Cam Akers - Josh Jacobs

3 Week 14 TNF Props: LV Raiders Vs. LA Rams

The Las Vegas Raiders have +110 odds to cover a 7-point alternate line. Josh Jacobs has +125 odds to hit over 100 rushing yards. There are +140 odds for Cam Akers to score a touchdown. LOS ANGELES – The Las Vegas Raiders are on the road to take on the Los Angeles Rams in Week … Read more

Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers

Alternate Line, Quarter Betting: Atlanta Falcons Vs. Carolina Panthers

There are +110 odds for the Falcons to cover -3 points in the first half over the Carolina Panthers. The Falcons have +350 odds to lead by 1-6 points in the first quarter. The Panthers have +100 odds on the fourth quarter moneyline. CHARLOTTE – The Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers will meet on Thursday … Read more

Jalen Hurts, Miles Sanders, Dameon Pierce

TNF Rushing Props: Hurts, Sanders, Pierce

Jalen Hurts rushing yard total is set at 41.5 yards. Miles Sanders has -115 odds to go over 80.5 rushing yards. Dameon Pierce has -112 odds to stay under 63.5 rushing yards. HOUSTON – Week 9 of the NFL season kicks off with a lopsided Thursday Night Football matchup between the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles and … Read more

DJ Moore

NFL Week 8 Bad Beats

The Carolina Panthers had +165 odds to win in Week 8 but missed a field goal to win. Tom Brady’s passing yard total was set at 324.5 on Thursday Night Football. Lamar Jackson had an alternate rushing yard total of 45 yards and two kneels cashed the under. LAS VEGAS – Highlighting the bad beats … Read more

Antonio Gibson, Cole Kmet, Darnell Mooney

3 Best Anytime TD Odds for Week 6 TNF

Antonio Gibson has +260 odds to score a touchdown in Week 6. Cole Kmet is listed with +390 touchdown odds. There are +300 odds for Darnell Mooney to score a touchdown. CHICAGO – Week 6 of the NFL season kicks off with a Thursday Night Football matchup between the Chicago Bears and Washington Commanders in … Read more

Cleveland Browns Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Week 3 Thursday Night Football Trends: Cleveland Browns Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Cleveland Browns are favored to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers at -210 odds. There is a 4.5-point spread on the game. The Steelers have won three of the last five meetings. CLEVELAND – An AFC North divisional matchup between the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers will kick off Week 3 on Thursday Night Football where … Read more

Colts - Jets

Colts Listed As 10.5-Point Favorites Over Jets On TNF

The Indianapolis Colts have -535 odds to beat the Jets on TNF. The Colts are listed as 10.5-point favorites. The total points for the game is set at 46 points. INDIANAPOLIS – Kicking off Week 9 of the NFL season will be a Thursday Night Football matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the New York … Read more


Betting On The Colts Margin Of Victory For TNF

The Indianapolis Colts are 10.5-point favorites over the New York Jets. The Colts have +375 odds to win by 1-6 points. There are +400 odds on the Colts winning by 7-12 points. INDIANAPOLIS – The Indianapolis Colts are set to take on the New York Jets to kick off Week 9 on Thursday Night Football. … Read more