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NFC East betting odds are available all across Super Bowl sportsbooks in different forms. Ranging from the teams odds to win the NFC East Championship, individual team odds on team props, and other futures odds such as their 2024 Super Bowl betting odds and Super Bowl odds every year, conference championship odds, and much more. Tons go into betting on the NFC East though other than the outright odds on the winner that we’ll lay out for you on this page. You’ll find out more about past winners of the division if any teams from the division have gone on to win the Super Bowl, and how many Wild Card teams they’ve sent on to the playoffs.

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NFC East Division Odds

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

With six NFC East championships since 2002, the Dallas Cowboys have the second most division titles in that time frame. Of those six NFC East titles, three of them came with under +200 preseason odds while the other three came with +200 odds or more. They’ve been extremely competitive since 2016 as their odds at any point throughout any season since then have only gone over +1000 once in 2020. While they’ve been competitive in the division, the Cowboys Super Bowl betting odds have yet to cash and have been on hiatus since 1995. Those that have taken a $100 bet on the Cowboys to win the division championship would have over $400 in total profit.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

You can always count on the Philadelphia Eagles to contend for a division championship as they have nine already since the divisions realigned in 2002. As of recently though, you can also expect the Eagles Super Bowl odds to contend as well. Eight of their nine division titles also all came with under +300 preseason odds. Their last two though have come with under +150 opening odds. Over the last 15 seasons, they’ve shown their competitiveness having finished in first or second place in the division 12 times.

Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders have just three division championships since 2002 and nine total in franchise history. The three that came post-2002 though were all longshot wins as their preseason odds were +1000 in 2012, +3500 in 2015, and +2200 in 2020. With that said, if you were to have bet on them with $100 every season since 2012 to win the NFC Championship, you’d be up $5,900 in profit even after accounting for your losses making them a great bet to make at any length of odds. The Commanders Super Bowl odds have cashed just three times in the 80s with all of them coming as division champions.

New York Giants

New York Giants

It has been 11 years since the New York Giants last won the NFC East division and they have just three division titles at that. It’s the longest drought for a team in the division to go without winning a division title and oddsmakers haven’t had the highest expectations for them in recent seasons either. Their last five opening odds have all been at or above +450 and have rocketed to over +2500 odds when they were finally pulled. The Giants Super Bowl odds have been some of the most successful in the division with four championships.

Taking A Future Bet On The NFC East

NFC East Betting Odds

Betting on the NFC East futures odds can be done at any time of the year being that they usually open from the moment the season prior comes to an end. Also, there is much more futures betting on the NFC East than just the odds to win the division. NFL online sportsbooks have futures odds on several topics involving NFC East teams and their players such as the Super Bowl odds, online NFC Championship betting odds, odds to win the MVP, and much more. Most of the futures odds that involve the NFC East can be found below.

Preseason NFC East Super Bowl Odds

Preseason NFC East Conference Championship Odds

NFC East MVP Contenders

Preseason NFC East Odds To Make The Playoffs

Preseason NFC East Win Totals

Best Online Books For NFC East Betting

With constant betting action available for all four NFC East teams, online sportsbooks have odds for every game line, and each team’s odds to win the conference in 2023. These online sportsbooks have different bonuses and limits for deposits depending on the sportsbook.

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Depositing Into A Sportsbook for NFC East Betting

With hundreds of different wagers to bet in the NFC East, there are also several Super Bowl sportsbook deposit methods from VISA to Bitcoin transactions for a secure betting experience. If wanting to bet on the Giants to win the conference, or Jalen Hurts to record the most rushing TDs during the regular season, Bitcoin and other cryptos can be used for zero-fee instant

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Past NFC East Champions

The division has been a two-team race dating back to 2002 with the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys leading the way with 14 combined division championships since then. The Eagles have a slight advantage with 9 while the Cowboys have 6. As for the Giants and Commanders, they both have just three division titles since 2002. It’s worth noting that only the Eagles have won more than one division title in two straight years since then which came with their three straight from 2002-2004. Since 2004, the same team has not won the division title two years in a row.

Year Team Odds
2022 Philadelphia Eagles +130
2021 Dallas Cowboys +135
2020 Washington Commanders +2200
2019 Philadelphia Eagles -160
2018 Dallas Cowboys +350
2017 Philadelphia Eagles +250
2016 Dallas Cowboys +200
2015 Washington Commanders +3500
2014 Dallas Cowboys +500
2013 Philadelphia Eagles +350
2012 Washington Commanders +1000
2011 New York Giants +300
2010 Philadelphia Eagles +275
2009 Dallas Cowboys +175
2008 New York Giants +325
2007 Dallas Cowboys +180
2006 Philadelphia Eagles +275
2005 New York Giants +700
2004 Philadelphia Eagles -185
2003 Philadelphia Eagles -180
2002 Philadelphia Eagles -180

NFC East Teams To Win The Super Bowl

On 13 separate occasions in Super Bowl history has the NFC East won the Super Bowl. The Dallas Cowboys lead the way with five while the Giants and Commanders each have three. The Eagles sit with just one Super Bowl, however, it came with the longest odds of any other NFC East team at +4000. Most of the divisions success though came before the year 2000 as they won 10 Super Bowls before then.

Past NFC East Super Bowl Winners

Year Team Odds
2017 Philadelphia Eagles +4000
2011 New York Giants +2200
2007 New York Giants +3000
1995 Dallas Cowboys +300
1993 Dallas Cowboys +350
1992 Dallas Cowboys +100
1991 Washington Commanders +700
1990 New York Giants +800
1987 Washington Commanders +1000
1986 New York Giants +1200
1982 Washington Commanders +3500
1977 Dallas Cowboys +400
1971 Dallas Cowboys +400

NFC East Teams To Make The Wild Card

Since 2002, the NFC East has been a part of the Wild Card Round 11 times with 14 total teams. Of those 11 appearances, the New York Giants made it the furthest having won the Super Bowl from the Wild Card spot in 2007. Following them are the Philadelphia Eagles who made it to the NFC Championship game in 2008. Aside from those two runs, they have either been eliminated in the Wild Card Round or Division Round of the playoffs.

Past NFC East Wild Card Teams

Year Team Odds
2022: Dallas Cowboys -190
2022: New York Giants +230
2021: Philadelphia Eagles +275
2018: Philadelphia Eagles -280
2016: New York Giants +140
2009: Philadelphia Eagles -175
2008: Philadelphia Eagles n/a
2007: New York Giants n/a
2007: Washington Football Team n/a
2006: Dallas Cowboys n/a
2006: New York Giants n/a
2005: Washington Football Team n/a
2003: Dallas Cowboys n/a
2002: New York Giants n/a