Super Bowl 58 Betting For Dummies

If you’ve seen odds for the 2024 Super Bowl and you have no idea what they mean, you’re in luck because we’ll break down Super Bowl 58 betting for dummies through our Super Bowl betting guide. So many times you’ll be watching a sports network or listening to sports radio and they start to rattle off some numbers about the game that seem to make no sense. But, with a quick lesson on SBLVIII betting odds, you’ll be in great shape to stay in the know during those segments and to bet on the game yourself if you choose to do so. If you’re an experienced sports bettor, you may not need this page, but next time you want different Super Bowl odds explained, it might be helpful to get a refresher of Super Bowl 58 betting for dummies.

We’ll break down how to read the odds no matter in which format they are presented, the differences between certain bet types, and give real-life examples of how to bet on Super Bowl odds. In addition, we’ll break down the difference between odds and probability. It’s your money, and you don’t want to waste it on betting opportunities that you don’t understand. The more you know about sports betting, the more profitable a sports bettor you can be and it’s that very reason that professional sports bettors foam at the mouth when the Super Bowl comes around - there are a lot of people who don’t know what they’re doing when placing bets. You’ll also find some of the best Super Bowl 58 sportsbooks accepting US players to choose from.

Bet on the Super Bowl at Bovada Sportsbook

Best Sites for Betting on the Super Bowl
Bovada Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $250
BetOnline Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $1,000
MyBookie Sportsbook
  • 250%
  • up to
  • $1,000
Xbet Sportsbook
  • 100%
  • up to
  • $300
Sportsbetting Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $1,000

Bovada Sportsbook

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Easy To Use Super Bowl Sportsbook

Bovada is a user-friendly simplistic online sportsbook that even a dummy could use. The titular sportsbook is among the most popular options because of how easily accessible the betting process is. Bovada’s sportsbook interface can be understood by any Super Bowl betting fan and their customer support is 24/7, allowing players to find answers to all of their questions at any time. Betting on the Super Bowl at Bovada is easy and players log on every day because of the easiness. Bovada is a great choice for all levels of betting fans.

  • Safety + Security:  
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  • Bonuses:  


Super Bowl Betting For All Levels

Whether you are big-time sharp betting thousands on Super Bowl 58 or a novice placing your first bets, BetOnline is the place to be for asking how to bet on the Super Bowl. The online sportsbook is one of the most popular entities for betting on the market, offering odds for all aspects of Super Bowl 58 betting. BetOnline is simple to use and offers a seemingly endless pool of SB LVIII odds for all levels of players. Both high rollers and casual betting fans choose BetOnline for all their Super Bowl betting needs. Betting on the Super Bowl at BetOnline can turn a novice into a pro.

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Basic Betting For All Players

MyBookie is a welcoming online sportsbook that is easily accessible for all levels of betting fans. The sportsbook’s layout is basic and easy to understand while also managing to provide a lot of betting lines for bettors to play with. Betting at MyBookie for Super Bowl 58 is the best way to see both varieties in betting and ease of accessibility. MyBookie is the best choice for both hardcore big money spenders and small-time dollar bettors. MyBookie accepts wagers for as little as $2. All players are welcome to bet at MyBookie.

Deposit Methods, Fees & Limits For Super Bowl Betting

There are a bunch of different sportsbooks that can be used when looking where to bet on the Super Bowl but the best books offer a diverse variety of Super Bowl sportsbook deposit methods. Super Bowl bettors that live in the US can deposit into an online sportsbook instantly and begin placing any Super Bowl bet that comes to mind. There are deposit methods that suit every new and old bettor’s needs, in order to help bet on the Super Bowl. The different limits and fees for these deposit methods at Bovada can be found below:

Payment Type Min Deposit Max Deposit Fees
Crypto $10 $5,000 None
Credit Cards $20 $1,500 15.9%
MatchPay $20 $1,000 None
Bank Transfer $50 $450 Vary

Depositing Into A Super Bowl Sportsbook For Dummies

  • Choose a sportsbook that offers Super Bowl odds all year long like Bovada or BetOnline.
  • Create an account with the sportsbook, by entering personal information and creating a password.
  • Choose a preferred deposit type like Bitcoin or a Visa card and select how much you would like to deposit.
  • (For crypto) Copy the address link generated by the sportsbook and paste it into your crypto wallet for a transfer of the funds.
  • (For credit cards) Type in credit card information into the sportsbook and wait for your bank to accept and process the request.
  • As soon as either transaction type is processed, the sportsbook will be funded and the new player can use the funds to bet on all Super Bowl wagers.

Best Bonuses For New Super Bowl Players

Depositing into a sportsbook for the first time is always an exciting feeling because of all of the welcome promotions that sportsbooks offer making this the first thing to look for on any Super Bowl betting guide. For betting on the Super Bowl, there are plenty of welcome SBLVIII betting deposit bonuses that increase the bankroll and make the wagers higher stake. These bonuses have high value because they can only be redeemed one time per player and the limits for these bonuses can be found below:

  • Bovada Crypto Welcome – $750, 75% deposit match, 5x rollover
  • BetOnline Crypto Welcome – $1,000, 100% deposit match, 10x rollover
  • SportsBetting Welcome – $1,000, 50% deposit match, 10x rollover
  • MyBookie Welcome – $1,000, 50% deposit match, 10x rollover

Super Bowl Betting 101

Super Bowl 58 betting for Dummies 101 begins with explaining what a bet is at its core. Whenever you are trying to make a bet you are essentially risking a certain amount of your money for the chance to win your money back as well as more money on top of that initial bet. Although, you’re not the only one who wants to bet on the Super Bowl. There will be plenty of people who have the opposite prediction that you do. Now, if you’re just betting amongst friends, you could say “I’ll put 50 dollars on team A” and your friend could say “I put 50 dollars on team B” and then you both give your 50 dollars to a third friend who will hold on to the money. After the game is done, the person with the winning bet would go back to that third friend and pick up their money.

Betting on the Super Bowl with a sportsbook is similar to that scenario except that the third friend is the sportsbook and they dictate the terms of the bet. The sportsbook will set the odds in a way that makes it so that half of the people will want to bet one way, while the other half will bet the other way. The loser’s money is used to pay the winner, but unlike that third friend, the sportsbook will want to keep a small portion of the transaction for themselves. This is how they get paid for the service they provide.

How To Read Super Bowl Betting Odds

The way in which 2024 SB58 odds are presented largely depends on where you live and/or your preference. The three main things to know how do Super Bowl odds work are knowing the odds types. Those include American odds, fractional odds, and decimal odds. The important aspect to remember here is that each of them represents a ratio on how much you stand to win vs how much you bet. Be sure to pay close attention in these next few segments so you can figure out your preferred method in reading Super Bowl odds.

American Odds

American odds are oftentimes confused, but what’s important to understand is that not they are not indicative of the amount of money you have to spend, but rather a ratio based on 100 dollars. For example, let’s say you see odds listed for a certain team and the odds are +110. That means if you bet 100 dollars on that team and they win, you will not only get your 100 dollars back but also 110 dollars on top of that. You would then take home 210 dollars. Let’s say you see those same odds but you only felt like betting 10 dollars and that team wins. Then you would get back your 10 bucks as well as 11 bucks on top of that. You would then go home with 21 dollars.

Rolling off that example, let’s say you see odds for a team that are -125. That means you would have to bet 125 dollars just to win 100 dollars. When a team has a minus sign it means they are the favorite to win the game and when they have a plus sign it means they are the underdog. When you bet on the favorite you have to risk more than you can win because that is how the sportsbook ensures that there are people on both sides of the line. Let’s say you want to bet on the favorite in this scenario and you only want to bet 10 dollars on those -125 odds. If that team wins then you would win your 10 dollars as well as 8 extra dollars netting you a total of 18 dollars. Most online sportsbooks will have a Betslip calculator to help you compute your picks as well.

Fractional Odds

These are oftentimes referred to as U.K. odds because of their popularity in the U.K. and Europe. With fractional odds, the payout ratio is expressed as - you guessed it - a fraction. The best way to explain this format is to go right into a real-life example. Let’s say the Packers and the Chiefs meet up in the Super Bowl. In this scenario, the Chiefs are favored at 1/2 and the Packers are set as underdogs at 2/1. This means if you bet on the Chiefs to win, you would have to risk two dollars just to win one dollar. Alternatively, if you bet on the Packers to win the Super Bowl, you only have to bet one dollar in order to win two dollars. Remember, this is a ratio. So if you bet 100 dollars on the Packers and they win, and they do, you would get your 100 dollars back plus an extra 100 so you would get 200 bucks from the sportsbook.

Decimal Odds

Reading decimal odds for Super Bowl 58 would simply require a basic arithmetic equation to figure out how much you stand to make depending on your bet. For example, let's say that one team in the Super Bowl is favored to win at 1.50 while the other team is set as the underdog at 2.25. If you bet 100 dollars on the team with 1.50 odds and they win the game, the sportsbook will give you 150 dollars. It’s the amount you wager multiplied by the odds. The 150 you would get back includes the 100 you originally wagered. The same equation would be used for the team with 2.25 odds. If you bet 100 on them to win and they do then the sportsbook would give you back 225 dollars. That means you would get you 100 dollars back plus an extra 125 dollars. These odds never fall beneath 1 otherwise you won’t get your money back.

Odds Are Not Probability

This is the key thing you will have to keep in mind when looking to bet on SBLVIII is that a team's odds don’t reflect the probability of them winning. Remember, a sportsbook’s purpose is to get an equal amount of bettors on both sides of the line they set so that they can use the losers' money to pay the winners and then take a small cut on top of the transaction to pay themselves. So for example, if a team is initially set as a 3-point favorite to win the Super Bowl that doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to win by three points or that they are probably going to win by three points. In that scenario, if the sportsbook starts to see that most bettors are putting their money on that three-point favorite, they may raise the point spread even higher. They could then change the line to say that the same team is a 7-point favorite. Bettors that see that line may be hesitant on betting on the favorite and will instead bet on the underdog to cover the spread. The next time you look at odds for the Super Bowl, remember that the sportsbook is trying to find a sweet spot to get bettors on both sides, they are not giving you the probability of a team winning.

Bet on the Super Bowl with BetOnline

Types Of Bets Available For Super Bowl 58

When it comes to the types of bets for Super Bowl 58 there are seven kinds that you will have to keep an eye on. Each of them comes with their own stipulations and your choice on which one of them you will put your money largely depend on how you feel about the game. Super Bowl betting explained the right way will be easy to understand and we’ll break down the most common bet types for you right here.

Moneyline Bets

This bet type is often referred to as a “straight-up bet” as you are simply picking who you think will win the game with no dependence on the score. An example of Super Bowl 58 moneyline odds would be:

  • Philadelphia Eagles (-125) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (+105)

In this example, the Philadelphia Eagles are favored. The negative mark in front of their odds means that you would need to bet that number to make $100 in profit. That means a $125 bet would make $100 if the Eagles win. For the Chiefs side, the plus sign means underdog and you would need to bet $100 to make that number in profit. $100 would profit $105 if Kansas City wins.

Betting the Spread

With this bet type, you are deciding on of two things. You are either deciding that the favorite to win the Super Bowl will do so by more than the points the sportsbook assigned them, or that the underdog will either win the game or lose by fewer points than the sportsbook assigned them. For example:

  • Philadelphia Eagles (-1.5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (+1.5)

Here, the Eagles are favored (indicated by their negative points spread) by 1.5 points. If a bettor believes the Eagles can cover the spread (win by five or more), they will take the Eagles on the spread. If they believe the Chiefs can cover the spread (lose by four or less or win the game outright), they would wager on the Chiefs. These spreads generally come with odds of -110 – the standard amount.

Betting the Total

With total bets, you are picking whether you think the combined point total of both teams at the end of the game will go over or under the number of points the sportsbook assigned before the game started. This is why this bet type is often referred to as an “over/under” bet. For example:

  • Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Kansas City Chiefs – O/U 50.5

In this example, the sportsbooks estimate that 50 or 51 points will be scored in the contest. The only requirement for a bettor is to pick the over if they think it will be 51 points or more. Likewise, a bettor would pick the under if they think the total score will remain under 50 points. These odds also come at the standard rate of -110, but bettors can find alternate lines that change the point total as well as the odds.

Player Props
Player Props

These are bets that are dependent upon certain scenarios that may or may not happen in the game. Prop bets are certain situations that relate to the game but can cover any topic at all. Some can be silly like will a player pick his nose on camera but the majority will focus on the gameplay itself. For example:

  • How many yards will Patrick Mahomes throw for? Over/Under 285.5 yards

In this Super Bowl 58 player prop example, bettors are given an over-under on the number of passing yards Mahomes will throw for. Oddsmakers will generally never offer whole numbered prop bets in order to have every bettor graded as a winner or loser. Just like the over-under example, a bettor would choose which way they think Mahomes’ total passing yards at the end of the game will fall.

Team Props
Team Props

Team props are displayed in a similar manner but are more focused on a group of players rather than an individual one. These prop bets generally come with increased odds, as the number of selections can be higher, thus making it harder to correctly guess. However, picking the winner can be very rewarding. For example:

  • How many sacks will both teams record? 0-2 (+250), 3-6 (+125), 7-10 (+400), 11+ (+800)

In this example, bettors are given a margin for the number of total sacks by both teams. Notice that as the number of sacks increases, the odds for that selection get higher and higher. However, the commonality of 3-6 offers the shortest odds, as this is the most likely to happen. Finding discrepancies in team prop bets and their odds can be very rewarding for those with a keen eye.


Betting on Super Bowl futures is essentially wagering on which team will win SB LVIII long before the Big Game. This is one of the more popular options for Super Bowl betting in large part due to the potential payout on odds. With the Super Bowl being far away, odds for every team are longer than they would be closer to Super Bowl Sunday. Fans can wager early on long odds and if their choice wins, they cash in big. The long odds appear as so:

Super Bowl 58 (2024) – Odds To Win

  • Kansas City Chiefs +600
  • Buffalo Bills +750
  • Cincinnati Bengals +900
  • Philadelphia Eagles +900
  • San Francisco 49ers +800
  • Dallas Cowboys +1500

The earlier one bets on the Super Bowl the better as the profit margins shift during the season. Futures odds are available all the up until the AFC and NFC Championship games and the final teams are set. Bettors can wager on conference futures, divisional futures, and even end-of-season player awards as well. There are a lot of options for futures betting.

Special Props
Special Props

These are the types of bets that the Super Bowl is famous for. There are Super Bowl 58 National Anthem odds, odds on the coin toss, halftime show, and even the commercial breaks that play throughout the game. There can even be odds on things that the game commentators are talking about, for example:

  • How Many Times Will Rodger Goodell Be Mentioned? O/U 1.5 Times

In this example, the odds were presented as over/under bets but they can also simply be displayed in a way that has bettors choosing yes or no. These odds aren’t released until the Super bowl contenders have been named so you’ll have to make a decision within the two weeks leading up to the game.

Tips For Betting On Super Bowl 58

  • Betting tips for Super Bowl 58 may vary depending on the site or person suggesting them, but if one of the tips given is not some form of "do your research" then the tips can likely be ignored.
  • Outside of research, learning about Super Bowl betting odds and how they work is another key. Betting blindly on the Super Bowl without understanding odds would have been the equivalent of the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens continuing to play during Super Bowl XLVII when the power went out.
  • Many people like to use Super Bowl 58 betting trends as a basic Super Bowl betting for Dummies tip to bet on the Big Game because those historical games are the only ones that can simulate the Super Bowl atmosphere, pressure, and levels of competition.
  • Use a trusted Super Bowl betting guide instead of a neighborhood bookie or pop-up sportsbook. Look into the history of the Super Bowl betting sites that take players from the US, read reviews, and learn what features make them the best.

Super Bowl Betting For Dummies FAQs