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After being overrun by the New England Patriots for the last 20 years, there is a new face at the top of the AFC East and that is the Buffalo Bills as they look to start their dynasty run after winning the last two division titles. Each of the four teams in the division has won a division title since 2002, but it has been the Patriots who took over with 16 of them. Buffalo has now asserted themselves as the powerhouse in the division as they’ve been favored and won the last two titles.

To find out more about the AFC East Division odds, you have come to the right place as we’ll go over all there is to betting on the division and other odds that feature AFC East teams on NFL betting sites. You’ll find a breakdown of each team and their history as well as the history of the division and the accomplishments that each team has to them.

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AFC East Standings

AFC East Division Odds

Bills Win Division


Buffalo Bills

Buffalo BillsThe Buffalo Bills are looking for their third straight AFC East division title in the 2022-23 season and oddsmakers have given them their strongest preseason odds to do so in the team history. This is also the third straight year that they’ve opened with odds to win the division under -120. The high expectation does not stop there for Buffalo as their -600 odds to make the playoffs are also the strongest in history. The Bills have cashed on their odds to make the playoffs in four of the last five seasons for $1,078 in profit on $100 bets.

Miami Dolphins

Miami DolphinsThe expectation for the Miami Dolphins has also been set fairly high as this is now the second straight season with preseason division odds under +500. This is something that hasn’t been given to them since 2013, 2014, and 2015 seasons. One main light to be shined on the Dolphins contending for the division title are their odds on the win total. Set at 8.5, it is a half-game lower than last seasons, however, since 2016, they’ve gone 4-1-1 with the over and 3-0-1 in the last four seasons. They’ve also done a tremendous job against the spread since 2016 going 20-14-2 against division opponents.

New England Patriots

New England PatriotsThe New England Patriots have been the most profitable team in the division since 2001. If you were to bet $100 on them to win the division each season since 2001, you would slowly but surely bring your profit up to $1,567 after accounting for the four $100 losses in the years they didn’t win the division. They’ve also dominated the moneyline against the division over the last five seasons going for a 21-10 S/U record and won their games by 9.3 points on average. Their odds have certainly seen better days from where they are now though as their opening odds are the longest they’ve been since 2001.

New York Jets

New York JetsThe New York Jets have been at the bottom of the barrel in the AFC East over the last ten seasons as they’ve either finished in third or fourth place in eight of those seasons with no division titles either. In fact, their only division title since the formation of the division in 2002 came in that inaugural season. In addition to there not being any value on their odds to win the division, some real profit can be made fading the Jets on the moneyline and spread against divisional opponents as they have a 9-20-1 record ATS since 2017 and 5-25 S/U record since then as well.

Taking A Futures Bet On The AFC East

AFC East Betting OddsFutures betting is the main way to bet on the winner of the AFC East, however, there is more to futures betting on the division than just the odds to win. You will be able to find different futures odds that include AFC East teams such as Super Bowl odds, AFC Championship odds, win totals, MVP contenders, and much more. All of these can be bet on throughout the regular season and offseason as you would the normal AFC East odds.

AFC East Super Bowl Odds

AFC East Conference Championship Odds

AFC East MVP Contenders

Preseason AFC East Odds To Make The Playoffs

Preseason AFC East Win Totals

  • Buffalo Bills: 12
  • Miami Dolphins: 9
  • New England Patriots: 8.5
  • New York Jets: 6

Past AFC East Champions

All four teams in the division have been successful in winning division championships since 2002. The New England Patriots though took full control though having won 16 AFC East titles since 200. Looking at some of the notable division championships, in 2017 the Patriots won with the heaviest division odds in that 20-year span at -2500. As for the team that won with the longest odds, it was the Miami Dolphins in 2008 after they went into the season with +2500 preseason odds.

Year Team Odds
2022 Buffalo Bills -225
2021 Buffalo Bills -150
2020 Buffalo Bills -125
2019 New England Patriots -800
2018 New England Patriots -800
2017 New England Patriots -2500
2016 New England Patriots -225
2015 New England Patriots -200
2014 New England Patriots -350
2013 New England Patriots -400
2012 New England Patriots -400
2011 New England Patriots -170
2010 New England Patriots +135
2009 New England Patriots -455
2008 Miami Dolphins +2500
2007 New England Patriots -600
2006 New England Patriots -300
2005 New England Patriots -200
2004 New England Patriots -160
2003 New England Patriots +180
2002 New York Jets +220

AFC East Teams To Win The Super Bowl

The AFC East has been one of the powerhouse divisions in the NFL having won eight total Super Bowls. The Miami Dolphins are responsible for the first two in the division that came back in the 70s. The New England Patriots are responsible for the remaining six that all came after the year 2000. Just to put into perspective of how profitable the Patriots Super Bowl odds have been since then, if you would have bet $100 on them to win the Super Bowl every season since 2000, you would be up $8,350.

Past AFC East Super Bowl Winners

Year Team Odds
2018 New England Patriots +600
2016 New England Patriots +600
2014 New England Patriots +650
2004 New England Patriots +600
2003 New England Patriots +1500
2001 New England Patriots +6000
1974 Miami Dolphins n/a
1973 Miami Dolphins +300

AFC East Teams To Make The Wild Card

Over the last 19 seasons, an AFC East team has played in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs eight times however, of those eight times, six of them have not made it out of the Wild Card Round. The only team in the AFC East to make it beyond the Wild Card Round after going in as a Wild Card team are the New York Jets as they went to two straight AFC Championship games in 2009 and 2010.

Year Team Odds
2021: New England Patriots +115
2019: Buffalo Bills +400
2017: Buffalo Bills +700
2016: Miami Dolphins +315
2010: New York Jets -130
2009: New York Jets +250
2006: New York Jets n/a
2004: New York Jets n/a