Bovada Super Bowl Betting Guide

Bovada is one of the premier online sportsbooks for betting on Super Bowl 58 and we’ll get into all of the ins and outs of it and show you the benefits that there are to using them. Bovada Super Bowl 58 odds are offered all year round and are also one of the leaders when it comes to Super Bowl prop odds with betting angles on pretty much anything that has to do with the Super Bowl. They’ve been one of the most well known and established Super Bowl 58 sportsbooks taking US bettors to choose from having been around for over a decade.

When it comes down to how to bet on Super Bowl 58 odds, our review will lay out all of the Bovada Super Bowl props that they have to offer that surround the game itself and everything that goes into it. You’ll see what Super Bowl sportsbook deposit methods, betting bonuses, and what the most convenient way is to bet on the Super Bowl with Bovada.

Bovada Super Bowl 58 Odds

Super Bowl Futures At Bovada

Bovada’s Super Bowl futures odds are available all year round for you to bet on. They open up close to a year in advance giving you plenty of opportunities to bet on any team at their most profitable odds. Right here, you’ll find the current odds for the Super Bowl each year.

Super Bowl 58 Odds At Bovada


Licensed In:
Kahnawake, CAN
Legal In:
ALL STATES - Except DE, MD, NV, NY, & NJ
50% To $250
Mobile Platforms:
Android, Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.
Currencies Accepted:
USD, Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash



Making Deposits At Bovada

The most important thing to note about betting on Bovada Super Bowl 58 odds is that you can only bet what is in your account. That’s why knowing which Super Bowl sportsbook deposit methods is crucial before you place a bet. Unlike other sites, Bovada only has a few ways to make deposits but they are highly efficient and quick. Each comes with its own minimum and maximum deposit amounts so pay close attention to the figures below. Other deposit methods include a player transfer which has a $10 minimum and $15,000 maximum. There is also a direct bank transfer which users will need to deposit a minimum of $50 and there is also a maximum of $450.

Using Cryptocurrency at Bovada

Bovada is one of, if not the top Bitcoin Super Bowl sportsbooks. They also do not limit you to just Bitcoin as they let you make transactions with other cryptos such as Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. The great thing about this is that it is their quickest method of payment and withdrawal and always free to use when doing so.


Fees: Free
Minimum: $10
Maximum: $5,000

Credit Cards

Fees: 5.9%
Minimum: $20
Maximum: $1,500

Best Bonuses For Super Bowl Betting

There are several betting sites accepting bettors from the US that have Super Bowl betting deposit bonuses that can be used to bet on any futures odds, prop bets, or live betting odds during the game. Most of these bonuses are through deposits for both new players and existing players in the US. The biggest bonuses are for new players who are depositing for the first time with Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrencies and all of the betting credits can be used to bet on Super Bowl 58.

Crypto Bonuses

Bonus Type Bonus Amount Rollover
50% Welcome Bonus Up To $250 5x
75% Crypto Welcome Bonus Up To $750 5x

How To Make Withdrawals At Bovada

Betting on the Super Bowl wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t know how to make withdrawals at Bovada. Hopefully, you’ve won most of your bets and you’re ready to cash out and have those funds sent back to your bank account. There are a few different ways to do that, but again, there are fees and limits you should be aware of.


Fees: Free
Minimum: $10
Maximum: No Limit


Fees: Free for once every 90 days, otherwise $100
Minimum: $100
Maximum: $3,000

Betting On Conference Championships

AFC betting odds and NFC Championship odds are usually available almost a full year in advance giving you plenty of chances to bet on them way early on. With them opening early, they are expected to shift tons and for different reasons including injuries, offseason moves, trades, and much more. With that, getting in on your pick early could give you their best possible odds of the season.

How To Bet On Super Bowl Odds At Bovada

Super Bowl Betting Odds

Before you can even begin to put money down on any Super Bowl 58 odds at Bovada, you will have to understand how Bovada Sportsbook’s Super Bowl odds work. There are many different types of bets for the Super Bowl, but they can be categorized for the most part. We’ll break all the main ones down below, so you know exactly what you’re betting on.

Straight Wagers

As soon as you find betting odds for the Super Bowl the first ones you’re going to run into are the spread, moneyline, and total. From left to right, let’s start out with the spread.

Betting on the Super Bowl Spread: With this bet type, you are putting money down on what you think the point differential between the teams is going to be. Let's say one team is favored to win by three and a half points. You will see -3.5 right next to them. That means if you bet on that team they have to win by 4 or more points to cover the spread and for you to win. If the other team loses by less than 4 points or wins the game outright then a bet on them would win.

The Super Bowl Moneyline: This is the simplest bet because you are simply picking who you think is going to win the game with no regard to the final score. The favorite will be signaled with a minus sign, and the underdog will have a plus sign. Let’s say one team is favored at -135. You would have to put 135 dollars down just to win 100. If a team is an underdog at +135, you will only have to put 100 dollars down to win 135. You can obviously bet less money if you would like, the odds just reflect a payout ratio.

Betting the Over/Under on the Super Bowl: With this bet type you’re are simply deciding whether or not you think both teams will combine to score over or under the number of points set by the sportsbook. If you think it will be a high scoring affair, you can pick the over and if you think the defense will be the story of the night then you can pick the under.

Bovada Super Bowl 58 Props

Super Bowl Betting Props

Props come in several different forms as a part of Bovada Super Bowl 58 odds. Bovada Super Bowl props extend to both players, teams, and the overall game itself. These types of bets aren’t unique to the Super Bowl, but there are so many more of them when it comes to the big game. Let’s take a quick dive into each since Super Bowl 58 props at Bovada are some of the most popular.

Player Props for the Super Bowl: These bets involve you putting money down on a certain player's performance in the game. For example, you may see a betting line that has you pick whether you think a wide receiver will score over or under 2 touchdowns. You could see another ask if you think a running back will rush for over or under 100 yards. Pretty simple, right?

Super Bowl Team Props: These are similar to player props except they involve either the whole team or one aspect of the team like the offensive or defensive production. For example, a team prop could involve you picking the over or under on the number of turnovers a team will cause or a team will give up. It could even include how many touchdowns a team will score, with no regard to which player exactly scores those touchdowns.

Betting on Game Props for the Super Bowl: These are more concerned with certain scenarios that are either bound to happen in the game or might happen in the game. You could see a betting line asking which team will score first, how many field goals will be made in the game, will it go into overtime, etc.

Super Bowl Outcome Props: Prior to the Super Bowl even happening, months in advance, Bovada will offer different outcome odds on potential matchups in the Super Bowl, odds on which division or conference will win the Super Bowl and even the matchup of divisions. This is great for those bettors that are looking for longer odds on one of the favorites throughout the season. Below are examples of some of the outcome props:

Super Bowl 58 Coin Toss Odds

The Super Bowl coin toss odds are some of the most popular odds that are offered at each year’s Super Bowl and SB57 is no different. The coin toss odds need no prior research or betting knowledge as all you need to do is choose heads or tails. There are different coin toss prop bets as well like if the team that wins the toss will win the game or even which team will win the toss.

Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show Odds

The Super Bowl halftime show brings in just as many eyes as the actual game and with high-quality performances each year, it is not hard to see why. Those that want to remain engaged even through halftime can find a variety of Super Bowl 58 Halftime show odds including the total on how many songs will be performed, what song will be played first based on who is performing, and even what the performers will be wearing.

Betting On Super Bowl 58 Commercials

Production companies are known to go all out for the Super Bowl each year for the commercials that they put out. Knowing that online sportsbooks let you bet on Super Bowl 58 commercials as well. You can find odds on how many total dogs will be shown throughout all the commercials, which brand of commercial will come first or find odds on the actors that will be in these commercials.

Betting On The Super Bowl 58 MVP

The Super Bowl MVP is one of the most prestigious awards that an NFL player can win. Super Bowl 58 MVP betting odds can be found early on in the season and shift tremendously once the NFL playoffs start. As the playoffs go on, these odds shift and shorten very often so it is best to get in on them early for the best possible payout.

Line Shopping For SB 58

One of the main reasons that players sign up for Bovada, is the ability to line shop Super Bowl odds. Line shopping entails searching across multiple sportsbooks to find the largest payouts for a given bet. That often means signing up for a sports betting account from multiple sportsbooks. Using the Buffalo Bills SB58 odds at BetOnline and DraftKings as an example. $50 more could be made on BetOnline than on Draftkings.

Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds At Bovada

  • Buffalo Bills +750

Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds At DraftKings

  • Buffalo Bills +700
Mobile Betting At Bovada Sportsbook

One of the most convenient ways for you to access Super Bowl odds at Bovada is through their mobile Super Bowl betting platform. While Bovada doesn’t have an app that you could download, all you’ll need to do is enter their sites URL into the built in web browser on your device and log in like you normally would. There are a wide range of devices that are compatible with Bovada’s mobile platforms including iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy just to name a few.

Live Betting On Super Bowl Odds At Bovada

Live Super Bowl betting is proven to be beneficial as it allows you to bet on any gamelines throughout the game as it is going on. Super Bowl oddsmakers will continuously shift those odds depending on what is happening in the game. Live betting on the Super Bowl is also great for those who weren’t able to get their bets in on time and has also been used as a way to hedge bets in the event that your original one isn’t panning out as expected. You can also use live odds on Bovada Super Bowl props as well throughout the game.

Bovada Super Bowl Betting Tips

Bet According To Your Bankroll - Despite being the last NFL game until a large break, make sure to keep your bankroll intact throughout the summer. Nobody should be 100% of their bankroll on one event. Limit your bets to a unit or so a piece, and you can have much more action all around.

Use Stats, Especially Advanced Ones - Typical box scores are a great way to handicap Super Bowl prop bets at Bovada. However, the advanced stats can have you predicting the lines before they are even released. Check out NextGen stats, ProFootballReference, or NFLsavant for a leg up.

Pay Attention To Injury Reports - Injuries are a part of football. But, because of the media attention the Super Bowl brings, it is rather clear who will be in, out, or on a snap count limit. Read articles, listen to local news sources and get the most information about Super Bowl injuries.

Understand Coaching Legacies - Some coaches are bred for the big game while others have had a tough going in the playoffs. No historical datapoint can hit 100% of the time, but knowing how a coach has done in primetime games, playoff games, or against a certain scheme will certainly help.

Bet Early Or Late - This is one of the oldest Super Bowl betting tips out there. Once the Super Bowl spread or moneyline is released, evaluate it. The odds are certain to change throughout the two weeks leading up to the big game. As it moves, be certain to be on the beginning or end of those adjustments.

Is It Legal To Bet On The Super Bowl At Bovada?

In short, the answer is yes you can bet on Bovada 2024 Super Bowl odds. If you’re wondering why it is because of a very simple reason: Bovada operates outside of the U.S. where gaming laws allow for legal sports betting. Because of this fact, Bovada operates outside of the jurisdiction of both state governments and the federal government. In almost every state there are no laws that directly state that residents can’t bet on sports online let alone bet on the Super Bowl online. The only states that Bovada doesn’t accept American players from are Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware. If you live or are located outside of those states, then Bovada sportsbook will welcome you with open arms.

Am I Old Enough To Bet On The Super Bowl At Bovada?

The legal age to bet on Bovada Super Bowl odds largely depends on the state which you’re betting from. For example, if you are betting from a state like Rhode Island, New Hampshire, or Montana, then you only have to be 18 years old or older to put action on the Super Bowl online. However, if you live in a state like Pennsylvania, Tennessee, or Iowa then you will have to be at least 21 years old before you can use Bovada. The site itself will accept anyone 18 years old or older because that is the legal age in the jurisdiction of which it operates. But in order for you to avoid any trouble down the line, you should stick with the legal sports betting age set by your state. If your state doesn’t have an exact sports wagering age set then we recommend sticking to the 21 and up rule.

Customer Service
Bovada Customer Service Options

One of the reasons why Bovada Super Bowl 58 odds are trusted for Super Bowl betting and beyond is because of how well their customer service is. The help center on the website is bound to answer almost any question you could possibly have. Simply type in your question and you will more than likely be given an answer right there. If not, you can also call them or email them directly from their site. Both of those options can be found right here at our Bovada sportsbook review.

Telephone: Click the call option directly from the site.
Email: Click and provide a return email address directly from the site.

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