Betting On The Dallas Cowboys To Win The Super Bowl

The Dallas Cowboys

Betting on the Dallas Cowboys to win the Super Bowl is a popular bet to make no matter how good or bad the team is as they are considered to be America's Team. However, this has not been nice to many bettors as they have not made the Super Bowl since way back in 1995 in which they won their fifth Super Bowl. Their current team has the potential to be great but has not yet lived up to that expectation.

The Cowboys roster is stacked on both sides of the ball as they have an elite quarterback in Dak Prescott and one of the top running backs in the NFL in Ezekiel Elliot along with a young, talented receiving core as well. The Cowboys are one of the most decorated teams in the NFL and it would only be right that their team continues to add to their 33 playoff appearances with deep runs that could lead to division and conference championships and maybe even a Super Bowl ring as well.

Betting on the Dallas Cowboys odds comes easy to those that are looking to lay action on them. The Cowboys betting odds can all be found on this page with their Super Bowl odds and odds to win both the NFC Championship and the NFC East as well. Those looking to bet on other Cowboys odds such as their player prop bets can find those here also in addition to their playoff history.

Dallas Cowboys Playoff History

Playoff Appearances
1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2014, 2016, 2018
Division Championships
1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1985, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2007, 2009, 2014, 2016, 2018
Conference Championships
1966, 1967, 1970, 1971, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1992, 1993, 1995
Super Bowl Victories
1971 (VI), 1977 (XII), 1992 (XXVII), 1993 (XXVIII), 1995 (XXX)
Super Bowl Losses
1970 (V), 1976 (X), 1979 (XIII)
Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks
Craig Morton, Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman
Super Bowl Winning Coaches
Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer
Super Bowl MVPs
Chuck Howley (V), Harvey Martin (XII), Randy White (XII), Troy Aikman (XXVII), Emmitt Smith (XXVIII), Larry Brown (XXX)
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What Are The Odds On The Cowboys To Win The Super Bowl

Although the Cowboys did not have the 2020 season that many expected as they missed the playoffs entirely, 2021 is looking to be the Cowboys bounce-back year. Being that many are expecting a turnaround from this team, their 2022 Super Bowl odds are sitting towards the middle of the odds board. The Cowboys have five Super Bowl championships to their name, however, they have not made the Super Bowl since their last win in 1995 for Super Bowl XXX.

What Are The Cowboys Odds To Win The NFC Championship?

The Dallas Cowboys have ten NFC Championships to their name with their last one coming back in 1995. Sadly for the Cowboys though, they have not made it back to the NFC title game since then. With a lot of high expectations surrounding the Dallas Cowboys, their NFC Championship odds are sitting towards the top of the odds board.

What Are The Dallas Cowboys Odds To Win The NFC East?

Luckily for the Dallas Cowboys, they are in easily the weakest division in all of the NFL as all four teams finished with a below .500 record in 2020. With that said, the Cowboys are always in contention to come away with the division championship and are favored to do so in 2021. Dallas currently has 24 division titles with their most recent one coming back in 2018.

2021 Dallas Cowboys Betting Odds

  • Super Bowl: +3000
  • NFC Championship: +1200
  • NFC East: +125

Dallas Cowboys ATS Betting History

  • 2020: 5-11
  • 2019: 9-7
  • 2018: 9-8-1
  • 2017: 8-7-1
  • 2016: 10-7

Dallas Cowboys Over/Under Betting History

  • 2020: 9-7
  • 2019: 10-6
  • 2018: 9-9
  • 2017: 6-10
  • 2016: 7-10

Where Can Cowboys Fans Bet In Texas?

There actually are no land-based sportsbooks in Texas, as the state has very strict gambling laws. That should not discourage anyone from using online-based sportsbooks to bet on the Dallas Cowboys. One legal online sportsbook to bet on the Cowboys is MyBookie, which is known as one of the elites. They are one of the safest and most trusted platforms on the market and offer plenty of different NFL odds to choose from.

Mobile Betting On The Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys reel in plenty of betting action over the course of the NFL season. Most of those bets come from a mobile betting source such as a smartphone like an iPhone or Android. Bettors all over the Dallas area can take advantage of mobile betting odds from just about anywhere they can think of which includes live from a Cowboys home game.

2021 Cowboys Player Props

Super Bowl Betting PropsThe Dallas Cowboys have always been Americas Team and how could they not? They have star power such as Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliot lighting up the field on a weekly basis. With that, bettors can look to bet on each player individually with their player prop bets such as receiving yard totals, passing yard totals and rushing yard totals. Bettors can find these offs during both the regular season and playoffs.


Dallas Cowboys Playoff History

The Dallas Cowboys have certainly left their mark in the NFL as one of the more decorated teams in the league. Since they were first established in 1960 they have 33 total playoff appearances, 24 division championships, 10 conference championships and five Super Bowl wins.

Cowboys Playoff Appearances

The Cowboys have reached the postseason 33 times with seven different coaches. The team's first-ever head coach, Tom Landry, who coached the team from 1960 to 1988 led this team to 18 playoff appearances. Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer and Jason Garrett have each led Americas Team to three playoff appearances each as well.

Cowboys Division Championships

The Cowboys have been able to make the best of their 33 playoff appearances as they have converted 24 of them into division championships. Their first one came in 1967 where they defeated the Cleveland Browns 54-14 in which Tom Landry was the coach and Don Meredith was riding under center. Under the Tom Landry era, four different quarterbacks have won division championships with the Cowboys. Their most recent one was in 2018 when Jason Garrett was coaching while their current quarterback, Dak Prescott, was under center.

Cowboys Conference Championships

The Cowboys have won a total of 10 conference Championships dating back to their first one in 1966. Their most notable conference championship run came in the 70s where they won five conference titles from 1970-1980. The 90s was also a nice stretch for the Cowboys as they won three conference titles here including 1992-1993 under Jimmy Johnson and in 1995 under Barry Switzer which is their most recent one. Troy Aikman was the starting quarterback during their last three conference championships.

Cowboys Super Bowl Victories

The Cowboys currently have five Super Bowl Championships on their resume. All of them came from 1960 when they started until 1997. Tom Landry coached the Cowboys to their first Super Bowl win in the 1971 season as they defeated the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl VI 24-3. The Cowboys were seen as 6-point favorites here and completely shattered the spread as they won by 21-points. Roger Staubach was named the MVP after throwing for 119 yards and two touchdowns.

The Cowboys second Super Bowl win came under Tom Landry after they defeated the Denver Broncos in the 1977 season for Super Bowl XII. The Cowboys were seen as 6-point favorites here as well and easily covered as they won 27-10. Super Bowl XII also marks the first time that not only two players were named Super Bowl MVP’s in Harvey Martin and Randy White, but also the first-time defensive players were named as well.

The Cowboys third Super Bowl came under Jimmy Johnson as well in the 1992 season for Super Bowl XXVII where they defeated the Buffalo Bills 52-17. The Cowboys were seen as 6.5-point favorites here and clearly covered the spread. Troy Aikman was named the Super Bowl MVP here as he went for 273 yards and four passing touchdowns.

The Cowboys won their fourth Super Bowl one year later in the 1993 season for Super Bowl XXVIII under Jimmy Johnson. The Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills once more but this time 30-13 after being seen as 10.5-point favorites in which they clearly covered. Emmitt Smith was named the Super Bowl MVP here as he rushed for 132 yards and two touchdowns.

The Cowboys fifth Super Bowl came under coach Bill Cowher in Super Bowl XXX where they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17. The Cowboys were seen as 13.5-points but were unable to cover the spread as they won by 10-points. Cornerback, Larry Brown, was named the Super Bowl MVP after catching two interceptions which were returned for 77 yards.