Super Bowl 57 Betting Trends

Super Bowl 57 betting trends can be found and utilized by new and experienced gamblers alike as they look to bet on different Super Bowl odds. While NFL trends last from the beginning of the season until the end, bettors can also look at trends just involving Super Bowl matchups. No matter how much knowledge or insight into the big game a bettor has, using these trends only helps bettors realize the best situations and wagers to take on. Betting trends come in all forms, covering the spread, the point total, and straight-up wins but this is only the surface of what can be researched.

With the vast knowledge of the NFL and advanced stats being all over the internet, other SB57 betting trends can come by the way of a certain team or location. No matter the trend a bettor focuses on, be sure to always take them with a grain of salt. While trends can be a great notion, all records and trends are set up to be broken. Many bettors risk too much of their bankroll following a certain trend, leaving them with no other money to bet on the Super Bowl

What Exactly Are Super Bowl Betting Trends?

Super Bowl betting trends are a way to look deeper into a team’s performance in their previous games. Using betting trends, bettors can find evidence-based around how a team performs at a certain time of day, on the road/home/neutral site, after a loss/win, when scoring a certain amount of points the game before, and many other interesting statistics.

Super Bowl betting trends can also stay away from the teams that are participating in the Super Bowl and focus just on the last few Super Bowls. For instance, bettors who have taken the over during the last seven Super Bowls have won five times. This indicates a trend that the oddsmakers are setting the Super Bowl point total too low. This is just one of the many examples of Super Bowl betting trends.

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Super Bowl 57 Betting Trends

When looking to bet on the Super Bowl, it is always a good idea for bettors to keep in mind some of the betting trends on the teams that are playing. Based off of the teams that are playing it is a good idea to look into how many times each team has covered the spread that season and how they have done when covering point totals.

General Super Bowl LVII Betting Trends

  • In the last four Super Bowl’s the favorites have gone 2-2.
  • The Under for the Point total has hit in the last three Super Bowls.
  • The coin toss result has been tails 29 times and heads 26 times.
  • Only three quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl as an underdog: Eli Manning, Jim Plunket and Tom Brady - who have all done it multiple times.
  • No team has won the Super Bowl finishing with a season ATS record below .500.

Most Important SB 57 Betting Trends To Pay Attention To

Some of the most important 2023 SBLVII betting trends to pay attention to are in regards to how the teams have fared in their last few games. When looking at betting trends for the season, a team might have started off the year always hitting the over or never covering the spread. However, as the end of the regular season and the beginning of the playoffs fall into place, getting the knowledge of how a team has fared in the recent games is the most important. As far as what specific trends to look for, there is no answer here; however, be sure to look for similarities between both teams (i.e. both teams are prone to hitting the over). The combination of both teams’ trends usually results in a profitable wager... or an increased total/spread at the sportsbook, which can also be utilized if caught.

How To Use Betting Trends When You Bet

When creating action to submit to an NFL sportsbook, using SB57 betting trends will only help. One betting trend that many sharps (or professional bettors) use is fading the public. When a large amount of money continually is wagered on one side of the line, the sportsbooks will adjust their odds so future bettors will help balance their books. Once the adjustment happens, bettors are recommended to bet on the team that the public was not betting on, as this betting line or odds are now more favorable.

Another trend to use is reverse line movement. This trend has a little more time and detail involved but it works very well when you find the right opportunity. Because every sportsbook offers different betting odds, being able to monitor line movements is important. When all of one of the books offer a similar line, pay attention to which book moves and in what direction. If a line moves from -3 to -3.5, it means that the public’s money is filtering on the favorite. Reverse line movement is the opposite of fading the public, as you attempt to submit a wager at -3 at a different sportsbook before it makes a similar adjustment.

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