How To Bet On Super Bowl 57 Online

With millions of people looking forward to watching the final NFL game of the season, millions will also be asking how to bet on Super Bowl 57 online. Unlike regular-season NFL games, the Super Bowl comes loaded with the most betting opportunities of any singular sporting event. Prop bets, future bets, as well as live bets will all be for the taking when the AFC and NFC champions collide. While experienced sports bettors may know exactly how these betting lines work, those just being introduced to the expansive world of sports betting may not know how they can cash-in on this game.

When trying to figure out how to bet on Super Bowl 57 online there are several factors to take into consideration. The first being that you have to find sites with Super Bowl LVII odds, and after that, you’ll have to understand how each of those odds works. You also have to know how to fund your sports betting account so that you can make sure you have enough money to place the type of bet that you want when you’re ready. We break down all of these factors in the following sections so you can feel confident in your ability to start betting the 2023 Super Bowl odds online.

Best Sites for Betting on the Super Bowl
Bovada Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $250
BetOnline Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $1,000
MyBookie Sportsbook
  • 250%
  • up to
  • $1,000
Xbet Sportsbook
  • 100%
  • up to
  • $300
Sportsbetting Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $1,000

Bovada Sportsbook

  • Safety + Security:  
  • Reliability:  
  • Customer Service:  
  • Payout Times:  
  • Bonuses:  


Super Bowl 57 Betting Made Easy
Those wondering how to bet on Super Bowl 57 can have all their questions answered at Bovada. Bovada is a simple to use and easily accessible online sportsbook that hosts SB LVII odds all year long. Bovada’s interface is welcoming and simplistic and the NFL odds are available with a few clicks. The signup process for Bovada is easy and takes under 5 minutes to complete. Bovada makes betting on Super Bowl 57 extremely easy and betting fans do not need to wonder how to bet so long as Bovada is around to provide odds.

  • Safety + Security:  
  • Reliability:  
  • Customer Service:  
  • Payout Times:  
  • Bonuses:  


Online Access To SB LVII Odds

BetOnline answers the question ‘How to bet on Super Bowl 57 online?’ by providing online-only betting lines for the Big Game. As the name suggests, BetOnline is a top-rated online betting operator that is one of the best on the market for Super Bowl betting. There is a seemingly endless supply of betting lines surrounding SB LVII and fans do not need to physically travel to a retail operator to access them. With online Super Bowl betting at BetOnline, fans can find a full-service Las Vegas-style sportsbook from anywhere they wish.

  • Safety + Security:
  • Reliability:
  • Customer Service:
  • Payout Times:
  • Bonuses:


The Answer For All SB LVII Betting Questions

For more odds and variety in betting, choose MyBookie. Everything surrounding the Big Game from player props to live betting can be accessed at MyBookie. There is no question surrounding how to bet on Super Bowl 57 that MyBookie cannot supply an answer for. There are more ways to play at MyBookie and bettors can capitalize on these options from anywhere. MyBookie is available on smartphones and tablets so fans do not need to worry about how they can access MyBookie’s odds. Betting on Super Bowl 57 is accessible right now at the popular online sportsbook.

2023 Super Bowl 57 Betting Sites

With the playoffs beginning, many bettors are gearing up for another legal Super Bowl betting season. While it may not seem like it in the state you live in, but there are plenty of 2023 Super Bowl 57 betting sites. Online offshore sportsbooks have been serving Americans for over two decades now and they have only grown in popularity over the years. Sites such as Bovada, BetOnline, and SportsBetting have been used by major media outlets such as ESPN, Fox Sports, and Sports Illustrated to highlight the different odds that are available for the Super Bowl among other games.

Signing up to one or more of these sites will be the first step to betting on the Super Bowl online. The sign-up process is similar to any online service, requiring some basic personal information and a method of payment. Once you make your first deposit into your sportsbook account, you can then use whatever amount you’d like from that account to put money down on the Super Bowl or any other sports matchup. There are plenty of ways to fund your account, including credit/debit cards, bank wire transfer, or Bitcoin.

Some of the best betting sites for the Super Bowl include Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie. These are arguably some of the top online sportsbooks out there when it comes to betting on the NFL and the Super Bowl. They have plenty of betting opportunities for bettors to take advantage of such as the regular moneyline odds, odds on the spread, and also the game totals. There are also different betting odds as well such as futures bets, live betting odds, and even game and player props to bet on as well.

How To Bet On Super Bowl 57 Futures

Futures betting on SBLVII can happen all year round. These odds shift all year based on different teams' offseason moves, how they do in the playoffs, and injuries that occur to them as well. By waiting for the right moment, you could potentially find the best opportunity to maximize your profit. When looking at teams across the board, payouts are usually highest before the season begins. However, waiting a few weeks into the season to see how teams actually look like could give you a clearer picture of which teams the Super Bowl contenders are and which ones are frauds.

How To Bet Super Bowl 57 Live In-game

Live in-game betting is one of the many Super Bowl 57 betting odds that are available. These live betting odds shift and update according to how the game is playing out in real-time. If you’re betting on a team to score on their next drive, the payout will be much higher than if you wait until they get to the red zone. You will also need to be decisive, otherwise, a live betting opportunity may pop up and close before you can put action on it.

Depositing Into My Super Bowl Sportsbook
There are many options when it comes to depositing money into your Super Bowl Sportsbook. The most popular options involve sports bettors using their personal debit or credit cards or going the route of using prepaid cards. Sports bettors also have the option to use other services such as MoneyGram or Western Union. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are also available options at some betting sites as well as simple cashier’s checks and money orders. However you chose to wager, there is a multitude option to suit your needs. Most offshore betting sites have a verity of options for eager sports bettors.

Limits For Bovada Deposits Methods

  • Bitcoin – $10 minimum and $5,000 maximum deposits
  • Visa/MC – $20 minimum and $1,500 maximum deposits
  • Ethereum – $50 minimum and $5,000 maximum deposits
  • MatchPay – $20 minimum and $1,000 maximum deposits
How To Withdrawal Winnings Out Of A Super Bowl Sportsbook
When it comes to sports betting, collecting your winnings is very important. Luckily for you, the process is very simple. Depending on how you want your earnings to be paid out to you, there is a slew of payment methods for sports bettors to quickly cash out with. The fastest options would be via cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Withdrawing via cryptocurrencies is almost instant as it takes just a few hours for you to get your money. If you don’t wish to go the crypto route, there are a lot of other payment methods such as prepaid cards, checks, and even wire transfers. When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, there are many ways to play.

Limits For Bovada Withdrawals

  • Bitcoin – $10 minimum and no maximum for withdrawals
  • Check By Courier – $100 minimum and $3,000 maximum for withdrawals
  • Ethereum – $50 minim and no maximum for withdrawals
  • MatchPay – $20 minimum and $1,000 maximum for withdrawals
What Super Bowl Betting Bonuses & Promotions Are Available?
There are a lot of promotions and bonuses available across many sites for Super Bowl LVII sports bettors. Most sites give a signup bonus for beginners as well as a refill bonus for reoccurring sports bettors. The amount of bonuses that are available on the Super Bowl is astounding and it gives great incentive for people to continue betting. Bovada, for example, has a $250 deposit bonus for first-time sports bettors and offers a 50% bonus on your first deposit to add to your first sports wager. Promotions like these are plenty available to anyone eager and ready to bet on the upcoming 2023 Super Bowl at online sportsbooks.

Best Bonuses Top Sportsbooks

  • Bovada – $750 crypto maximum bonus through a 75% match deposit with a 5x rollover
  • BetOnline – $1,000 maximum crypto bonus through a 100% deposit match with a 14x rollover
  • MyBookie – No max limit reload bonus through a 25% deposit match with a 6x rollover
  • SportsBetting – $350 maximum bonus through a 35% crypto deposit match with an 8x rollover
How To Bet On The Super Bowl From Your Phone

Mobile Super Bowl bettingMore often than not, you won’t be in front of a desktop computer when watching the Super Bowl. That’s why knowing how to bet on the Super Bowl from your phone is so important. It’s the best way to take advantage of live bets as well as make any last-minute wagers on gameday. In order to use your phone to place Super Bowl bets, you’ll have one of two options. The first is to download a sports betting app from an app store if you live in a state that has formally legalized the activity. The second method is to go to your mobile browser, sign into your offshore sportsbook account from there, and then lock in your wagers. These offshore sites will adjust to your screen to give you an app-like feel without the need to download anything.

How To Sign Up For Bovada For Online Super Bowl Betting
  • Visit Bovada on a computer or mobile device and select the “Join” button in the top right corner.
  • Fill out personal information (full name, date of birth, mobile number, email, zip code) and create a password for the site.
  • Verify account/identity with code sent to the mobile device.
  • Choose the first deposit method and redeem the Super Bowl bonus (if desired).
  • Wait for the first transaction to process and then start betting on Super Bowl futures.
How To Make Basic Super Bowl 57 Bets

While the Super Bowl is made famous by all the crazy prop bets available, basic Super Bowl 57 bets will also be there for the taking once the game is set. These bets include the point spread, the moneyline, and the over/under. In order to bet on the point spread, you will have to determine whether or not you think that the favored team will win by more than the points the sportsbook assigned. If not, you can pick the underdog to either win the game outright or at least not lose by the number of points the sportsbook assigns. With the moneyline you’re simply choosing which team you think will win the game. With the over/under you’re simply deciding whether you think both teams will combine to score more or less than the number of points that the sportsbook assigns. These odds will be released once the AFC and NFC champions are determined.

How To Bet Super Bowl LVII On Game Day

This may depend on where you live. In some states, you have the option of going to a land-based sportsbook on game day in order to place your bets. But, for most of the country, you will have to go online in order to bet on the 2023 Super Bowl. You’ll have to make sure that you have an account set up and that your account has funds so that you can be ready for game day. While signing up is a quick and easy process, it could take a good bit of time to deposit money into your account depending on what payment method you choose. Using Bitcoin is almost instant, but setting up a Bitcoin wallet can also take time. During game day you’re most likely going to want to get the home ready, shop for food and drinks, or even get ready to go to the game if you’re lucky enough. If you’re trying to bet on Super Bowl 57 on Gameday the best way to do it is online and be ready days in advance.

Bovada Super Bowl Betting

Why Does Bovada Need My Zip Code And Mobile Number To Sign Up?

Bovada, along with the other online sportsbooks recommended on this page, is licensed internationally and can only accept sportsbook players that reside in the US. When signing up for an account, Bovada requires every player’s zip code to ensure that the player is within US borders. Most other online sportsbooks will require a full address to log in but Bovada does not. They also request a mobile phone to verify that the account is being used by the intended person.

How Fast Can I Receive A Super Bowl Payout?

When betting on the Super Bowl with cryptocurrency, a bettor can request and receive payouts that process within 24 hours. Cryptocurrency transactions have no banks involved and do not wait for these transactions to be approved during business hours. The online sportsbooks simply have to approve the request and send the funds to the player's crypto wallet. For crypto and other payout methods, the speed of payout can be found below:

  • Bitcoin – Within 24 Hours
  • Ethereum – Within 24-48
  • Bitcoin Cash – 1 Hour
  • Litecoin – As Fast As An Hour (Up To 24)
  • MatchPay – Instant
  • Voucher – Instant
  • Check By Courier – 10-15 BD
  • Bank Wire  – 10-15 BD
How To Bet SB 57 At Land-Based Sportsbooks

Each land-based sportsbook might have a different setup, but the ways in which you bet on SB 57 at land-based sportsbooks come in three different methods. The first way in which you could place a bet is with a sportsbook writer. These people will be able to help you understand how each betting line works, how you can claim your payout, as well as other rules specific to that location before placing your bet. If you don’t want to wait you will also most likely have the option to use a sports betting kiosk. These machines let you make your picks, fill out your bet slip, and complete the transaction all on your own. However, if you don’t feel like getting out of your seat you may also have the option to use the sportsbooks mobile app. These types of apps are not available everywhere so you’ll want to call and find out if the sportsbook you’re thinking of going to has them.