SportsBetting Super Bowl Betting Guide

The Super Bowl is always one of the best sporting events that all fans and bettors pay attention to. Because of this, plenty of different bets will be up for bettors and the place that you can place your best bets and find the best betting lines in 2022 is SportsBetting. This is one of the sporting events that all of the world stops and watches. Other entertainment surrounded the Super Bowl every year as well for betting odds that SportsBetting offers.

There will be many bets up for those who want to make a lot of money. The Super Bowl always hosts two of the best teams in the NFL and this makes betting on either very tricky at times. As we know anything can happen in sports so with the Super Bowl when it comes down to two teams, SportsBetting will have all kinds of different betting options that would be leaning toward and upset or just an expectation for both teams. Betting for the upset could earn you a lot more money but also risky.

Is It Legal To Bet On The Super Bowl At SportsBetting?

When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, SportsBetting allows all its players to bet on the big sporting event. This event is too big for all the online sports sites to not be legal to bet on it. Betting on the Super Bowl isn’t just the game but it also is everything around the Super Bowl. Having the Super Bowl on SportsBetting only brings more players on to the site as well. Like state-licensed states that cannot offer odds on the NFL Draft, SportsBetting can legally give bettors more prop bets and legal betting options in 2022.

Am I Old Enough To Bet On The Super Bowl At SportsBetting?

Being old enough to place your wagers on the Super Bowl is simple. As long as you are old enough to create an online sports betting site you will be able to bet on the AFC Championship odds or anything else the website has up for its players. The age requirement for all online gambling sites is 18 and older so as long as you are this age you will be able to be as hype for the Super Bowl as all other players. This is great because some local sportsbooks require their players to be at least 21 and older to place their Super Bowl bets. So when it comes to Super Bowl betting on SportsBetting, you have all the options up once you are a legal adult.


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Iphone, Android, Apple
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SportsBetting Super Bowl Betting

Betting On Super Bowl 56 At SportsBetting

  • Los Angeles Rams -200
  • Cincinnati Bengals +170

Line Shopping The Super Bowl With SportsBetting

SportsBetting's sportsbook is second to none when it comes to their Super Bowl odds. Comparing their odds to other online sportsbooks is wise that way you can get the best value for your bet. Using the Super Bowl MVP prop bet as an example, SportsBetting gives Matthew Stafford +120 odds to win the award while DraftKings gives him +100 odds to win. When betting $100, an extra $20 can be made using SportsBetting instead of DraftKings.

  • Matthew Stafford Super Bowl MVP Odds At SportsBetting +120
  • Matthew Stafford Super Bowl MVP Odds At DraftKings +100

SportsBetting Super Bowl Betting

How To Bet On Super Bowl Odds At SportsBetting

Super Bowl Betting Odds

You have different kinds of bets and the spread bet is what option that does a lot for Super Bowl bettors. The spread is basically what they expect a team to win by. A team can lose but if they don’t lose by the expected amount, which is the spread, the bettor wins the bet. This is a wager that can be kind of confusing if not paying attention to the number. A team that has a -5 point spread has to win by more than 5 points for the bettors to win if they took that spread. A team that is expected to lose by 5 points has to win the game outright or lose by less than 5 points to win that bet on the opposite side.

The over/under is huge because this gives you the total amount points both teams are projected to score together throughout the game. Players can choose to bet over that number over or under the projected number and that can determine how much money they can win. This is one of the betting options that doesn't matter who wins more so if the number is hit or not.

The moneyline is the third option. This is taking a team to win the game outright without a point spread involved. Teams will be given a number rating that is either positive or negative. Anything positive means they are the favorite. The highest positive numbers are amazing for payouts but are unlikely to occur. The ratio of moneyline betting is an easy one to figure out.

Super Bowl Prop Bets At SportsBetting

Super Bowl Betting Props

Aside from the normal betting lines that are offered for the Super Bowl, SportsBetting offers tons of different Super Bowl prop bets as well for bettors to take advantage of. These prop bets can range from something that has to do with the game like which team will call the first timeout to something that doesn’t have to do with the game at all such as what color liquid will be poured on the winning coach after the game.

SportsBetting Super Bowl Futures Bets

Super Bowl FuturesFuture bet on the Super Bowl is also a great option that’s on SportsBetting as well. You have the option to bet on the odds of who would appear in and win the Super Bowl, or who will  win the Super Bowl MVP That is the cool thing about using SportsBetting. There is all of 32 teams and the more that they make changes and acquisitions to their respective teams, the more the odds would change on Sportsbetting. This is huge for all bettors that could take a huge risk on betting on a team before the odds change soon.

Mobile Betting At SportsBetting

SportsBetting also has a very cool feature that allows all its players to be away from a computer and still be able to place their wagers. This is huge and its called mobile better. This is where you can go on your mobile device and be able to access your account and place your Super Bowl bets. Now that all online sportsbooks have this option, there is no reason for players to not have their bets updated before kickoff of the game that everyone in the world is watching. There is always important news that comes out before the Super Bowl and not you have a feature that will let you change your wager right on the spot.

Live Betting On The Super Bowl At SportsBetting

The kickoff the Super Bowl is huge and there will be plenty of wagers that can be placed before the kickoff. Even after the kickoff with live betting, there are other bets that you can place during the Super Bowl and this will continue to have more betting options as the game goes on. With live betting, players can place a bet on a situation during the Super Bowl that can last possession, a quarter, or a half. It doesn't have to be a full game bet. This is where bettors can flip more money before the game ends and could be rewarded a lot of earnings before halftime.

How To Deposit At SportsBetting

The most important thing about betting on SportsBetting is the banking options that are giving. There are a few ways that bettors can deposit money on to their account. This is perfect for players who have different options for depositing money. SportsBetting also helps with promotions that go towards whichever deposit players use. You have the deposit options of using debit cards, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and also have the person to person. Use it to bet on the NFL commercials, the halftime show, or the game itself.

Making Withdrawals At SportsBetting

When looking to request a withdrawal from SportsBetting, there are different ways in doing so. They allow their users to make withdrawals with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Litecoin, ripple, stellar, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash which all require a minimum withdrawal of $20 and a maximum of $100,000. They also allow payouts with Person2Person which requires a $50 minimum and $400 maximum. There are also more common ways such as a bank wire transfer or physical check with both requiring a $500 minimum payout. Their maximum payouts though differ as a bank wire allows a max of $25,000 while a bank wire only allows $2,500.

Using Cryptocurrency At SportsBetting

Cryptocurrency is one of the major options on SportsBetting. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others are accepted at SportsBetting and this is great for all bettors as they can also be rewarded for using these banking options. Promotions will always be there for players and using cryptocurrency would be one of those promotions that could occur as a reward option. This banking option has a fast processing time as well.

SportsBetting Super Bowl Betting

How To Deposit At SportsBetting


Minimum $20
Maximum: $500,000

Credit Cards

Minimum: $50
Maximum: $5,000

Bank Wire

Minimum $1,000
Maximum: No Max


Minimum $1,500
Maximum: $15,000

Making Withdrawals At SportsBetting


Minimum $20
Maximum: $100,000
Fee: Free

Bank Wire

Minimum $500
Maximum: $25,000
Fee: Free


Minimum $500
Maximum: $2,500
Fee: $50, or 3%
Customer Service
Customer Service For SportsBetting Sportsbook

There is always a way that you can get help when it comes to any problems with SportsBetting. The live chat is one of the greatest because as soon as it sees that you are stuck it will ask is there anything you need help with. This is one of the better online sportsbooks so getting great customer service is no problem at all. There is an email you reach Sportsbetting at for sportsbook, for poker, and and casino. The phone number to reach anybody from customer service is 1-888-843-902 which they will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.