Where NFL Futures Sit Before 2021 NFL Divisional Round

  • The Green Bay Packers have +130 odds to win the NFC Championship.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs have -130 odds to win the AFC Championship.
  • The Super Bowl odds are led by the Chiefs at +200.

LAS VEGAS - The Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs is set to start out on Saturday, which will pit the LA Rams against the Green Bay Packers and the Buffalo Bills against the Baltimore Ravens.

Then, on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Cleveland Browns and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers battle the New Orleans Saints.

With these high profile matchups on the way, it’s a good idea to check out the futures odds for each conference, and for the NFL as a whole.

Odds To Win NFC Championship

  • Green Bay Packers +130
  • New Orleans Saints +225
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +300
  • Los Angeles Rams +800

The Green Bay Packers are the favorites to win the NFC Championship, with +130 odds. It makes sense, then, that their opponents tomorrow have the lowest odds of all NFC teams remaining - they have to go through Green Bay.

Intriguingly, the New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have fairly equivalent odds, despite the Saints dominating the Bucs in the regular season.

It turns out that it’s very hard to bet against Tom Brady in the playoffs.

If one thinks the Packers are going to win against the Rams, they will likely be favored against whoever comes out of the Saints/Bucs game. Given that, taking them now at +130 would be better than taking them after the game at somewhere in the "outright NFC favorite" range.

Odds To Win AFC Championship

  • Kansas City Chiefs -130
  • Buffalo Bills +300
  • Baltimore Ravens +350
  • Cleveland Browns +1400

Speaking of odds that are already in the - range, the Kansas City Chiefs are the favorites to win the AFC Championship at -130.

The same dynamic as the NFC odds is playing out here, but slightly more exaggerated, as the Chiefs are perceived as better than the Packers. The top team has prohibitive odds, while their opponent sits at the bottom of the AFC odds rankings. Meanwhile, the two teams in the other game split the middle odds.

In this case, there’s a lot of value for correctly picking the winner of the Buffalo/Baltimore game, as the Chiefs are already in the - range in terms of odds.

Odds To Win Super Bowl LV

  • Kansas City Chiefs +200
  • Green Bay Packers +400
  • Buffalo Bills +500
  • New Orleans Saints +550
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +650
  • Baltimore Ravens +700
  • Los Angeles Rams +2000
  • Cleveland Browns +2500

The Chiefs are major favorites to win the Super Bowl outright, although they are not odds on favorites yet.

This means that there’s still time to get in on them if one thinks that they’ll end up getting to the big game. Odds of +200 aren't spectacular, but it’s certainly better than whatever odds they’ll end up getting in a few weeks, as if they make it to the game, they will likely be favored.

The Chiefs have looked a bit questionable this season despite their record, going cold for inexplicably long periods of time, but the sportsbooks never lost faith in them.

Super Bowl betting enthusiasts will have to figure out if the Chiefs simply weren’t taking the regular season seriously, or if the weaknesses they displayed are something that they cannot fix.

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