Super Bowl 55 Ticket Prices Now Starting at $5K

  • Super Bowl 55 will be played in Tampa, Florida on February 7.
  • Raymond James Stadium is reported to fill up to 20% capacity for the Super Bowl.
  • The current lowest prices for the Super Bowl start at $5,000 and go up to $20,000.

TAMPA, Fla. – In what will be the most exclusive Super Bowl in history, ticket prices are reflecting the one-of-a-kind game.

Super Bowl ticket prices are starting as low as $5,025 on places like SeatGeek and go as high as $23,125 for sideline seats. Those that want the upper-level suites at Raymond James Stadium will have to dish out $453K per ticket.

However, if ticket prices alone aren’t enough for people to be unable to go to the game, COVID-19 is also playing a huge factor as to how many people and who will get to go to the Super Bowl.

Who Can Go To The Super Bowl

While there are still several NFL Playoff games that need to occur to determine which teams play for the Super Bowl, the viewers for the game are already being determined.

The NFL is reporting that only 20% of the stadium is planned to be filled for the biggest single sporting event of the year.

Tampa’s Mayor Jane Castor has already voiced her opinion on the crowd she’d like to see there.

“I would love if they filled the entire stadium up with medical personnel who have had both their vaccines,” said Castor. “That would be absolutely wonderful to give them the opportunity to watch the Super Bowl.”

NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell has also echoed similar sentiments.

“We currently are discussing with public health officials our desire to invite vaccinated health care workers to the Super Bowl as our guests,” wrote Goodell in a letter to Rob Higgins, the executive director of the Super Bowl 55 Host Committee. “We know that over the past year, these frontline workers have put their own lives at risk to the benefit of society, and we owe them our ongoing gratitude.”

They might be able to avoid the ticket price if they are invited as guests. However, that would also limit the number of people that can go. There are certain fans that won’t be able to avoid the massive ticket price, including Tom Henschel, Gregory Eaton, and Don Crisman who are part of the Never Miss A Super Bowl Club.

The NFL had traditionally sent them tickets to the Super Bowl at face-value, but due to the circumstances facing this year’s Super Bowl, they will have to buy the tickets for the price everyone else has to pay.

The ticket prices can still climb upwards the closer the Super Bowl gets to starting. However, those that plan on betting on the Super Bowl can at least do so now and get some of the best odds possible.

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