offensive star power such as Jalen Hurts and Miles Sanders. If the Eagles somehow make it to the playoffs or even the Super Bowl, bettors will find player props on them as well.

Carson Wentz

Carson WentzWentz is coming off just his second healthy season since being in the league and he did not disappoint. Wentz put up 4,039 yards and 27 touchdowns, both of which are good for top ten in the league. His season totals for 2020 are projected at 3899.5 yards and 27.5 touchdowns.

Zach Ertz

Zach ErtzZach Ertz had a down year from his 2018 outing as he put up 916 yards and six touchdowns through his 2019 campaign. Online sportsbooks have taken note of Ertz’s slight fall and have his season totals at 899.5 yards with the under favored and 7.5 touchdowns also with the under favored.

Jalen Reagor

Jalen ReagorJalen Reagor is stepping into an offense that is desperate for a spark at the wide receiver position. Reagor is a rookie wideout who had just 611 yards and five touchdowns during his final year at TCU. NFL betting sites have his season totals set at 700.5 yards with the under favored and 4.5 touchdowns.

Miles Sanders

Miles SandersMiles Sanders is being set up for a breakout season as he is stepping into the lead running back role. Sanders put up 818 yards and three touchdowns during his rookie year and is looking to exceed that in 2020. NFL sportsbooks have his season totals set at 1000.5 rushing yards.

Dallas Goedert

Dallas GoedertDallas Goedert proved his worth in the 2019 season after having a slight breakout with 607 yards and five touchdowns. Online betting sites have his season totals set at just 475.5 yards but could be poised for an even bigger breakout.


Philadelphia Eagles Playoff History

The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the league's oldest franchises and with that comes years and years of playoff experience. They have been able to make it to 27 different playoffs which include 14 division championships, 4 conference championships and 1 Super Bowl win.

Eagles Playoff Appearances

The Eagles' first playoff appearance did not come until 14 years after they became an official team in the NFL in 1947under Greasy Neale who led them to three straight playoffs from 1947-1949. Their next playoff appearance did not come until 1960 where Buck Shaw was calling the plays. After that, they saw an 18 -year playoff drought that ended in 1978 where they went on to make four straight playoff appearances under Dick Vermeil. Rounding out the 80’s they saw playoff appearances in 1988,1989, and 1990 under Buddy Ryan. They saw three more playoff berths starting 1992 and again in 1995-1996 under Rick Kotite and Ray Rhodes. The most successful era for the Eagles was under Andy Reid who led them to 9 playoff appearances from 1999-2012 with their first one coming in 2000 and their final one coming in 2010. Since then they saw one more under Chip Kelley in 2013 and three more from 2017-2019 under Doug Pederson.

Eagles Division Championships

Of the Eagles 27 playoff appearances, they were able to convert 14 of them into division championships. Their first stint of division titles came from 1947-1949 with Greasy Neale as the coach. They saw a 31-year drought of divisional championships as their next one did not come until 1980 With Vermeil at the coach. They saw another division championship in 1988 with Buddy Ryan as well. The Andy Reid Era took off as he coached them to six division championships from 2000 to 2013 with their first one coming in 2001 and their last one in 2013. Their two most recent division titles came in 2017 and 2019 under Coach Pederson.

Eagles Conference Championships

The Eagles have not been able to convert many of their 14 division championships into conference championships as they have just four conference titles. Their first one came in 1960 with Buck Shaw calling plays and Norm Van Brocklin under center. Their next one did not come until 1980 with Vermeil on the sideline and Ron Jaworski at quarterback. In 2004 Andy Reid led them to a conference championship as well with Donovan McNabb. Their most recent one came in 2017 with current coach, Doug Pederson, and both Carson Wentz and Nick Foles playing quarterback.

Eagles Super Bowl Victories

Of their four conference titles, the Eagles have managed just one Super Bowl win to their resume. Their championship run came in 2018 for Super Bowl LII where the Eagles took on the New England Patriots. They went into the game being seen as 4.5-point underdogs and clearly had no problems with the spread at all as they won the game with a final score of 41-33. The Super Bowl MVP was given to Nick Foles who was filling in for the injured Carson Wentz as he put up 373 yards, 3 passing touchdowns and even a receiving touchdown.