What Are The Biggest Bets Ever Made On The Super Bowl?

Biggest Bets on the Super Bowl

What are the biggest bets ever made on the Super Bowl? There have been a handful of wagers on the Super Bowl worth mentioning due to their high price tags. All of these wagers on the championship game are million-dollar bets and above. It’s hard to imagine your typical bettor wagering so much on one game but these bettors classify as high rollers meaning an extremely high risk for an even higher reward.

All of the biggest Super Bowl bets made by celebrities and other professional gamblers can all be found on this page. As well what the lines were for their bets and other important information that might’ve surrounded them. You’ll also come across an updated list of the biggest bets on Super Bowl 58 when they come up.

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Biggest Super Bowl Bets

  • The biggest wager, a two-million-dollar bet was in 2010 when the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. The Colts were the favorite to win with quarterback Peyton Manning at the helm and the wager was placed on them. Needless to say, the celebrity bettor lost their money when through the underestimation of Saints quarterback Drew Brees.
  • The second biggest bet or possibly the highest considering it was made in the ’80s was a million-dollar wager in 1989. That was Super Bowl 23 when the San Francisco 49ers beat the Cincinnati Bengals 20-16. The bet was placed by Bob Stupak also known as Mr. Las Vegas putting his money on the Bengals that were listed as the underdog coming into the game. At the time, the infamous Joe Montana was the quarterback for San Francisco, and he ended up winning the game for his team.
  • In 2011, when the Green Bay Packers played the Pittsburgh Steelers, there was a million-dollar wager placed on Green Bay to win it. The bet was placed by Birdman on the favorite because his buddy Lil Wayne was a fan of the Packers. No exact number was given to his payout when the Packers won 31-25 but he did tweet about “cashing in a milli” after the game.
  • Super Bowl 46 saw the New England Patriots face the New York Giants. The Patriots were favored to win and Birdman possibly placed a five million dollar bet which would make it the highest wager on a Super Bowl, however, other than speculation there is no real merit to the claim. Rapper 50 Cent placed a million-dollar wager on the New York Giants to win and made a pretty penny when the underdogs came out victorious 21-17.

Who Is Drake Betting On At Super Bowl 58?

Drake has recently emerged in the sports betting industry for both making massive bets as well as the “Drake Curse.” With the Chiefs making it back to the Super Bowl, you can bank on Drizzy taking them once more after he cashed on their moneyline odds to win the Super Bowl last season. With that said, you can count on him placing several bets on the Chiefs to win once more.

Drake Betting History

Drake had exactly $965,000 on the line at SB57 across a total of seven bets. While he did go against the “Drake Curse” by betting on the Chiefs to win, the remaining six other bets he had placed were all losses. He won $700,000 on the Chiefs moneyline odds (his only win) which he got at +100 and still ended with a profit of $435,000 after accounting for his losses. Below are all of the bets that he made on Super Bowl 57.

Drake’s SB57 Props

Bet Type: Drake’s Wager: Odds:
Chiefs ML $700,000 EVEN (Win)
Mahomes Anytime TD $50,000 +400 (Loss)
Smith-Schuster Anytime TD $50,000 +275 (Loss)
Chiefs To Win Both Halves $50,000 +450 (Loss)
Chiefs To Win Every Quarter $30,000 +1300 (Loss)
Kelce To Win SB MVP $25,000 +1200 (Loss)
Any TE Winning SB MVP $60,000 +900 (Loss)

Did Mattress Mack Bet On Super Bowl 57?

When asking what are the biggest bets ever made on the Super Bowl, you cannot leave out Mattress Mack. Mattress Mack did not end up wagering on Super Bowl 57, even though he has been known to bet against the Chiefs in the past in the postseason. Mack most recently lost a $2 million wager when he bet on the Dallas Cowboys to beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Divisional Round of the 2022-23 NFL playoffs.

“Mattress Mack” is known for making some extremely big bets on the Super Bowl and other sporting events. Over the last three years, he has bet a total of $13,960,000 and is 1-2 in his bets. Right here we’ll track all of his Super Bowl bets over the years.

Mattress Mack Super Bowl Betting History

Year Mack’s Pick Amount Bet Bet Result
2022 Cincinnati Bengals $9.5 Million Los Angeles Rams
2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers $3.46 Million Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2020 San Francisco 49ers $1 Million Kansas City Chiefs
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An Expensive Coin Toss

One of the most popular Super Bowl bets comes on the Super Bowl coin toss which has brought in plenty of action. It was reported that the Super Bowl coin toss odds at SB57 took on a $5,000 bet for the ending result to be tails. At standard -105 odds, the bet would cash $4,761.

The Biggest Bet Made On Super Bowl 56

Mattress Mack struck again at Super Bowl 56 placing the largest online and in person bets on Super Bowl 56 and both of them came on the Cincinnati Bengals moneyline. He first placed a $4.5 million bet using a Super Bowl betting site. Mack then traveled from his home state of Texas to Louisiana to place a $5 million bet.

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A $250 Bet Turned Into $100,000 Payout

A $250 Super Bowl bet turned into a $100,000 payout when the New England Patriots played the Los Angeles Rams and won 13-3. Given a 400-1 shot that the Rams would score only three points for the entire game, one bettor placed the bet with South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa in Las Vegas. The lucky person walked away a lot richer than when the game started. It was sheer luck that a field goal was the only points scored by the team. It’s also a great example of how sometimes taking the gamble does pay off.

Dropping Millions On The Super Bowl

A more recent example of large betting comes from Super Bowl LIII, which was between the AFC’s New England Patriots and the NFC’s Los Angeles Rams. The Rams had been dominant the entire season, wowing front offices around the country. The Patriots, meanwhile, had been dominant the entire decade, but oddly anemic during the season, unveiling a more run-heavy style of play for the playoffs that carried them to the Super Bowl. An anonymous bettor at MGM laid two separate moneyline bets on Super Bowl 53. One was risking $2 million, while the other was "much" less at $1.8 million. The Patriots went on to win the game 13-3, adding another piece of silverware to their already overflowing trophy case. That $3.8 million, meanwhile, was bet on... the Rams money line. However, the bettor probably didn't mind too much, as they won around $10 million betting on the Eagles during Super Bowl 52.

In 2019, at Super Bowl 54 in Miami, the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers with a final score of 31-20. Across the country at the MGM Mirage in Las Vegas, a $1 million dollar bet was placed on the San Francisco 49ers money line that was at +120. This is tied for the second-largest bet.

What State Bets The Most On The Super Bowl?

You cannot leave out Nevada when it comes to what are the biggest bets ever made on the Super Bowl being that the state is the mecca of sports betting. There are a lot of high rollers who live in Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the US, and they make plenty of big Super Bowl bets during Super Bowl season. New Jersey is the runner-up, seeing a lot of big bets from big-name bettors every Super Bowl. Atlantic City in NJ and Las Vegas in NV attract a lot of big names who travel during Super Bowl weekend. These two markets will likely continue to be home to the most Super Bowl bets and the largest Super Bowl bets each year. Here is how much was bet on the Super Bowl in 2023.

Super Bowl 57 Betting Handle By State

  • Nevada: $152.3 Million
  • New Jersey: 109.3 Million
  • Pennsylvania: 84.3 Million
  • New Hampshire: $9.2 Million
  • New York: $123.8 Million
  • Colorado: $37.9 Million
  • Montana: $747,805