Betting On The New York Jets To Win The Super Bowl

The New York Jets

Bettors haven’t had too much luck in the year’s past when betting on the New York Jets to win the Super Bowl. The Jets have not won a Super Bowl since 1969 which was over 50 years ago and if you are planning to bet on them now, you might have to wait another 50 years. They had a quiet but interesting free agency period as they lost their top receiver in Robby Anderson.

Although the Jets have taken a lot of heat over the years, they are slowly but surely making a quiet rebuild. Sam Darnold has been a nice young piece for them, the talent around Le’Veon Bell is known as their defense has always been known for being scrappy. Putting money on the Jets to win the AFC East could be the best odds around, but odds for the Jets to win the AFC and more can also be found. Whether betting on your phone or computer, betting on the Jets has never been easier.

What Are The New York Jets Odds To Win The Super Bowl?

The New York Jets odds to win the Super Bowl are just as bad as the other struggling teams in the league. They are not being viewed as a playoff team by analysts and the Super Bowl odds board. Sam Darnold is yet to prove himself as a playoff quarterback and this offense needs to continue to work on playing together if they want to improve. Betting on the Jets to win the Super Bowl would come with a wonderful payout but it seems unlikely.

New York Jets Playoff History

Playoff Appearances
1968, 1969, 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1991, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2010
Division Championships
1968, 1969, 1998, 2002
Conference Championships
Super Bowl Victories
1968 (III)
Super Bowl Losses
Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks
Joe Namath
Super Bowl Winning Coaches
Weeb Ewbank
Super Bowl MVPs1 Joe Namath
What Are The New York Jets Odds To Win The AFC Championship?

The New York Jets odds to win the AFC Championship are longshot odds. While the Jets have never won an AFC Championship, the odds certainly became better after Tom Brady left the conference. Still, oddsmakers believe that the New York Jets aren’t likely to make the Super Bowl, so they are positioned in the back of the AFC betting odds.

What are the New York Jets Odds To Win The AFC East?

The Jets odds to win the AFC East are right there with the Miami Dolphins at the bottom of the odds board. With the up and coming Bills finally starting to take off and the Patriots still with Bill Belichick at the helm, it is hard to even imagine the Jets winning the AFC East at all. Still, there is talent there, and bettors are being given a decent payout versus the risk.

Jets Betting Odds On The NFL Draft

Betting odds for the New York Jets draft would only be seen on online betting sites. Licensed-sportsbooks are forbidden to place betting odds on NFL events that are not the games. This means that bettors will have the number one option of placing their bets on online sportsbooks. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of betting options and props up. Online betting sites will be much prepared for the Jets draft as much as the general manager there.

New York Jets Projected Win Total

There is so much confusion with the New York Jets. Finishing the year with a 7-9 record, the Jets have players on their team that the head coach doesn’t want there. Even with the confusion going on in the locker room of the jets, sportsbooks favor the Jets to find a way to win over 6 games this year. Now that doesn’t mean improvement because they won seven games last year but still the money is floating toward the over.

Mobile Betting Apps For The Jets

Jets fans know-how are busy it is in New Jersey and that traffic can get in the way of when they get on. As long as you have a connection to the internet on your phone you can find ways to place your bets on your Jets team. iPhone or Android it doesn’t matter which one you have! You can connect to the internet and log on to your online sportsbooks with no problem at all!

Live Betting On The Jets

Placing bets on the Jets game is one thing. Placing live bets on the Jets is another. Even with placing very good bets prior to the game starting, online sportsbooks give you an option to where you can place some bets online during the gameplay. Basically, live betting is when you place a bet after the game has kicked off. Even after the game has kicked off, online betting sites give you multiple options when it comes to placing a bet during the Jets game. So do not feel bad if you missed placing a bet prior to the game starting, log in your sportsbook and place your best bet available.