AFC West Division Odds – Best AFC West Betting Lines

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There are tons of odds on the AFC West that extend well beyond just the normal futures odds on who is going to win. The futures odds on the overall championship though do open early enough for you to get in at their most valuable as they open in the beginning of the offseason. Aside from those odds, you can bet on the exact order of the division, odds on AFC West players, Super Bowl LVIII betting odds for each team in the division, and other futures odds that include divisional teams.

We’ll cover everything that there is to know about betting on the AFC West from each team’s history from a betting perspective, previous division winners, and how the division as a whole has done against their Super Bowl odds. You’ll also find what the current odds are for AFC West teams across the board.

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AFC West Division Odds

2023-24 AFC West Championship Odds

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs

Not only are the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl 58 odds profitable ones to bet on but their division odds are as well. The Chiefs lead the way with nine AFC West division championships since 2002 with the bulk of them coming from 2016-2022 where they’ve won seven straight. All of their championship wins in that time have all come with under +300 preseason odds. Their longest odds situation came in 2010 when they won at +800 preseason odds. Their -160 preseason odds in 2023-24 is the ninth time that they’ve opened under +100 odds. Those that started with just $100 and rolled over their initial bet and their profit to the Chiefs odds the following year would be up an insane $82,031.94 in profit.

Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers

It has been 13 years since the Los Angeles Chargers last won the AFC West championships. They won five total from 2002 to 2009 and have been silent ever since. Three of their five division titles also came at under even odds. Fast track to 2013 until the present season, they’ve opened at over +300 preseason odds eight times in those 11 years. Not only have their division odds been pulled at over +1000 in the last four years, but the Chargers Super Bowl odds have also been pulled at higher than they opened.

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

The last time the Denver Broncos won the AFC West was the year before the Chiefs run where they actually had a run for themselves winning five straight from 2011 to 2015. They’ve won six total AFC West titles since 2002 and five of them came at under +300 preseason odds with their last three coming stronger than -150. In 2011, they won with their longest preseason odds in team history at +1400. In recent years, they’ve fallen off quite a bit with six of their last seven seasons opening at or above +400 odds. The Denver Broncos Super Bowl LVIII odds have also fallen off more than doubling from last season.

Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders

If there was ever a team that consistently doesn’t show up to compete in their division, it’s the Las Vegas Raiders who haven’t won a division title since 2002. Also, 10 times have they been met with preseason division odds at over +1000. They’ve been the third or fourth-place team a whopping 17 times since 2002 as well. Those looking for a risky but profitable bet to make can always count on the Raiders preseason AFC West odds to be there. For an even bigger profit, betting on the Raiders Super Bowl 58 odds could be just as big a risk.

Taking A Futures Bet On The AFC West

AFC West Betting Odds

There is more to just AFC Championship betting odds than just the futures as you will be able to find tons of futures odds that involve AFC West teams and even players. Those might include their Super Bowl odds, Conference title odds, and odds to win the league MVP. All of which can be bet on all throughout the offseason, regular season, and even the playoffs.

Preseason AFC West Super Bowl Odds

Preseason AFC West Conference Championship Odds

AFC West MVP Contenders

Preseason AFC West Odds To Make The Playoffs

Preseason AFC West Totals

  • Kansas City Chiefs 11.5 Wins
  • Los Angeles Chargers 9.5 Wins
  • Denver Broncos 8.5 Wins
  • Las Vegas Raiders 7.5 Wins

Past AFC West Champions

Each of the four teams in the AFC West have 15 division championships including the seasons before the 2002 league realignment. Since 2002 though, the Kansas City Chiefs have paced the division with 9 division titles including the last seven. They are followed by the Denver Broncos who sit with six titles, the Los Angeles Chargers with 5, and the Las Vegas Raiders who have just 1. The Denver Broncos have won from both the strongest position at -455 odds in 2013 and +1400 odds in 2011.

Year Team Odds
2022 Kansas City Chiefs +170
2021 Kansas City Chiefs -275
2020 Kansas City Chiefs -400
2019 Kansas City Chiefs -200
2018 Kansas City Chiefs +275
2017 Kansas City Chiefs +225
2016 Kansas City Chiefs +160
2015 Denver Broncos -160
2014 Denver Broncos -400
2013 Denver Broncos -455
2012 Denver Broncos +150
2011 Denver Broncos +1400
2010 Kansas City Chiefs +800
2009 Los Angeles Chargers -400
2008 Los Angeles Chargers -400
2007 Los Angeles Chargers -150
2006 Los Angeles Chargers +200
2005 Denver Broncos +250
2004 Los Angeles Chargers +700
2003 Kansas City Chiefs +220
2002 Las Vegas Raiders +100

AFC West Teams To Win The Super Bowl

In the history of the Super Bowl since 1967, the only team to not win the Super Bowl have been the Los Angeles Chargers nor have they ever been to the Super Bowl. All of the other teams in the division have won a Super Bowl after the 80s. The Kansas City Chiefs are the most recent Super Bowl winners from the AFC West having won in 2019-2020 and 2022-2023.

Past AFC West Super Bowl Winners

Year Team Odds
2022 Kansas City Chiefs +1000
2019 Kansas City Chiefs +600
2015 Denver Broncos +900
1998 Denver Broncos +600
1997 Denver Broncos +1000
1983 Las Vegas Raiders +1200
1980 Las Vegas Raiders +3500
1976 Las Vegas Raiders +300

AFC West Teams To Make The Wildcard

Since 2002 the AFC West has only made the Wildcard round nine times. Since 2003, both Denver and the Raiders have made it twice while the Chargers and Chiefs have gone 3 times. None of the teams in the division have ever gone past the divisional round of the playoffs as a Wildcard team.

Year Team Odds To Make Playoffs
2022: Los Angeles Chargers -175
2021: Las Vegas Raiders +350
2018: Los Angeles Chargers -160
2016: Las Vegas Raiders +155
2015: Kansas City Chiefs +125
2013: Kansas City Chiefs +290
2013: Los Angeles Chargers +260
2006: Kansas City Chiefs n/a
2004: Denver Broncos n/a
2003: Denver Broncos n/a