XBet Super Bowl Betting Guide

XBet Super Bowl odds are very easy to find and they have tons of lines to choose from. The online sportsbook has future odds that run all year long, that help bettors wager on the Super Bowl winner, plus divisional and conference championships. All of these bets can be placed during the offseason, preseason, and during the NFL season, with odds changing as the year progresses and gets closer to February when XBet Super Bowl 58 props begin to come out.

Launching in 2013, XBet is one of the most trusted and secure Super Bowl 58 betting sites that accept US players on the market, that always pays our bettors in a timely manner. They have many different deposit and withdrawal options, ensuring that every bettor will have a method of funding their account with the online sportsbook. The online sportsbooks even has future bets surrounding Super Bowl 58 that can be easily accessed anytime during the year.

Is It Legal To Bet On The Super Bowl With XBet?

Yes, it is legal to bet on XBet Super Bowl 2024 odds. Xbet is actually one of the most popular legal options across the country when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl. There are odds available for every aspect of the game, including player and game props alongside live betting. All usage of Xbet with Super Bowl betting is legal in all states, making it a far superior option to sportsbooks limited by state sanctions. Xbet is a great legal option for Super Bowl betting.

What Is The Sports Betting Age At XBet?

Ok, so, you want to bet on XBet Super Bowl odds, but you aren’t sure if you’re old enough. Well, the good news is that the Super Bowl betting age at XBet is going to be whatever your local gambling age is in the state you are located in. In other words, if you are located in Alabama, it will be 19, and so on. However, it is generally best practice to only bet once you are over the age of 21, as 21 is the oldest age of majority for sports betting in the United States, and you cannot go wrong if you are over 21.

XBet Super Bowl 58 Odds

  • Moneyline: 49ers (-115) vs. Chiefs (-105)
  • Spread: 49ers -1 (-110)
  • Total: 47.5 Points

Xbet Super Bowl Betting

Licensed In:
Costa Rica
Legal In:
50% To $300
Mobile Platforms:
Iphone, Android, Apple
Currencies Accepted:
USD, Bitcoin

Xbet Super Bowl Betting

How To Bet On The Super Bowl At XBet

Super Bowl Betting Odds

There are many ways to get in on XBet Super Bowl betting odds, and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can bet on the game itself, using straight bets or futures bets, you can bet on individual players using prop bets, or you can bet on the entertainment surrounding the game such as the halftime show, the national anthem performance, and the commercials that have become a cultural phenomenon.

Straight Bets

Generally, these refer to the normal, “average” types of betting, the basic stuff. These are the spread, the moneyline, and the over/under line. You see, sportsbooks don’t want to offer you the ability to just pick between the two teams. They use various methods to handicap the teams and try to make the bets as even as possible.

The spread, for instance, is the number of points a team is expected to win by. For example, if you have Seattle -4, that means that you take Seattle’s points for the game, subtract four, and see if they still outscore their opponent. Similarly, if you have San Francisco +4, that means that you take San Francisco’s points, add four, and see if they have won once you do this.

The moneyline is a method of offering simply the ability to pick between two teams, but handicapping it with payout ratios so that the odds reflect the abilities of the teams. Basically, if you pick Team A -200, you have to bet $200 to win $100. If you pick team B +225, you have to bet $100 to win $225. Keep in mind, these are ratios, as you can bet as little or as much as you’d like.

The over/under line is a bet on how the game will play out. Generally, it is a total score bet. You bet whether the total scoring in the game will be over or under a certain amount. You can apply over/under lines to many different bets, but this is the most common use of the term.

Prop Bets

XBet Super Bowl 58 prop bets are some of the most intuitive bets to make in sports betting. They are very simple and clear: you bet whether or not a player or team will do something, and then you win if they do what you predicted. For example, you could bet on Patrick Mahomes to have over 303 yards passing, or Derrick Henry to have under 106 rushing yards.

One thing to be aware of is a lot of the odds will end in .5, to avoid any possibility of landing on the actual number that the line is set at. Make sure you keep this in mind when placing your Super Bowl 58 prop bets – don’t get caught by the hook! Prop bets extend from beyond the Super Bowl though, as XBet offers props on the NFL Draft, combine, preseason, regular season, and more.

Super Bowl 58 Futures Bets

Futures bets are similarly simple. You predict whether or not a thing will happen, odds are presented to you on that prediction, and you select whether or not you find them favorable enough to bet on. For example, you can bet on Patrick Mahomes to win the Super Bowl MVP, or the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl. The keyword here is “future”. These types of bets tend to be long term. One common type of futures betting is betting on teams to win the division before the season starts, or betting on players to win specific awards before the season starts.

Line Shopping For Super Bowl LVIII At XBet

When betting on Super Bowl LVIII, you’ll find that some teams odds offer more profit on XBet than they do on other online betting sites. More specifically, looking at the Los Angeles Rams odds at XBet compared to FanDuel, you could make $100 more taking the odds at XBet rather than FanDuel. $100 would make $3,000 on the Rams odds at XBet compared to the $2,900 profit on FanDuel.

Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl 58 Odds At XBet

Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl 58 odds At FanDuel

Mobile Betting At XBet

On the go? At work? At the game, even? XBet has you covered – their site is optimized for mobile use, and when you need to place that last minute bet, or even live bet during the game, you can use XBet. All you have to do is navigate to XBet in your browser on whatever mobile device you choose, and the website will realize that you are on mobile, and present a mobile Super Bowl betting platform on your device. Unlike local sportsbooks, nothing prohibits you from Super Bowl betting at XBet from outside of your state.

Live Betting At XBet

Live Super Bowl betting is one of the most important aspects of betting, and, as discussed, XBet makes it easy by allowing you to place bets on mobile devices in seconds. The main reason that live betting is important is that the lines tend to change as the game plays out. The classic example is a football game where the big favorite gives up an early touchdown but hasn’t gotten the ball yet. The odds will likely have shifted to the point that you can get a more favorable spread when betting on the said favorite.

Super Bowl Bonuses At XBet

As all of the top betting sites accepting players from the US do, there are Super Bowl sportsbook bonuses offered at XBet. XBet offers large bonuses with low rollovers to users who deposit and bet on the big game. A rollover on XBet specifies how many times the total value of the deposit + the bonus must be bet through entirely. The bonus amount, match percentage, and rollover are dependent on if it is your first time depositing on XBet or if you are a repeat bettor.

  • First Deposit Bonus At XBet: 50% Match Up To $500, 7X Rollover
  • Sports Reload Bonus At XBet: 25% Match Up To $250, 5X Rollover

XBet Super Bowl Squares Contest

Betting on Super Bowl squares is one of the oldest and most popular Super Bowl gambling games to remember and XBet has taken that to a whole new level. They offer a Super Bowl squares contest that is run just like the ones you’d find at your Super Bowl party. They payouts could turn out massive depending on how many people sign up for the contest. The winners of the first three quarters will each split 20% of the prize pool each quarter while the final quarter pays out 40% of the pool.

Making Deposits At XBet

Before betting on XBet Super Bowl odds, you should be aware of the many ways in which you can make a Super Bowl betting deposit. You can use cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, you can use credit cards, or you can use various other methods like wire transfers and money orders. Each of these methods of depositing has pros and cons associated with it, and finding the right one for you is very important. When using a regular bank card the minimum deposit made needs to be $45 while the maximum deposit that can be made is $2,500. For any cryptocurrency deposits, there is only a $20 minimum deposit with no maximum. Using Person2Person, there is a $100 minimum deposit required and a $500 maximum.

Credit Cards

Minimum: $45
Maximum: $2,500


Minimum: $20
Maximum: No Max


Minimum: $100
Maximum: $500

Withdrawing Your Winnings From XBet Sportsbook

After betting on Super Bowl odds or one of the several XBet Super Bowl 58 props, you’ll want to know how to withdraw your funds. Bettors tend to withdraw using the same method they deposited with, making this a decision that has multiple factors to consider. The same options apply, with similar pros and cons. For example, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are excellent in terms of the security of your money going to and from the sportsbook but require a little extra legwork to set up. Other options such as money orders are simpler but may take longer to payout. Those using Bitcoin to withdraw will require a $25 minimum and a $5,000 max with a two business day waiting period. Those requesting an E-Check will need to make a $50 minimum deposit or a $1,000 maximum with a 7-10 day waiting period. Those using a Bank Wire will need to make a $500 minimum withdrawal or a $5,000 maximum with a 5-7 day period.


Minimum: $25
Maximum: $5,000
Fee: Free


Minimum: $50
Maximum: $1,000
Fee: $50-$200: $5, $201-$750: $15, $751-$1,000: $40

E-Bank Wire

Minimum: $500
Maximum: $5,000
Fee: $500-$1,999: $75, $2,000-$4,000: $124, $4,001-$5,000: $160

Using Cryptocurrency at XBet

Using cryptocurrencies to bet on the Super Bowl at XBet can be a genuine advantage in terms of fees as well as transfer times. Let’s start out by focusing on what cryptocurrencies are, how you get them, and what the advantages are for using them. They are the fastest method of deposit and withdrawal at many online sportsbooks, including XBet. They also come with some of the largest transfer limits and never come associated with fees. The different cryptos that can be used on XBet are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Solana
  • Shiba Inu
  • Binance Coin
  • Tether
  • Cardano
  • Dogecoin
Customer Service
Customer Service Quality At XBet

Not only are XBet Super Bowl odds known in the industry, but they are also known for their high quality of customer service. Should anything go wrong when you are placing a bet on any XBet Super Bowl 58 props, you can contact their customer service and they will handle everything with efficiency and dignity. You can contact customer support via a phone number available on their website, on Twitter, or on Instagram.

XBet Sportsbook FAQ’s