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AFC North betting odds don’t just consist of the overall odds of who is going to win the division. While those are the main odds, there are other ways for you to bet on the teams in the division such as their weekly gamelines, each of their Super Bowl 58 betting odds and AFC Championship, player props, and team prop odds. If you are looking for how to bet on the AFC North, we’ll have all of the odds that are offered at betting sites taking US players laid out for you on this page.

We’ll get into each team and how they’ve done historically from a betting perspective, lay out all of the odds that feature a team from the division, and give you other historical data for the division that’ll help you when placing your bet.

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AFC North Odds

2023-24 AFC North Odds

Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens

Since 2002, the Baltimore Ravens have been crowned AFC North champions six times which accounts for all of their division titles. Four of their six division titles have come after 2010 which includes two in the last five seasons. They’ve been dormant though since 2019 having not won a division title when they had +400 preseason AFC North odds. In the three seasons since their last division titles, the Ravens odds, Ravens Super Bowl odds included, have been competitive with each of them opening near the favored position at under +150 odds.

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals

There is a new leader in the AFC North as the Cincinnati Bengals have won the last two AFC North division titles and are the preseason favorite to win a third straight. Starting in 2021, many were quick to count them out, especially oddsmakers as they have +2500 preseason AFC North division odds. In 2022, there was a lot more respect put on their name with +175 odds. Now in the 2023-24 season, they opened up with +110 odds, their shortest in franchise history. Not to mention, the Bengals Super Bowl 58 odds are also their shortest opening point in team history as well. Six of their 11 AFC North championships have come since 2002 as well.

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns might have six AFC North championships, but are yet to claim any since 2002 and oddsmakers haven’t had many high expectations for them at all. Just six times since the league realigned its divisions have the Browns odds opened the season under +300. On the contrary, their preseason division odds have opened at or over +1000 nine times. One eye opening statistic about their division odds is that since 2009, their AFC North betting odds have closed at or over +1000 odds in 12 of the 14 years. Also, the Browns Super Bowl odds have closed higher than where they opened in all but one of those 14 years.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers hold a tight grip on the division for the most division titles in history with 24 and 9 of them coming since the league realignment in 2002. All but one of those 9 division titles since then have all come with preseason odds of under +300 including their last six. While they’ve been competitive in recent years with their last AFC North title coming in 2020, it’s been a downhill ride since then with each of the three seasons since then having the highest opening odds to win AFC North in team history. Similarly, the Steelers Super Bowl odds over the years have also been climbing over the last five seasons.

Taking A Future Bet On The AFC North

AFC North Betting Odds

The most popular way on how to bet on the AFC North is through futures odds that are on online sportsbooks accepting bets from the US. Futures betting on the AFC North is something that can not only be done all throughout the year, but also in many different forms. Aside from just betting on the winner of the division, you’ll also find other futures odds featuring AFC North teams such as odds to win the Super Bowl, online AFC Championship betting lines, win totals, playoff odds, and tons more. Each of these futures odds can also be bet on throughout the season and offseason while they shift accordingly to what is happening with the teams.

Preseason AFC North Super Bowl Odds

Preseason AFC North Conference Championship Odds

AFC North MVP Contenders

Preseason AFC North Odds To Make The Playoffs

Preseason AFC North Win Totals

Past AFC North Champions

One of the ways that you’ll want to do research on how to bet on the AFC North is by looking at the past division winners to see who has stood out. Other than the Cleveland Browns who have not won a division title at all since 2002, it has been spread out. The Cincinnati Bengals have six to their name with their most recent coming in 2022 after going 12-4 which tied their previous best record in 2015. The Ravens have taken home six division titles since 2002 with their best coming in 2019 at 14-2 which is also their most recent. Lastly, the Pittsburgh Steelers have taken control in the last 19 years with nine division titles. Below you’ll find all of the previous winners of the division and their winning AFC North betting odds.

Year Team Odds
2022 Cincinnati Bengals +140
2021 Cincinnati Bengals +2500
2020 Pittsburgh Steelers +300
2019 Baltimore Ravens +400
2018 Baltimore Ravens +300
2017 Pittsburgh Steelers -250
2016 Pittsburgh Steelers +110
2015 Cincinnati Bengals +225
2014 Pittsburgh Steelers +200
2013 Cincinnati Bengals +200
2012 Baltimore Ravens +140
2011 Baltimore Ravens +120
2010 Pittsburgh Steelers +275
2009 Cincinnati Bengals +800
2008 Pittsburgh Steelers -125
2007 Pittsburgh Steelers +250
2006 Baltimore Ravens n/a
2005 Cincinnati Bengals +350
2004 Pittsburgh Steelers +350
2003 Baltimore Ravens +280
2002 Pittsburgh Steelers -300

AFC North Teams To Win The Super Bowl

As a whole, the AFC North has totaled eight championships in Super Bowl history. Six of them have come from the Pittsburgh Steelers while the other two came from the Baltimore Ravens. Of those eight Super Bowl champions, the Steelers won with the shortest odds after having +200 opening odds in 1975. The Ravens, on the other hand, won with the longest odds of the eight in 2000 with +2200 preseason odds. The last AFC North team to make an appearance in the Super Bowl was the Cincinnati Bengals in 2022 where they fell short.

Past AFC North Super Bowl Winners

Year Team Odds
2012 Baltimore Ravens +1800
2008 Pittsburgh Steelers +1800
2005 Pittsburgh Steelers +1200
2000 Baltimore Ravens +2200
1979 Pittsburgh Steelers +240
1978 Pittsburgh Steelers +1500
1975 Pittsburgh Steelers +200
1974 Pittsburgh Steelers +600

AFC North Teams To Make The Wild Card

Since 2002, the AFC North has been represented in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs 12 times. Of those 12 appearances, the 2005-2006 Pittsburgh Steelers are the team that made it the furthest from that position as they went on to win the Super Bowl. The Ravens made it the second furthest after losing in the 2008 AFC Championship game. As for the rest of the years, six of them saw Wild Card Round losses while seven of them were divisional round losses.

Year Team Odds To Make The Playoffs
2022: Baltimore Ravens -165
2021: Pittsburgh Steelers +160
2020: Baltimore Ravens +900
2020: Cleveland Browns +100
2015: Pittsburgh Steelers +100
2014: Baltimore Ravens +125
2014: Cincinnati Bengals +110
2012: Cincinnati Bengals +200
2011: Pittsburgh Steelers +250
2011: Cincinnati Bengals +750
2010: Baltimore Ravens -200
2009: Baltimore Ravens -150
2008: Baltimore Ravens n/a
2005: Pittsburgh Steelers n/a
2002: Cleveland Browns n/a