BetOnline Super Bowl Betting Guide

BetOnline Sportsbook is a terrific option when looking to legally wager on the Super Bowl. Betting for the championship game starts as early as the day after the current game. Lines will be up in the futures NFL section of the sportsbook for anyone looking to get the jump on next season. Signing up with the site is simple and once a deposit has been made into your account, you can begin placing those Super Bowl bets. All of their information and data are constantly being updated with the latest information creating better odds and more accurate wagers for members. A number of bets will be listed for the biggest game of the year. It’s a well-known fact that Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest day of the year for sportsbooks worldwide.

BetOnline’s mobile betting platform allows users the convenience of accessing their account wherever they go, whenever they want. Everything can be done through your cellphone, from wagers to account information changes to deposits. Essentially, the desktop version has been converted to fit your phone screen. Even live in-game betting can be done from any mobile device with internet capabilities. Promotions which include a lifetime of bonuses only heighten the overall greatness of joining BetOnline. If you’re looking for a sportsbook that has everything and more to place your legal Super Bowl bets, you may have just found it.

Is It Legal To Bet On The Super Bowl At BetOnline Sportsbook?

BetOnline Sportsbook is legal to use nationwide. No state has been excluded from joining this sportsbook; it is open to everyone for membership. Regardless of what end of the spectrum your state lands on the issue of legalizing sports betting, this offshore internet sports wagering site is legal either way. These offshore sportsbooks are licensed and regulated by the countries where they are located, making them legitimate businesses. No law bans anyone from participating in the use of these sites due to their location, which is outside the jurisdiction of the United States. Sportsbooks such as this one are very popular among citizens in the U.S. who wish to engage in legal sports betting.

Am I Old Enough To Bet On The Super Bowl At BetOnline Sportsbook?

The legal age for BetOnline memberships is 18. However, when joining an offshore internet sportsbook, it is best to abide by the legal gambling age of your state. Most states have set the legal age to place bets at 21. If you reside in one of these areas, it is best to abide by the law. If you get caught engaging in illegal sports betting, you could face a series of consequences. It is always better to wait until you are the correct age to avoid any potential issues in the future that could have been avoided.


Licensed In:
Panma City, Panama
Legal In:
50% To $1,000
Mobile Platforms:
Iphone, Android, Apple
Currencies Accepted:
USD, Bitcoin


Betting On The NFL At BetOnline

Betting on the NFL at BetOnline offers everything NFL bettors could ask for which is why they are at the top of the online sportsbook market. Their odds for Week 12 matchup between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers are no different as they have the Packers going into the game seen as the favorites. NFL bettors can take advantage of their live betting options on the game as well as they are constantly updating the odds as the game goes on and it allows bettors to bet on the spread, moneyline and point total all while the action is happening.

8:20 PM






BetOnline also offers tons of different prop bets on the game as well such as which team will score first and even who will call the first timeout. As for betting on this game, bettors should keep in mind that the Packers are favored for a reason as they have gone 14-5 against the spread in the last 19 meetings with the Bears. Also backing up the favorites is that the favorite going into the game has gone 13-6 against the spread in their last 19 meetings as well.

Super Bowl Odds at BetOnline

With Super Bowl LIV incoming, BetOnline is a great place for Super Bowl betting. BetOnline has a bevy of Super Bowl betting options for any and all sports bettors eager to wager both before and during the game. BetOnline is home to some of the best possible odds for the big game and you won't want to miss out on any of these wagering options:

J.Garoppolo throws under 100 Yards & the 49ers win:

  • No -1750
  • Yes +650

Will a Defensive player win MVP?

  • No -1500
  • Yes +500

Longest Reception by Deebo Samuel (49ers):

  • Under 27½ Yards -165
  • Over 27½ Yards +145

P. Mahomes leads Chiefs in Rushing Yards in game:

  • No -400
  • Yes +250

MVP to go to:

  • QB -170
  • Any other position +140

Longest Reception by Demarcus Robinson (Chiefs):

  • Over 14½ Yards -120
  • Under 14½ Yards +100

Total Players to attempt a pass:

  • Under 2½ Total Players -160
  • Over 2½ Total Players +120

1st Reception by Tyreek Hill (Chiefs):

  • Over 12½ Yards -120
  • Under 12½ Yards +100

1st Carry by LeSean McCoy (Chiefs):

  • Under 3½ Yards -145
  • Over 3½ Yards +125

Which will be higher?

  • Yardage of longest reception -220
  • Trump approval rating on 2/3/20 +155

1st Target of Deebo Samuel (49ers):

  • Reception -170
  • Incomplete/Intercepted +150

1st Carry by Matt Breida (49ers):

  • Under 3½ Yards -145
  • Over 3½ Yards +125


How To Bet On Super Bowl Odds At BetOnline Sportsbook

Super Bowl Betting OddsPlacing bets on Super Bowl odds with BetOnline is a very basic process. Once you are a member of the sportsbook and have funded your account, you can start looking over their odds and wagers listed for the Super Bowl. Everything will have its own category to make the search a simple one. Look over each of the listings and choose the bets that you find to be of the most value to you. It’s helpful to understand a few of the game line betting types that will be posted before you wager. Below you will find more information on this topic to properly aid you in betting on the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Game Line Bets

Moneyline bets are also known as straight-up bets and they are the most basic wager of them all. The bettor is putting their money on the team they believe will win the Super Bowl. That’s it. People do that all the time without even looking at odds. You have a 50/50 shot of winning this type of bet.

A totals wager is a listing on sportsbooks where the bookmaker has assigned a combined total number of points that will take place in the game. You can choose to bet over or under on this number based on what you think. If you choose on the right side at the game’s end, you win.

Betting the spread is a very popular wager in football. Spreads need to be covered for the bettor to receive a payout. The sportsbook will assign a certain number of points to the favorite and the underdog to either win or lose by. Depending on which way you go with it, the points need to be covered based on your wager decision.

Legal Prop Betting On The Super Bowl

Super Bowl Betting PropsLegal prop betting on the Super Bowl covers all aspects of the game. Prop bets make up a great deal of all Super Bowl wagers. They embody every part of the game, from the actual game to the halftime show and even the commercials played throughout the broadcast. These wagers vary by sportsbook as the oddsmakers make them up. They range from serious bets like whether the kicker will go wide right during the game to silly bets like what color Gatorade will be thrown on the winning coach.

Legal Futures Betting On The Super Bowl

Super Bowl FuturesLegal futures betting on the Super Bowl is available year-round with BetOnline. Once the Super Bowl is over, the next day they will have odds up for the next Super Bowl occurring a year later. As the actual event gets closer, more wagers in this section will be listed. Placing a futures bet well in advance could help in getting a larger payout. With limited information, the odds may be better on a certain team which would result in a higher payout. Once more information is known as the season progresses, the odds change, either making that payout margin bigger or smaller depending on a team’s performance. The question is whether or not to take the gamble when the information is better or when the potential earnings are higher.

Mobile Betting At BetOnline Sportsbook

Mobile betting at BetOnline sportsbook is the feature that all members use the most. They have a mobile platform that converts their desktop version into a form that can be accessed with the use of your cellphone. Everything that is available on the website will be available on your phone. Nothing is missing. Now you can place your Super Bowl bets from anywhere, at any time. This is such a convenience for bettors on the go because now they carry their bookies with them wherever they go. You no longer have to be in one place to make wagers. Go to that bar or that Super Bowl party and with a few clicks on your cellphone, you can make bets while you’re there. Live in-game betting is also accessible through this platform.

Live Betting On Super Bowl Odds At BetOnline Sportsbook

Live in-game betting on Super Bowl Odds at BetOnline is one of the most interactive ways to wager on the game. This type of betting is very fast-paced with the odds and wagers constantly changing with the game. A bettor has to be quick to place their wagers because they are betting on things happening live in the game. This is the biggest adrenaline rush for any bettor and allows you to invest even more in the Super Bowl because this is the closest you’ll get to actually being in it. If you’ve never placed a live wager, there is no better time to try it out than the in the biggest game of the year. If you have, doing it at least once for the holiest of all games is a must. It makes things more interesting if that’s even possible.

Making Deposits At BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline Sportsbook has various accepted forms of deposit for its members to choose from. The most used method by customers is the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. This service is free of any transaction fees and comes with the highest maximums. They also are the speediest of any type of method for deposits and withdrawals. You simply need a Bitcoin wallet in order to make this your preferred form of payment. Other accepted methods of deposit include credit and debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, bank wire transfers, checks, money orders, or person-to-person. Each of these methods has their own maximums and fees associated with their services. Make sure to look into all of that before making your decision.


Fees: FREE
Minimum: $20
Maximum: $25,000

Visa or Mastercard

Fees: Varies
Minimum: $25
Maximum: $5,000

American Express

Fees: Varies
Minimum: $25
Maximum: $2,500

Bank Wire Transfer

Fees: Varies
Minimum: $1,000
Maximum: No limit

Person to Person

Fees: Varies
Minimum: $100
Maximum: $600


Fees: Varies
Minimum: $1,500
Maximum: $15,000

Money Orders

Fees: Varies
Minimum: $300
Maximum: $9,000

How To Make Withdrawals At BetOnline Sportsbook

BetOnline has a few different withdrawal methods for their customers to choose from. The most popular method chosen by members is that of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is free of any transaction fees and has the fastest turnaround. Their maximums are also the second-highest of any other payout form. Other methods include bank wire transfers which offer the highest maximum of any other withdrawal form. Checks and person-to-person are also acceptable options, but each of these comes with their own sets of fees, maximums, and processing times. Be sure to check all of these variables out before choosing the correct payout method for you.


Fees: FREE
Minimum: $20
Maximum: $10,000
Processing Time: 15 business days or less


Fees: From $5-$100
Minimum: $500
Maximum: $2,500
Processing Time: 7 business days or less

Person to Person

Fees:  $26- $101
Minimum: $50
Maximum: $400
Processing Time: 5 business days or less

Depositing And Withdrawing At BetOnline With Cryptocurrency

When it comes to making money, you want to make sure that your cash is an easy and safe process. Using Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw at BetOnline is by far the best method to do so. The site also accepts other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, and Bitcoin Cash. The benefits range from it being free to deposit money and also free to withdraw your winnings. The Bitcoin is your wallet and can be transferred to and from BetOnline a matter of moments, unlike other banking methods. There are also a few bonuses that come along with using Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at BetOnline. These bonuses include up to 100% matches on your deposit, which is something that can make a huge difference in winnings.

Customer Service
BetOnline Sportsbook Customer Service Options

Customer service options with BetOnline Sportsbook are not lacking. They have three different ways that members can reach a representative with questions or comments. The fastest way to resolve an issue is through the live chat option. Members must be logged into their account to access the live chat. The second quickest route is by phone. BetOnline has a toll-free number for any and all problems regarding your account. Lastly, they have an email address where you can write them with your concerns. Emailing the sportsbook will be the slowest form when it comes to response times. However, they do a wonderful job of getting back to their members as quickly as possible no matter which method you choose to contact them.

Telephone: 1-888-426-3661