Super Bowl 57 Betting Tips

These 11 Super Bowl 57 betting tips will help you understand what to expect, what to look out for, and what to do in certain situations when betting on the Super Bowl . Never feel that you will lose all of your money or that you cannot have fun when taking part in one of the most popular hobbies. Remember that nearly every successful bettor at one point had to work through their betting strategies until they felt confident enough to take it professionally.

Even if you are just betting for fun – as 99% of the world does – you should still follow these 9 betting tips on Super Bowl LVII. They range from advice and helpful guidelines to more advanced practices like hedging bets and looking at advanced stats. This page shouldn’t be everything you need when you are preparing yourself to bet, but it can certainly focus your attention on what you need to understand more about heading into the big game. The biggest tip not included on this list: make sure you sign up and deposit in your sportsbook account well before the Super Bowl, so you are not stuck without the ability to wager. The best tip is certainly to be able to actually place bets on the current Super Bowl.

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#1 Have Fun

The most important tip is seriously just to have fun. The Super Bowl is about football and betting is there to assist the big game. If you are too concerned about your bets to enjoy the game or that awesome Super Bowl party around you, it will likely not be a fun time. Betting can be stressful, especially when wagers aren’t going the way as planned, but knowing that all of it is for fun can have you relaxed and more enjoyable to all around you. Nobody likes a sour bettor or a boisterous one either.

#2 Set A Limit

One of the biggest issues when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl is setting betting limits and adhering to responsible betting. Because this is the last game of the year, bettors feel the need to wager amount much higher than they can afford to lose. Remember that gambling is a risk and anything can happen at any moment in sports. Don’t take out loans, borrow money, or use your monthly fixed costs (rent, utilities, cell phone bill) to support your gambling habit. Set a limit and stick to it. The best gamblers are the ones who have full control over their bankroll.

#3 Stay Away From Parlays

Parlays seem like the ultimate dream. Bettors only have to risk a few dollars for the possibility to win a hundred, a thousand, or even six-figures. However, these high payouts all come with the same thing – a low percentage of winning. When betting on a parlay, every single “leg” of the wager much be correct in order for a bettor to win. Often times, stories will be told about that one person who made $250,000 on a $10 parlay but it is rare to hear about the thousands of others who missed their payday by one of two games. Don’t get distracted by the massive payout, as parlays are setting you up for failure right from the start.

#4 Watch The Line Movement

Being on top of the betting boards makes betting on the Super Bowl much easier. The Super Bowl line has about two weeks of time before it is taken off the board. In this timeframe, the line and betting odds on SBLVII can move heavily towards one team or the other, a certain point spread, or one side of the over/under. Make sure to keep current with the opening line, the lines during the middle of the week, and the betting lines just before the Super Bowl begins. By paying attention to the line movements, bettors have a better understanding of what the public is betting.

#5 Always Shop Lines When Possible

If there is any tip on this list to remember at the end of it, it is to shop lines on the Super Bowl. Shopping lines is doing what you would do if you were to buy a car. You wouldn’t go to a car dealership, see the first car, and immediately purchase it, so why would you bet on the first line you see at a Super Bowl betting site? Each book is created differently offer different odds and even bets in general with varying minimums and maximums. This means that their odds will likely be different and smart Super Bowl bettors exploit the best prices available.

#6 Don't Take The Bonus Unless...

Bonuses at offshore sportsbooks are designed to have you bet more and stay with them for a while. While those who plan on staying as a permanent customer should consider taking the best Super Bowl 57 bonuses they can find. Those that are betting just once and that's it should avoid bonuses. All of the promotions come with terms and conditions that outline withdrawal requirements, a minimum that must be risked (a rollover requirement), and how long free play even lasts. There is no reason to sign up for Super Bowl bonuses if you’re not going to utilize its full benefit. Otherwise, it may end up hurting your bottom line instead.

#7 Understand How To Hedge Your Wager

Hedging a bet is taking action on one side of a line and then countering it with a separate bet on the opposite side of the line. While this may seem like a way to lose at least once, it can also help bettors refrain from going into the red. Let's take Super Bowl 54 as an example. If a bettor risked $100 to win $125 on the Niners (+125), things were looking great during the game. At one point, those paying attention to their sportsbook noticed a Super Bowl live betting opportunity. The Chiefs were +300 and bettors could risk $33 to cover their wager in case anything went south quickly. In this example, the bettor would have lost nothing (instead of $100). In the Niners pulled out the victory, the bettor would have won just under $100 but had no worries when the Chiefs began their comeback.

#8 Gain An Understanding Of Advanced Stats And Metrics

The Super Bowl consists of the two best teams in the NFL and there are dozens of websites and algorithms that detail general box score stats. However, advanced stats and metrics can help bettors realize how or why a certain team is performing the way they do. Maybe a team like to only run to the right side and their opponent is the best in the league at stopping runs to the right. Understanding these advanced stats will help bettors more closely guess how the game will play out. NextGen stats provide an excellent introduction to these advanced metrics.

#9 If You Have A Gambling Problem Seek Help

This falls in line with the first and third betting tips but always remember that betting is supposed to be fun and always set a limit. If you find yourself no longer having fun, having a hard time setting and keeping a limit, and gambling money you can't afford to lose, you have a problem. Your friends and family may not tell you (or you may not tell them) but you do. There are plenty of places around the country that offer live chats, phone lines, and emails to assist bettors that have a problem with gambling. Never be scared to ask for help, especially when you don’t think you can get out of your situation. For the more extreme cases, there are even counseling programs that attempt to “rewire” your brain and remove your need and craving for gambling.

#10 Do Your Super Bowl Betting Research

Look, we're not saying you have to be a data nerd or anything, we just want to make it clear that a lot of very smart people spend a lot of their time trying to optimize their gambling strategies. Understanding the game, the teams, and the players involved can help you make smarter decisions when betting. Make sure to use Super Bowl betting trends and see how past games have fared in comparison to this one. Researching the team's offensive and defensive capabilities also help bettors immensely on betting the over-under.

#11 Use Daily Fantasy Games For Super Bowl Player Prop Help

With so many resources of research, it can be easy to get lost in the numbers. One way to get right into the action, especially when it comes to Super Bowl player prop bets is by using DFS platforms as assistance. All of these sites have rankings, stats, value, and more that explain how well a player should perform. When looking at the player props for the Super Bowl, be sure to use these sites for a player's total yards, catch total, scoring capabilities and more.