Betting On The 2020 Puppy Bowl

FilbertWelcome, one and all, to the best page on this entire website. Yes, that’s right, you can bet actual real-life money on the Puppy Bowl at many major online sportsbooks. The Puppy Bowl is a sort of faux Super Bowl competition between teams of puppies aired on Animal Planet on the same day as the Super Bowl. It is exactly as cute as it sounds and it has developed into a sensation during the 16 years it has existed. As far as betting on the Puppy Bowl, the bets are a little more abstract than “who will win?” They tend to focus more on the event itself, the proceedings, and the reaction on social media.

For example, you can bet on the Puppy Bowl MVP’s age, and you can bet on the first letter of their first name. Similarly, you can bet on whether the MVP will be male or female. No matter what bet on the Puppy Bowl a bettor decides to take, the enjoyment is both in the potential to make money and the ability to watch puppies play. The bets get a little weirder, so read on!

What Is The Puppy Bowl?

The Puppy Bowl at its core functions as a showcase for sheltered pups in need of adoption. It started in 2005 with the goal of exposing potential families to the many puppies in need. Since its inception, the puppy bowl has successfully resulted in 100% of all puppies being adopted. The rules are simple. The adorable puppies will be separated into two teams (Team Fluff and Team Ruff). The two teams of precious pooches will then be let loose in a battle of wits, determination, and overall cuteness. The winning team will then be presented with the legendary Lombarky Trophy.

What Are The Odds For The Puppy Bowl?

BettyThe odds for the Puppy Bowl range from the familiar to the far afield. The most familiar thing to the eyes of a seasoned sports bettor would be the spread, which is currently set at Team Ruff +7.5 (-140). This is not so much representative of being a heavy favorite as it is of there not being field goals in the game. Similarly, the Puppy Bowl tends to be very high scoring and random in its distribution; thereof, a 7.5-point favorite isn’t actually that large of a favorite. It is worth noting that the Puppy Bowl is filmed in advance, to the best of our knowledge, and so it might be tough to beat the books on bets like this.

Sportsbooks Offering Odds On The Puppy Bowl

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How Does The Scoring Work In The Puppy Bowl?

The Puppy Bowl started out as a gag – the Animal Planet execs weren’t sure what to do so they just ran 12 hours of puppies playing instead of trying to compete with the Super Bowl. It’s become a little more standardized in recent years, but it’s still very much focused on the puppies compared to being anything resembling actual football. Basically, there are a bunch of chew toys on the field, and if any of the puppies carry them across the goal line and into the endzone, it is considered a touchdown.

When Is The 2020 Puppy Bowl?

The Puppy Bowl may not be known for stealing much attention from the Super Bowl bettors, but the two are broadcasted on the same day. Puppy Bowl XVI will air on February 2nd and will be aired on Animal Planet, as well as on Animal Planet GO – their streaming service. It will come on at 3 p.m. EST, giving bettors enough time to finish watching this event before heading over the to Super Bowl broadcast.

Are The Dog Bowl And The Puppy Bowl The Same?

So, the Puppy Bowl is focused on puppies, and specifically on getting those puppies adopted and raising awareness of dog adoption. The Dog Bowl, by contrast, is focused on older dogs in need of loving homes. The Dog Bowl is a more recent development, a spinoff basically, but it’s for a great cause, and older dogs tend to get overlooked in terms of adoption, so hopefully it does some good.

Prop Bets On Puppy Bowl XVI (16)

How old will the MVP be?

  • Over 17.5 Weeks +130
  • Under 17.5 Weeks -170

Game Spread

  • Team Fluff -7.5 -140
  • Team Ruff +7.5 EVEN

Will a puppy attempt to mate during the Puppy Bowl?

  • Yes +350
  • No -600

What letter will the MVP’s name begin with?

  • A-J -120
  • K-Z -120

What gender will be the Puppy Bowl MVP be?

  • Male -140
  • Female EVEN

Will the MVP be a pure bred or mixed breed?

  • Pure Bred +450
  • Mixed Breed -850

Will Mike Vick tweet about the Puppy Bowl?

  • Yes +1200
  • No -7500