Where’s The Money: Public Betting Info For 2021 NFL Week 2

  • Multiple games are seeing 90%+ of the handle and bets placed.
  • A handful of teams are seeing a low percent of the bets, but a high percentage of the handle.

LAS VEGAS - Most people have their own way to break down public betting information and its impact on their own decision. Regardless, it’s good information to know before placing bets of your own.

Las Vegas Raiders Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are receiving just 42% of the bets on the moneyline but have 73% of the handle.

Steelers vs Raiders Moneyline Odds

  • Pittsburgh Steelers -270
  • Las Vegas Raiders +220

This could be indicative of sharp action. If the price is too expensive, it could be a good parlay piece.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are receiving just 24% of the moneyline bets, but NFL betting sites are seeing 43% of the handle on the Bears.

Bears vs Bengals Moneyline Odds

  • Chicago Bears -130
  • Cincinnati Bengals +110

Houston Texans Vs. Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are historically large favorites against the Houston Texans this week.

With that, the public is fading the Browns.

Browns vs Texans Spread Odds

  • Cleveland Browns -13 -110
  • Houston Texans +13 -110

Houston is getting 59% of the bets on the spread as well as 58% of the handle. Houston is also getting 65% of the bets on the moneyline.

Los Angeles Rams Vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Los Angeles Rams are seeing a lot of backing from the public against the Indianapolis Colts.

Rams vs Colts Spread Odds

  • Los Angeles Rams -3.5 -110
  • Indianapolis Colts +3.5 -110

Los Angeles is seeing 85% of the bets as well as 84% of the money. Is this a good time to fade the public?

Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins

The sports betting sites are seeing similar action on the Buffalo Bills as the Rams with 83% of the bets and 84% of the handle on the spread.

Bills vs Dolphins Spread Odds

  • Buffalo Bills -3.5 -115
  • Miami Dolphins +3.5 -105

New England Patriots Vs. New York Jets

The New England Patriots are one of the most publicly backed teams this week with 90% of the money and 89% of the bets on the spread against the New York Jets.

Patriots vs Jets Spread Odds

  • New England Patriots -6 -110
  • New York Jets +6 -110

San Francisco 49ers Vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are seeing a ton of action on the moneyline despite being a moderate underdog.

49ers vs Eagles Moneyline Odds

  • San Francisco 49ers -150
  • Philadelphia Eagles +130

Philly has 90% of the handle on 77% of the moneyline bets as underdogs.

New Orleans Saints Vs. Carolina Panthers

The Under is seeing just 17% of the bets but is holding 52% of the money as a heavy indication of sharp action.

Saints vs Panthers Total Odds

  • Over 44.5 -110
  • Under 44.5 -110

Denver Broncos Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Denver Broncos are seeing lots of love this week as they play the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Broncos vs Jaguars Spread Odds

  • Denver Broncos -5.5 -110
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +5.5 -110

Denver has 93% of the handle on 88% of the bets.

Minnesota Vikings Vs. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are seeing 92% of the bets on the spread and 85% of the money after their impressive Week 1 performance.

Cardinals vs Vikings Spread Odds

  • Arizona Cardinals -3.5 -115
  • Minnesota Vikings +3.5 -105

Atlanta Falcons Vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are thought to be a near-lock to win as they are seeing 95% of the handle on the moneyline despite getting just 59% of the bets.

Buccaneers vs Falcons Moneyline Odds

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers -750
  • Atlanta Falcons +500

Dallas Cowboys Vs. Los Angeles Chargers

The Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Chargers game has the highest total of the week but is still seeing a lot of action on the Over.

Cowboys vs Chargers Total Odds

  • Over 55.5 -110
  • Under 55.5 -110

The Over currently has 93% of the handle and 87% of the bets.

Tennessee Titans Vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are getting just 43% of the moneyline bets but hold 86% of the handle against the Tennessee Titans.

Titans vs Seahawks Moneyline Odds

  • Seattle Seahawks -280
  • Tennessee Titans +230

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Kansas City Chiefs are the most publicly backed team in the NFL on the spread for Week 2.

Chiefs vs Ravens Spread Odds

  • Kansas City Chiefs -3.5 -110
  • Baltimore Ravens +3.5 -110

Kansas City has 95% of the handle on 92% of the bets despite being on the road.

Detroit Lions Vs. Green Bay Packers

The Over in the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions is the public’s favorite bet for the game.

Lions vs Packers Total Odds

  • Over 48.5 -110
  • Under 48.5 -110

The Over is getting 82% of the bets and 86% of the money for the Monday Night Football game.

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