Betting On Super Bowl LVIII With Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin Sportsbooks

Betting on Super Bowl LVIII with Litecoin is extremely easy. This ease comes from the fact that the vast majority of the top online sports betting websites have adopted the token, which means that you can access sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline feature Litecoin usage.

The best Litecoin Super Bowl 58 betting sites are defined by their volume of Super Bowl odds, and their ability to accept Litecoin. In addition, some of them offer better bonuses for using Litecoin than others. There are no fees to use Litecoin at sportsbooks with Super Bowl odds.

Best Sites for Betting on the Super Bowl with Litecoin
Bovada Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $250
BetOnline Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $1,000
MyBookie Sportsbook
  • 250%
  • up to
  • $1,000
Xbet Sportsbook
  • 100%
  • up to
  • $300
Sportsbetting Sportsbook
  • 50%
  • up to
  • $1,000

Bovada Sportsbook

  • Safety + Security:  
  • Reliability:  
  • Customer Service:  
  • Payout Times:  
  • Bonuses:  


Most Popular Super Bowl LVIII Sportsbook

Bovada is arguably the most popular sportsbook in the world, with Google searches for Bovada far outstripping Google searches for FanDuel and DraftKings. Super Bowl betting at Bovada is already a common topic, and the addition of Litecoin to the mix doesn’t change much, as they offer excellent bonuses and incentives to use it. Bovada is one of the best Super Bowl sportsbook in the world. With early odds posting, live odds on every play of the game, and even odds on the Puppy Bowl, it’s hard to do better than Bovada for SB LVIII.

  • Safety + Security:  
  • Reliability:  
  • Customer Service:  
  • Payout Times:  
  • Bonuses:  


35% Crypto Reload Is Top Tier

BetOnline features a wide range of crypto options, and thus is an obvious candidate for Litecoin acceptance. As a very crypto-focused sportsbook, it’s not surprising to see BetOnline focusing on Litecoin, as Litecoin is one of the five most used cryptocurrencies in the sports betting world. BetOnline offers a 35% bonus on every reload of your account when you use Litecoin, and a 100% matching bonus on your first Litecoin deposit.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

  • Safety + Security:
  • Reliability:
  • Customer Service:
  • Payout Times:
  • Bonuses:


100% Matching Deposit Bonus For Litecoin

SportsBetting has been in business for 25 years, and was an early adopter of cryptocurrency. This early adopter status led to SportsBetting attempting to be on the cutting edge of crypto, and that led to them offering great bonuses for anyone using crypto, which you can still benefit from today. SportsBetting offers a 100% matching bonus if you sign up and make your first deposit with cryptocurrency, which compares to a 50% bonus if you don't use crypto. Reloads are similar – 35% for using crypto, 25% for not using crypto. The math is clear.

How To Pick The Right Super Bowl Sportsbook Accepting LTC

Picking a sportsbook that takes LTC is easy, but picking the right sportsbook that accepts LTC is a little bit harder. Here are some of the categories we look at when we look for the best LTC sportsbooks for Super Bowl LVIII.

  • How good are the bonuses at the sportsbook?
  • What level of rollover do the LTC bonuses have?
  • How swiftly are Super Bowl odds posted?
  • How many ways to bet on the Super Bowl are there?
  • Do they have live betting and mobile betting on the Super Bowl?
  • Do they take advantage of LTC’s speed to offer fast deposits and withdrawals?

Making A Litecoin Deposit To Bet On The Super Bowl

Litecoin deposits take three general steps. Step one is purchasing Litecoin and storing it in your wallet. Step two is depositing the Litecoin from your wallet and into a sportsbook. Step three is accepting any SB58 betting deposit bonuses you want to apply to your Litecoin deposit.

Buying Litecoin

Purchasing Litecoin is done via crypto exchanges, which are found all over the internet. Examples include FTX and You will want to set up a wallet that can be used as the destination for your crypto purchases. Wallets include hardware wallets and software wallets. You purchase Litecoin at an exchange. You send the Litecoin to your wallet. It’s as simple as that.

Depositing Litecoin

Litecoin 2024 Super Bowl sportsbook deposits are done via a similar mechanism. You go to the sportsbook, you click deposit, you select Litecoin as your deposit option, and then you enter your wallet address and how much you want to deposit.

Litecoin Sportsbook Comparison

Sportsbook Min Dep Max Dep How Long?
Bovada $10 $5,000 Up to 1 hour
BetOnline $20 $100,000 Up to 2 hours
MyBookie $20 $100,00 Up to 2 hours
Xbet $20 varies Up to 2 hours
SportsBetting $20 $500,000 2 hours

Litecoin Sportsbook Bonus Comparison

Sportsbook Bonus Comparison
Bovada Litecoin Welcome Bonus Giving Up To $750
BetOnline Crypto Reload Bonus Giving Up To $350
SportsBetting 1st Time Crypto Bonus Giving Up To $1000

Withdrawing Super Bowl Winnings

Super Bowl winnings withdrawals are easily done in Litecoin, which allows bettors to get their money as fast as possible Note that the times on the chart below are the longest possible times – most Litecoin withdrawals are processed in seconds, no mater how large.

Litecoin Withdrawal Comparison

Sportsbook Min Withdrawal Max Withdrawal Fees Time
Bovada $10 No Limit 0% 24 Hours
BetOnline $20 $100,000 0% 48 Hours
SportsBetting $20.00 $100,000 0% 48 Hours

Other Cryptos That Super Bowl Betting Sites Accept

Cryptocurrencies were widely adopted after the crypto explosion of 2020, and some Super Bowl LVIII betting sites had even been in the crypto business for longer. That said, there are a few major cryptos that are accepted at more sportsbooks than others, and they’re worth keeping track of.

Top Five Cryptocurrencies For Sports Betting

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Tether