How To Throw The Best Super Bowl 58 Party

Learning how to throw a Super Bowl party is no easy task, it involves a lot of factors centering around the game itself. There are people out there that live for the party and wait for it all year long, just as much as they look forward to the Super Bowl. What makes a great party? First, the television for the screening has to take center stage so making sure it offers a perfect visual helps. That means no squiggly lines up in the corner or anywhere else. While you may be used to it, there will be some at the party that will fixate on it rather than the game. Once its picture-perfect, food is next.

If we’re being real here, people are only going to your party for the food and drinks because they have televisions at home. Luckily, there are a bunch of different things you can serve to make sure your party is talked about for the next 364 days. Once the food and beverage part is taken care of, games for both kids and adults should be taken into account. Parties start before the game and end up going on till well after, not to mention halftime. Some guests are not as interested in betting on the Super Bowl halftime show, so Super Bowl betting games at home are key to making sure there is no point at which your party starts to lag. Some might even be live betting on the Super Bowl, but it’s the job of the host to keep them entertained in-between. If you continue reading, by the time you’re done, you’ll have all the Super Bowl 58 party tips you’ll need in order to throw the best one.

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Super Bowl 58 Party Tips

The best tips for any Super Bowl 58 party are as follows:

If you can get a headcount about who will be attending that will make things easier so you know how much of everything you'll need. In general, more of everything is better to be on the safe side.

Setup the day before so you’re not running around the day-of with all the other things to prepare. You’ll want to make sure there is ample seating indoors and outside for viewing the game. Put up all of your decorations and have your fun betting games for Super Bowl party ready to go. Take out any food that needs defrosting any food that needs it before going to bed.

The day of the party, start prepping your food before guests arrive, making sure you’ve allotted enough time before that first knock on your door. Make sure you have enough ice for your drinks so no one has to run to the store later.

If the weather will be cooler, set up your fire pit outside with seating around it. Buy some marshmallows and sticks and all the things needed for s’mores and let the kids have fun with it.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and the game! This only happens once a year so you don’t want to miss it!

Picking The Right Food For Your 2024 Super Bowl Party

One of the most important things on how to throw a Super Bowl party is the food. Food is the center of any great party making your 2024 SB58 party no different. When deciding on a menu, it’s important to remember that most if not all options should be handheld. The use of forks and knives can lead to a seating issue for guests, especially when they’re trying to watch the game but need to balance their plates on a surface where they can use utensils. This is why football foods are things like hotdogs and burgers because they’re amazing and you can hold them with one hand and have a beer in the other. Another thing to factor into your party is ensuring that most of the food is ready before game time. Just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you should be missing out on the game trying to prepare food.

What Are Some Of The Best Foods To Serve?

No Super Bowl party can be called a Super Bowl party without chips and dip. So, what are some of the best foods to serve at a SB58 party? There are plenty of dip options from bean dip, salsa, beer cheese dip, seven-layer dip, and the list goes on and on. There are also a ton of different chips you can purchase, one of which has to be the tortilla chip just because that’s become a staple. A healthier alternative is a vegetable platter but chips are a must. They will definitely be eaten a lot faster than a veggie platter. Hot dogs, burgers, bratwurst, and all those wonderful foods forbidden by cardiologists are terrific options and easy to make. You can stuff your burgers with cheese or anything you’d like for a nice surprise.

Chicken wings are another staple for hosts and they can be dressed up in all kinds of ways; BBQ, Buffalo, Thai Chili, Garlic Parmesan, there is really no wrong way to make your chicken wings. For those living in colder areas, Chili is a definite crowd-pleaser. With some cheese dip, chili, and tortilla chips, guests just made themselves nachos. Or they could put it on their hot dogs and voila, chili dogs anyone? When it’s time to please those looking for something sweet, brownies are the go-to, mainly because people love to make them look like footballs. But there’s nothing wrong with picking up a few festive desserts at the store while you’re out shopping. And don’t forget about refreshments! Beer first, because, beer. Then sodas and water for all of your guests that are not beer drinkers. Put all of this together and you’ve got yourself a great menu for an awesome party.

Things To Do At Your Super Bowl Party

Even with the biggest game of the year happening and the whole “eat, drink, and be merry” going on, there still has to be things to do at your SBLVIII party which is where our Super Bowl 58 party tips come in. Luckily there are a bunch of options for football-themed fun that are both great for adults and children. Of course, the adults have the bettor options, bringing a little added fun to their games. But the kids will have a lot of fun too.

Gambling Games And Pools

Putting a little money on Super Bowl 2024 party games makes it more fun in general, which is why gambling games and pools are a must. Guests can take part in a SB58 Pick ‘Em which is a questionnaire they fill out with answers about the game. Each guest can put in a dollar or two to play and then the person in the end with the most right answers wins the entire pool. There is also a game called Place Your Bets where money gets put in the pot to play and each person takes a guess at what the final score will be. If no one gets the exact result, the closest answer wins all the money. You can also bet on Super Bowl commercials with Super Bowl commercial bingo. Bingo cards are handed out and whichever person gets “bingo” first based on the commercials being shown wins. This could also be a money game if people are willing to put money into play. Super Bowl gambling with a side of playing makes everything better. All in all, this is just one of the many ideas to take into consideration when looking how to throw a Super Bowl party.

Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party Games

These may be kid-friendly Super Bowl 58 party games but they are still entertaining for adults too. There’s Football Throw which requires a hula hoop and a football or two. You hang up the hula hoop outside and then have your guests try to spiral the football threw it, like a real quarterback. Winners get bragging rights and sometimes that’s just as good as money. There’s cornhole which is a classic tailgate game anyway that kids love. Buzzed adults get a kick out of it too. Of course, you need to buy the game before your party if you don’t already own it and have it set up outside. There is also a bean bag football toss where kids throw mini football beanbags onto a piece of green felt and whichever kid throws for the “most yards” wins. It’s your typical tossing-style game but it can be done indoors because it won't break anything in your home and you won't have to worry about who’s watching the children because they’re inside.

Play Super Bowl Squares

While betting on Super Bowl squares is just like betting on the 2024 Super Bowl, using this Super Bowl 58 party tip allows people with no football experience to win some money. Pick one or a few squares out of a sheet of 100 squares (in a 10x10 grid). After all of the spots are filled, assign random numbers to the outside columns and rows. Whoever matches each team's score at the end of each quarter wins a prize! The payouts being spread out throughout the game is a great way to keep everyone invested throughout the whole game.

It is also very important when playing Super Bowl squares to determine a payout structure before any football is played. There are two common payout structures. One is that the prize money pool gets divided into four quarters and the winner of each quarter gets it. The other common payout structure places the most emphasis on the fourth quarter. This tiered style payout typically works by dividing the prize pool by five, with the winners of the first, second, and third quarters getting one-fifth of the prize pool. The final score square holder then gets two-fifths of the prize money.