Betting On AFC Championship Odds

American Football ConferenceBetting on AFC Championship odds can be one of the most profitable bets you make all year. That’s because before the season starts you can expect to see some teams with +1000 odds that actually have a legitimate chance to win the AFC. Those odds get shorter or longer over the season, of course, based on how each team performs. In the NFL, anybody can beat anyone on any given Sunday, but certain teams are able to withstand the storm and come out on top. As of right now, the Kansas City Chiefs have opened up as the favorites to repeat as the AFC Champions. The Chiefs have made it to the last three AFC Championship games and have won two of them. has a breakdown of all the divisional odds below so that you can make better decisions when betting on AFC Championship odds. When betting on these divisions, each group comes with its own fair share of competitors. There are a few where the best team of the four is way ahead of its competition, and there are other divisions where things could get dicey. Each team has its own share of internal adversity that they have to overcome as well which all affect their odds to win their division. Below, you’ll see a quick breakdown of each team’s current standing in the AFC.

Odds To Win The AFC Championship

Super Bowl Betting Odds

The Kansas City Chiefs have won back-to-back AFC Championships, after making the AFC Championship the last three seasons. This makes the AFC betting odds heavily favor the Chiefs, though it's a safe bet to make with their history. Making their first AFC title game since 1994, the Buffalo Bills are looking to get over the hump in 2021, sitting with odds to win the AFC similar to the Baltimore Ravens. After this trio, the Cleveland Browns are the fourth and final team with odds to win the AFC Championship under +1000.

  • Kansas City Chiefs +260
  • Buffalo Bills +600
  • Baltimore Ravens +650
  • Cleveland Browns +800
  • Denver Broncos +1100
  • Indianapolis Colts +1200
  • Tennessee Titans +1400
  • New England Patriots +1500
  • Miami Dolphins +1600
  • Los Angeles Chargers +1700
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +2200
  • Las Vegas Raiders +4000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +5000
  • New York Jets +5000
  • Cincinnati Bengals +5500
  • Houston Texans +10000
Betting On AFC North Championship Odds

The AFC North seemed to be a two-team race between the Pittsburgh Steelers who own 24 division titles and the Baltimore Ravens who have six, but has since added a third team to the race in the Cleveland Browns, who also own six division titles, who seem to have lit a spark under themselves in recent years. The Browns have not seen a division championship since 1989 but their AFC North Championship odds have them with the second shortest odds of doing so. With the future of the Pittsburgh Steelers surrounded with uncertainty, the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns could look to add one more division title to their resumes.

  • Baltimore Ravens +115
  • Cleveland Browns +150
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +400
  • Cincinnati Bengals +2200
Betting On AFC South Championship Odds

The AFC South Championship has hopped around between the Colts, Texans and Titans pretty often over the years but has since been a race between the Colts and Titans as the Texans have fallen off the face of the division with the Jaguars. The Titans AFC South Championship odds are favored as they are the defending division champions as they are led by one of the best running backs in the league in Derek Henry. Leading the way with the most division titles though are the Colts who have nine division championships from 2009-2014. Since 2011 though, the Texans have taken control with six division titles but being that they are in the midst of breaking their team apart, the Tennessee Titans could look to win back-to-back AFC South titles for the first time in history.

  • Indianapolis Colts +110
  • Tennessee Titans +115
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +700
  • Houston Texans +2500
Betting On AFC East Championship Odds

In a division that saw the New England Patriots win 15 AFC East titles in 17 years, there is a new leader and it is the Buffalo Bills. Winning the AFC East in 2020, the Bills have taken the division and league by storm and are the favorite for the 2021 AFC East betting odds. Having won six of eight AFC titles from 1988-1995, the Bills could be a back-to-back division winner for the first time in 30 years. On their heels are the Miami Dolphins, who have taken a page from the Patriots' playbook. With many Pats' coaches on the sidelines, the Dolphins' rebuild has shown to be somewhat successful. The Dolphins have won only two AFC East titles since 2000 (2000 + 2008); however, that is more than the Bills (1) or NY Jets (1) can claim.

  • Buffalo Bills -150
  • Miami Dolphins +310
  • New England Patriots +340
  • New York Jets +2500
Betting On AFC West Championship Odds

The AFC West has been a one-team show in recent years as the Kansas City Chiefs have been in control for the last five seasons. It will continue to be a one-team wrecking ball for as long as Patrick Mahomes and company are continuing their dynasty. Although the Chiefs have won the five division titles, the Broncos, Chargers and Raiders all sit ahead of them with 15 while the Chiefs have 13 AFC West Championships. As for Betting on the AFC West Championship odds, the Kansas City Chiefs remain the heavy favorites.

  • Kansas City Chiefs -300
  • Denver Broncos +550
  • Los Angeles Chargers +575
  • Las Vegas Raiders +1800
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