Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals Preseason Super Bowl 57 Betting Guide

The Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl(+2200), AFC Championship(+1100), and AFC North(+180) odds are all shorter than last year and for good reason considering their success. Cincinnati is likely to field an improved team in 2022, but given the difficulty of the second half of their schedule, it may be wise to focus on player props. Betting … Read more

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills 2023 Preseason Super Bowl Betting Guide

The Buffalo Bills have the shortest odds in the league to win the Super Bowl(+600), win the AFC(+275), and the AFC East(-250). Those preseason Buffalo Bills odds are influenced greatly by quarterback Josh Allen who is the favorite to win MVP(+700). For the Bills and Josh Allen to accomplish their goals in the 2022/23 season, … Read more

Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys Preseason Super Bowl Betting Guide

The Dallas Cowboys have +2000 odds to win Super Bowl 57. The Dallas Cowboys have +900 odds to win the NFC Championship. The Cowboys are favored to win the NFC East at +140 odds. DALLAS – The Dallas Cowboys were considered one of the best teams to bet on last season after leading the league … Read more

Mississippi River

SBLVII Odds Say Winner Will Be East Of Mississippi River

There are -130 odds on the Super Bowl 57 winner to be on the east side of the Mississippi River. A team from the west side of the Mississippi River has -110 odds to win the Super Bowl. Seven of the top-10 teams on the odds board are on the west side of the river. … Read more

Cowboys - Eagles

The Best Top 2 Division Bets To Take In 2022

There are +110 odds for the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles to finish as the top-two teams in the division. The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings have -165 odds to be the top-two teams in the NFC North. The Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers have even odds at being the two best … Read more

Washington Commanders

Teams Splitting NFL Sportsbooks For Odds On A Winning Record

The Washington Commanders have -105 odds to finish with a winning record. There are -120 odds on the Las Vegas Raiders finishing with an above .500 record. The New Orleans Saints have +110 odds to finish their season with a winning record. LAS VEGAS – Three teams that have odds close to even to finish … Read more

Arizona Sportsbook

Super Bowl Hotels Are Pricey – What Bets Can Pay For Them?

Hotel prices in Phoenix for the Super Bowl are ballooning to north of $1,200 a night. Betting on the Indianapolis Colts to win the Super Bowl at +2500 could offset the cost of a two-night stay. Betting on the Miami Dolphins to do so at +4000 could offset the costs of a three-night stay. PHOENIX, … Read more

Mike Ditka

Famous Mike Ditka SBXX Sweater Sees Bid Up To $31k

Mike Ditka’s game work sweater from Super Bowl XX is seeing prices of $31,000. Ditka lead the Chicago Bears to a Super Bowl in 1985 where they had +1000 preseason odds. CHICAGO – Da Bears! Can still be heard all throughout the streets of Chicago as Bears fans continue to pay homage to the only … Read more