Betting On The Super Bowl MVP

Super Bowl MVPBetting on the Super Bowl MVP is one of the most common bets to come out of the sports betting frenzy that is Super Bowl Sunday. It’s easy for everyone to understand what you’re betting on here, no spreads required. Super Bowl MVP betting odds are very straightforward. You place the bet on an individual player, handicapped by his likelihood of winning the award.

Quarterbacks are often favored as to win the award, as they have the ball in their hands the most and are rewarded with being the face of their franchise. Still, sports bettors can win larger sums of money when taking a longshot for the Super Bowl MVP. No matter who wins the award, other prop bets exist regarding this award. Before the winner is decided, bettors can wager on who the award winner will thank first and more. But for the Super Bowl MVP award itself, the smart idea is to look at the quarterbacks.

Best Sites for Betting on the Super Bowl MVP
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  • up to
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BetOnline Sportsbook
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MyBookie Sportsbook
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BetUS Sportsbook
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What Are The Super Bowl MVP Odds?

One of the biggest Super Bowl prop bets each year is who is going to win the MVP of the game. With Super Bowl 56 recently coming to an end, odds on the Super Bowl 57 MVP are not yet listed. However, these odds do come out during the NFL playoffs with the remaining teams that are left.

Super Bowl MVP Betting Props

Aside from guessing who will win the award, there are also betting odds on who the MVP will thank first. This is a very popular Super Bowl prop bet that changes every year. While many think the winner is quick to thank God first, others like the person's family, teammates, coaching staff, and fans can take precedent. Even though the Super Bowl ends, this Super Bowl MVP prop bet continues after the game ends. Other Super Bowl MVP props include betting on the position to win the award.

Super Bowl MVP Speech Odds - First Mentioned

  • Team/Teammates -110
  • City/Fans +300
  • God/Religion +350
  • Family +700
  • Coaches +1000
  • Team Owner +2000

Following the Super Bowl MVP award ceremony, the winner usually gives a speech thanking all of those that have helped them to that point. With these odds, you are betting on who the Super Bowl MVP will thank first in their speech.

What Position Will Win The Super Bowl MVP?

  • Offensive Player -2000
  • Defensive Player +500
  • Kicker/Punter +2500

Here you will bet on which position will win the Super Bowl MVP. An offensive player is heavily favored being that they have won 45 total Super Bowl MVPs. Only 10 defensive players have won the Super Bowl MVP with the last one being Von Miller.

What Position Will Win The Super Bowl MVP?

  • Quarterback -225
  • Any Other Position +160

Quarterbacks have dominated the Super Bowl MVP award-winning 31 times including four of the last five. With that, these odds are basically betting on either a quarterback or any other position to win the award.

Where Can I Bet On The Super Bowl MVP?

Betting on the Super Bowl MVP is simple as long as you know which online betting sites to go to. Online betting sites such as Bovada, BetOnline, or MyBookie all offer odds on the Super Bowl 57 MVP. These sites are available in all 50 states regardless of the status of regulated sports betting. These sites are legal because sports betting is not a prohibited activity across federal laws. With multiple options to choose from you will be able to shop lines and get the best value for the odds.

Super Bowl MVPs That Were Not Quarterbacks

So, let’s state the obvious… when betting on the Super Bowl, the MVP generally goes to the quarterback of the winning team. It takes a truly special performance to change that like Julian Edelman in 2019. He won the award despite being +2000 on the Super Bowl MVP odds before the game started. After quarterbacks, the next logical place to look would theoretically be running back, but it hasn’t shaken out that way. The last running back to win the Super Bowl MVP award was Terrell Davis in 1998, and he was so incredibly dominant that giving the award to anyone else would have been ludicrous. Five wide receivers have won the award since Davis hoisted it in 1998. Defensive players, however, are another story.

How Many Defensive Players Have Won The Super Bowl MVP?

Defensive players, one would think, have an even lower chance to win the award. However, over the years, several defensive players have won the Super Bowl MVP. The most recent was Broncos linebacker Von Miller, who turned in a dominating performance in Super Bowl 50 as a pass rusher. Since 2000, four defensive players have won the award: Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Dexter Jackson, Seattle Seahawks linebacker Malcolm Smith, and Miller.

Odds For Past Super Bowl MVPs

YearSuper BowlMVPPositionOdds
2022Super Bowl LVICooper KuppWide Receiver+600
2021Super Bowl LVTom BradyQuarterback+190
2020Super Bowl LIVPatrick MahomesQuarterback+110
2019Super Bowl LIIIJulian EdelmanWide Receiver+4000
2018Super Bowl LIINick FolesQuarterback+325
2017Super Bowl LITom BradyQuarterback+160
2016Super Bowl 50Von MillerLinebacker+2200
2015Super Bowl XLIXTom BradyQuarterback+160
2014Super Bowl XLVIIIMalcolm SmithLinebackerUnlisted
2013Super Bowl XLVIIJoe FlaccoQuarterback+250
2012Super Bowl XLVIEli ManningQuarterback+225