Top 3 Last-Minute Bets For Super Bowl 55

  • The Super Bowl 55 spread has shrunk from 3.5 points in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs to 3.0 points.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs are favored at -155 odds to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers straight up.
  • Tyreek Hill has +500 odds to be the first touchdown scorer in Super Bowl 55.

TAMPA, Fla. – With only hours left until kickoff, sports bettors are now placing their last-minute Super Bowl 55 bets. But, with such an overwhelming amount of betting lines, finding the best SB 55 betting lines can be challenging.

The Super Bowl 55 odds currently favor the Kanas City Chiefs at -155 odds on the moneyline and -3 points on the spread. Earlier in the week, the Chiefs were at -165 odds on the moneyline and -3.5 points on the spread suggesting that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are getting a heavy amount of action.

But, while these odds have shifted since the announcement of the matchup, other Super Bowl betting lines haven’t which means their odds are still just as profitable now as they were two weeks ago.

First Touchdown Scorer

Odds for the First Touchdown scorer have plus odds across the board, but the pool of potential players is huge. However, if this game goes anything like how the Bucs-Chiefs Week 12 matchup went, bettors can count on Tyreek Hill for a solid payday.

Tyreek Hill is currently sitting at +500 odds to be the first overall touchdown scorer in SB55. He also has +350 to be the first Touchdown scorer for the Chiefs.

When the Chiefs played the Bucs in Tampa back in November, Hill finished the first quarter with the first two touchdowns of the game. He also finished the quarter with over 200 yards.

What might hold bettors back is the fact that Hill hasn’t scored a touchdown in the two playoff games the Chiefs have played this season. However, Hill has gotten 10 or more receptions for both games and has amassed more than 100 yards receiving in both matches so he has been active.

The Chiefs will likely turn to their stars for the Super Bowl, which means Hill could be the first scorer.

Exact Number of Touchdowns For Tampa Bay

With the Chiefs being as explosive as they are on offense, the Bucs will have to put touchdowns and not field goals on the scoreboard.

That hasn’t been a problem for Tampa all season as they have averaged 3.6 touchdowns per game this season and 3.3 touchdowns in their last three games.

Super Bowl betting sites, range in their odds for this exact betting line but sites like Bovada have Tampa Bay’s odds set at +275 for three touchdowns scored and +350 for four touchdowns scored in the game.

The Bucs scored three touchdowns in their first two playoff games and are coming off of a four-touchdown performance in the NFC Championship. Either one of those bets could hit if the Bucs keep rolling like they are, but taking the odds for four TD’s might be the best last-minute SB 55 bet.

Will There Be Offsetting Penalties

Folks who have bet on the Super Bowl in the past know that some of the best odds come from events outside of the control of both teams.

One of the other teams on the field that bettors need to keep an eye on is the officiating crew.

The refs have been told before the playoffs began to not be so quick to blow the whistle. This has led to some controversial no-holding calls and helmet-to-helmet missed calls. But, with the stakes being so high in the Super Bowl, it’s doubtful that the refs will let any call slip by them.

The odds for offsetting penalties favor “No” at -180 odds but “Yes” has some lucrative +135 odds.

When looking at the teams, the Bucs rank sixth in the league in terms of penalties per game while the Chiefs rank 28th in the league. The Chiefs play relatively clean compared to their opponent which limits the possibility of both teams getting called on the same play.

But, the emotions of playing in the Super Bowl could surely affect both teams and cause them to make mistakes.

Super Bowl 55 begins at 6:30 p.m. EST and will be broadcasted by CBS. These Super Bowl LV odds will be up until Kickoff.

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