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BettingSuperBowl was designed to bring the best sports betting odds, lines, and discussions to the forefront regarding football’s biggest stage. Our mission is to provide our readers with an informative look at how to legally bet on the Super Bowl as well as the types of wagers you will likely see when you do. Every year, we work towards bringing our readers the best Super Bowl betting content. In 2021, this will continue to be our mission. We strive to ensure our readers are prepared for the big game in all facets of the event, as betting options on the Super Bowl are present every day of the year.

On our webpages, you are able to find:

How To Bet On The Super Bowl – An all-inclusive look into betting on the Super Bowl. This includes, but is not limited to, sports betting sites that offer Super Bowl betting lines, a description of both mobile and live betting, a background of the basics of football wagering, and tips to win at betting on the Super Bowl.

How Online Sportsbooks Operate – This ranges from explaining the various deposit and withdrawal methods at offshore betting sites as well as the promotions associated with signing up. We cover how mobile and live betting can be applied with various online betting sites and even how bettors can use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to sign up for offshore sports betting sites.

Super Bowl Information – Whether the topics focus on how to throw the best Super Bowl party or explain the entirety of the Super Bowl betting handle, we look to inform our readers on every topic of the big game. This includes betting and non-betting information regarding the national anthem, halftime show, and Super Bowl commercials as well.

Team Pages – Our team pages not only cover the most recent betting odds but also detail their playoff history and betting trends. Listed on our team pages are injury reports, prop bets, and an overview of the teams’ chances to win the Super Bowl.

An Explanation Of Betting Odds – Focused heavily on prop bets, these sections encourage readers to bet outside of the standard offerings from sportsbooks. Not only do we explain how odds work and what you might find at offshore betting sites, but we also update NFL betting odds to ensure our readers are given the most up-to-date wagering information and statistics.

Super Bowl News – Our news is designed to cover all of the features listed above. The main focus of our editorial team is to always be alerting our readers of ground-breaking reports, betting line movements, and any other aspect of Super Bowl betting that is expected to make the headlines.

Our Team


Steve Venclauskas

Founder, President, & Editor-In-Chief

Steven has been in the gambling industry for almost 15 years. His career has been defined by a committed focus to help fellow bettors find the most current up to date news and information available.



Jim Aloi


Jimmy enjoys using his decade-plus of experience in sports news to dominate office fantasy football leagues. When he's not making executive decisions, you can find him cashing betting tickets.



Cory Tiley

COO / President Of Marketing

Cory can't recall a time when he wasn't playing team sports, watching games, or gambling on sports and playing DFS. He is a former Las Vegas resident and veteran of the gambling industry with over 13 years of experience.



John Babich

Senior Web Developer

JB has been a creator his entire life. JB has never met a musical instrument that he couldn't play. When he wasn't touring the globe rocking out, he was writing code and nerding out.



Michael Molter

Managing Editor

Michael has been a part of the team at BettingSuperBowl since 2018. He manages the writing team to ensure the content is fresh and accurate and writes about hedging futures bets.


Samuel Profeta

Sam Profeta

Content Writer

Samuel joined the BettingSuperBowl team in 2020 as a news writer. His writing specializes in game previews and player prop bets to keep his readers engaged.


Brett Crown

Brett Crown

Content Writer

Brett started writing for BettingSuperBowl in November of 2021. He focuses on recent team and player trends to help his readers get an edge on those pesky all-knowing sportsbooks.


Zach Kelley

Zach Kelley

Content Writer

Zach started writing for BettingSuperBowl in 2023. He specializes in writing news articles that provide insight and analytics towards betting trends.