Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills 2023 Preseason Super Bowl Betting Guide

The Buffalo Bills have the shortest odds in the league to win the Super Bowl(+600), win the AFC(+275), and the AFC East(-250). Those preseason Buffalo Bills odds are influenced greatly by quarterback Josh Allen who is the favorite to win MVP(+700). For the Bills and Josh Allen to accomplish their goals in the 2022/23 season, … Read more

Mike Ditka

Famous Mike Ditka SBXX Sweater Sees Bid Up To $31k

Mike Ditka’s game work sweater from Super Bowl XX is seeing prices of $31,000. Ditka lead the Chicago Bears to a Super Bowl in 1985 where they had +1000 preseason odds. CHICAGO – Da Bears! Can still be heard all throughout the streets of Chicago as Bears fans continue to pay homage to the only … Read more

NFL Preseason

NFL Preseason Bets To Take, Bets To Avoid

Marcus Mariota is expected to start during the Falcon’s first preseason game of 2022 and Atlanta and Detroit have -110 odds to hot the 35.0 over/under total. The Titans are +160 underdogs in their first preseason game against the Ravens and have -110 odds to score over 13 points. The Giants are -150 favorites against … Read more

Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Trend Gives Insight To Betting The Bucs

If any bettor would have placed $100 on Tom Brady’s Super Bowl preseason odds since 2002, they would be up by $3,550. Since 2014, Brady has won the Super Bowl every other year, giving value to the Bucs +700 preseason Super Bowl 57 odds. TAMPA – The NFL preseason has the Tampa Bay Bucs at … Read more

Cardinals vs Chiefs

Do Teams With +4000 Super Bowl 57 Odds Have A Chance To Win?

The Cardinals, Saints, and Patriots all have +4000 odds to win Super Bowl 57 and have all made drastic roster improvements from the 2021 season. The Cardinals looked like one of the best teams in 2021, with 7 straight wins and +900 SB odds, until injuries flattened their momentum. GLENDALE, Ari. – Preseason odds for … Read more

Super Bowl 57

Sportsbooks Overcorrect Seed Bets For Super Bowl Winner

Super Bowl sportsbooks are offering an over/under bet for the winning team’s seed. The under 2.5 is favored with -125 odds, but those odds still offer great value based on history. Seven of the last ten Super Bowl winners were either one or two seeds. The new playoff structure may have something to do with … Read more

Ezekiel Elliott

Is Taking A Team To Have A Winning Record A Good Bet?

DraftKings posted odds on whether each NFL team will have a winning record in the upcoming season. Comparing odds for protected 8.5 win teams to have a winning record to odds for those teams to hit their 8.5 win O/Us suggests these props are reasonably fair wagers. Line shopping the 8.5 win line also leads … Read more

Packers - Vikings

Week 1 Games That Affect NFL Divisional Odds

The Green Bay Packers are -130 to beat the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1, and -170 to win the NFC North. The New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins have +500 and +400 odds to win the AFC East respectively. If the Houston Texans upset the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1, the AFC South is wide … Read more

Buffalo Bills

Bills AFC East Odds Are Cheap, 2nd Largest Division Favorite

The Buffalo Bills have -200 odds to win the AFC East. Those -200 odds are the second longest divisional odds in the entire NFL, behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at -300. Both teams have an O/U of 11.5 wins, but the Bucs have an easier schedule and division. BUFFALO, N.Y. – The Buffalo Bills are … Read more

Tom Brady - Los Angeles Rams

Brady Vs. Rams Is A Different Look From Super Bowl LIII

Tom Brady beat the Los Angeles Rams at Super Bowl LIII just three years ago. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have -105 odds to cover a 3-point spread against the Rams in the playoffs. TAMPA, Fla. – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host the Los Angeles Rams in the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs. This … Read more