What Are The Minnesota Vikings Odds To Win Super Bowl LVIII?

The Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl 58 odds opened at +4000 odds. This is now the third consecutive year that the Vikings have opened with +4000 odds to win the Super Bowl and the fourth time in the last seven years. Two of the last three times that they’ve opened with +4000 odds, they’ve been able to cut them down to under +2000 odds. The last time Minnesota even made it to the Super Bowl was way back in 1976.

To gain more intel on how to bet on Super Bowl 58 odds for the Vikings, you’ve come to the right page as all of the information is laid out for you. You’ll see the different odds that surround their Super Bowl odds Vikings SB 58 betting sites accepting US bettors such as different team and player props and other futures odds like their odds including their AFC North odds and odds to win the NFC Championship. Other than their different odds, you can find how to go about betting on them and a historical breakdown of the team.

  • This is the third season with +4000 preseason Super Bowl odds for the Vikings
  • Jordan Addison was selected by the Vikings with the 23rd overall pick in 2023.
  • Their season win total has been set between 9 and 9.5 for the last four seasons

Vikings Playoff Record By Round

  • Overall: 21-31
  • Wild Card: 7-8
  • Divisional Round: 10-13
  • Conference Championship: 4-6
  • Super Bowl: 0-4

Minnesota Vikings Playoff History

Playoff Appearances
1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1982, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022
Division Championships
1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1980, 1989, 1992, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2008, 2009, 2015, 2017, 2022
Conference Championships
1969, 1973, 1974, 1976
Super Bowl Victories
Super Bowl Losses
1970 (IV), 1974 (VIII), 1975 (IX), 1977 (XI)
Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks
Super Bowl Winning Coaches
Super Bowl MVPs
Best Sites for Betting on the Super Bowl
Bovada Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $250
BetOnline Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $1,000
MyBookie Sportsbook
  • 250%
  • up to
  • $1,000
Xbet Sportsbook
  • 100%
  • up to
  • $300
Sportsbetting Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $1,000

What Are The Minnesota Vikings Odds To Win The NFC Championship?

The Vikings online NFC Championship odds of +1800 are the third straight season that they have opened at this number. They’ve been to just three NFC Championship games since 2000. Two of those three appearances came with under +1000 preseason odds. The good thing to take note of though is that with last season’s preseason AFC title odds, they were able to get them under +1000 just after Week 2 of the season leaving no margin for error when taking these odds.

What Are The Minnesota Vikings Odds To Win The NFC North?

The Vikings claimed their first NFC North division title since the 2017 season and did so with +240 preseason odds. Last season was the fifth straight year that their preseason NFC North division odds opened at or under +300 and that continued in 2023-24 with exactly +300 preseason odds on Vikings SB 58 betting sites. These odds could prove to be extremely valuable after they won the division title last season.

Minnesota Vikings 2024 Super Bowl Odds

2023-24 Vikings Player Props

Super Bowl Betting Props

Betting on different player props relating to the Vikings Super Bowl 58 odds keep you entertained throughout the entire season regardless of whether you are betting on season total player props or single-game player props. Whether it's season-long form or in a single game in the regular season, some of the same odds you’ll find for both are total scrimmage yards, total passing yards, touchdown odds, total interceptions, total sacks, and plenty more. Below you’ll find the season total odds for different Vikings players.

Vikings Team Props 2023-24

Game prop Super Bowl odds for the Minnesota Vikings are not hard to come by and there are plenty to choose from between different preseason team prop odds and odds to make the playoffs, to team props throughout all of their regular season games. Over the last four seasons, they are 2-2 with the over on their projected season win total. They’ve also made the playoffs in the same two seasons that they’ve gone over including their 2022-23 campaign. Below you’ll find their 2023-23 team win total and playoff odds.

Minnesota Vikings Win Total

Minnesota Vikings Odds To Make Playoffs

Minnesota Vikings Odds History

Year: Super Bowl Odds: NFC Odds: NFC North Odds: Odds To Make Playoffs:
2023 +4000 +1800 +300 +105 (TBD)
2022 +4000 +2000 +270 +100 (Make)
2021 +4000 +1800 +250 +115 (Miss)
2020 +2500 +1200 +150 -135 (Miss)
2019 +2000 +900 +200 +100 (Make)
2018 +1000 +500 -110 -340 (Miss)
2017 +4000 +2000 +300 +145 (Make)
2016 +2000 +1000 +250 +125 (Miss)
2015 +4000 +2000 +500 +220 (Make)
2014 +5000 +2500 +1500 +500 (Miss)
2013 +4000 +2500 +650 +425 (Miss)
Year ATS Records O/U Records
2023 TBD TBD
2022 7-10-1 12-6
2021 9-8 11-6
2020 6-10 11-4-1
2019 10-8 9-9
2018 7-7-2 6-10
2017 11-6-1 9-9
2016 9-7 7-9
2015 14-3 4-10-3
2014 10-6 6-10

Where To Bet On The Minnesota Vikings?

Minnesota has no retail locations for betting on the Vikings Super Bowl odds 2024 but online sportsbooks like Bovada make everywhere in the US a betting location. So long as bettors have WIFI or cell service access, bettors can wager on the Vikings throughout the season. Those looking for physical retail locations to bet will have to travel outside Minnesota to do so. Minnesota neighbors in South Dakota can wager at tribal casinos and bet on sports. To the south bettors can wager at Iowa-regulated retail sportsbooks. The Minnesota Vikings will see odds at all sportsbooks throughout the season so bettors will be able to wager whenever they go to a sportsbook.

States Near MN With Land-Based Sportsbooks

  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Wisconsin
Mobile Betting On The Minnesota Vikings

Mobile betting on the Super Bowl has become more and more popular over the years and has really shifted the way that bettors place their bets. Bettors can access Vikings odds to win Super Bowl 58, gamelines, game props, and player props right from their phone with any of the reliable mobile online sportsbooks such as Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie. That being said, bettors can place bets from wherever they are and whenever they get the itch to do so.

Depositing Into Online Sportsbooks For Vikings Betting

Betting on the Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl 58 odds becomes an extremely simple process when utilizing the many secure Super Bowl sportsbook deposit methods. Because the betting market in Minnesota is made up of internationally licensed sports betting sites, all of the sportsbooks offer transactions through cryptocurrency. Even though crypto is the most secure and profitable deposit method, Minnesota bettors still have other options, and the limits and fees for all of them can be found below:

Crypto Betting Limits At Bovada

  • Bitcoin – $10 min, $5,000 max, no fees
  • Ethereum – $50 min, $5,000 max, no fees
  • Litecoin – $10 min, $5,000 max, no fees
  • Tether – $50 min, $5,000 max, no fees

Non-Crypto Limits At Bovada

  • Visa – $20 min, $1,500 max, 15.9% fees
  • Mastercard – $20 min, $1,500 max, 15.9% fees
  • MatchPay – $20 min, $1,000 max, no fees
  • Bank Transfer – $50 min, $450 max, bank fees vary
  • Player Transfer – $10 min, $15,000 max, no fees

Fast And Reliable Vikings Payouts

When betting on the Vikings, it is vital to have fast payout methods lined up for all winning wagers. Online Vikings SB 58 betting sites allow bettors to receive same-day payouts through cryptocurrency. Betting with Bitcoin helps sportsbook players receive secure payouts faster than the crowd starting the Skol chant following a Harrison Smith interception. While crypto is king for betting on the Vikings, there are still other withdrawal options offered at online Super Bowl sportsbooks that have varying fees and limits.

Bovada Crypto Withdrawal Info

  • Bitcoin – $10 min, $9,500 max, no fees, 24-hour payouts
  • Ethereum – $50 min, $2,500 max, no fees, 48-hour payouts
  • Litecoin – $10 min, $2,500 max, no fees, 12-hour payouts
  • Tether – $50 min, $2,500 max, no fees, 48-hour payouts

Bovada Non-Crypto Withdrawal Info

  • Check By Courier – $100 min, $3,000 max, free payout every 90 days, 10-15 BD payouts
  • MatchPay – $20 min, $1,000 max, no fees, 24-hour payouts
  • Bank Transfer – $1,500 min, $9,500 max, bank fees vary, 10-15 BD payouts

Bonus Betting On The Vikings Super Bowl Odds

If betting on the odds for Vikings to win Super Bowl 58, NFC Championship, or even the North, bettors might as well check out the available bonuses. Online sportsbooks offer plenty of Super Bowl betting bonuses for new players and old players that can be used towards betting on the Vikings for bigger potential payouts. These bonuses all have different limits, rollovers, and max bonus credits offered.

Vikings Welcome Bonuses

Sportsbook: Deposit Type: Max Bonus: Deposit Match: Rollover:
Bovada Crypto $750 75% 5x
BetOnline Crypto $1,000 100% 14x
SportsBetting Non-Crypto $1,000 50% 10x

Vikings Reload Bonuses

Sportsbook: Deposit Type: Max Bonus: Deposit Match: Rollover:
BetOnline Crypto $350 35% 8X
SportsBetting Non-Crypto $250 25% 6x
MyBookie Non-Crypto No Max Limit 25% 6x rollover

Minnesota Vikings Playoff History

The Minnesota Vikings have been around since back in 1961. Since they became an established NFL team, they have really made their mark on the postseason as they have made the playoffs a total of 30 times. In those 31 playoff appearances, they have managed 21 division championships and 4 conference titles. They have not been able to capitalize that into any championships in Super Bowl history.

Vikings Playoff Appearances

The Vikings made their first playoff appearance just seven years after they became a part of the NFL in 1968 under the great Bud Grant. In fact, grant led the Vikings to a total of 12 playoff appearances starting from 1968-1971, 1973-1978, 1980, and 1982. They saw three more playoff appearances in three consecutive years from 1987-1989 under Jerry Burns. Dennis Green then took over and he led them to eight playoff appearances with the first ones coming from 1992-1994 and 1996-2000. Then, Mike Trice led the Vikings to just one playoff appearance in 2004 which was followed by two more in 2008-2009 under Brad Childress. Leslie Frazier also led the Vikings to just one playoff appearance in 2012. Mike Zimmer led them to three more in 2015, 2017, and 2019. One more came in 2022 with their coach, Kevin O’Connell.

Vikings Division Championships

Of the Vikings, 30 playoff appearances, an efficient 20 of them came as division champions. 11 of those 20 division championships came under Bud Grant in 1968-1971, 1973-1978, and 1980. They saw one more division title that came in 1989 under Jerry Burns before Dennis Green took over and led them to four more in 1992, 1994, 1998, and 2000. They saw just one division title under Mike Trice that came in 2004 before Brad Childress took them to two more from 2008-2009. The remaining three in 2015, 2017, and 2022 are responsible by Mike Zimmer and Kevin O’Connell.

Vikings Conference Championships

Of all of their playoff appearances and division championships, the Vikings have only been able to win four conference championships. All four of their division championships came in the Bid Grant era in 1969, 1973, 1974 and 1976. Their first one came prior to the Super Bowl era, but in 1973 they defeated the Dallas Cowboys. In 1974 they took down the Los Angeles Rams and in 1976, they defeated the Rams once more.

Vikings Super Bowl Victories

The Vikings were not able to capitalize on any of their four conference titles into Super Bowl Championships but were able to make it to the game four times. Their first one came in 1970 for Super Bowl IV where they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs after being seen as 12-point favorites. In 1974 they were defeated by the Miami Dolphins 24-7 and did not cover their 6.5-point underdog spread. One year late in 1975 for Super Bowl IX, the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated them 16-6 in a game they went into as 3-point underdogs. Their most recent Super Bowl appearance came in 1977 for Super Bowl XI where they were beaten by the then, Oakland Raiders 32-14.

Despite over 20 playoff appearances since their run to the 1977 Super Bowl game, Vikings SB 58 betting sites accepting US players have yet to see them come out on top. At this point, it’s a running joke for oddsmakers with the Vikings Super Bowl 58 odds opening over +4000 for the fourth time in seven seasons.

The Minnesota Vikings’ History Large Playoff Comebacks

The Minnesota Vikings have a solid history of making up large deficits in their over-60 season franchise history. The largest comeback in a playoff game in Vikings’ history took place on December 27, 1997 in the NFC Wild Card Round against the New York Giants. The Giants held a 19-3 halftime lead on the back of four field goals from Giants placekicker Brad Daluiso; however, the second half was all Vikings, as they outscored the Giants 20-3 after halftime. The Vikings defensive unit was a huge part of the comeback, as they held star running back Tiki Barber to just 29 rushing yards on 17 carries. The Vikings’ comeback was completed with a 24-yard field goal by kicker Eddie Murray late in the fourth quarter to give the Vikings the winning margin of 23-22.