AFC East Exact Top 2 Order of Bills, Jets is +275 at Bovada

  • An exact order bet of the AFC East division has +275 odds for the Buffalo Bills to win and the New York Jets to finish second.
  • Betting on the Bills and Jets to finish in the top two with no specified order has +140 odds at Bovada Sportsbook.
  • Predicting the AFC East to finish in order of Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, and New England Patriots has +400 odds.

NEW YORK – New NFL divisional exact order bets at Bovada Sportsbook have odds available for the exact finishing order of the AFC East. The most likely outcome is the Buffalo Bills to finish first and the New York Jets to finish second with +275 odds.

AFC East Exact Top 2 Odds

  • 1st BUF Bills / 2nd NY Jets +275
  • 1st BUF Bills / 2nd MIA Dolphins +350
  • 1st NY Jets / 2nd BUF Bills +425
  • 1st MIA Dolphins / 2nd BUF Bills +550
  • 1st NY Jets / 2nd MIA Dolphins +950
  • 1st MIA Dolphins / 2nd NY Jets +950

The New England Patriots are the odd man out in a division led by the Buffalo Bills, New York Jets, and Miami Dolphins. In terms of betting on the Super Bowl, the Patriots easily have the longest odds in the division at +4800 with the other three holding +2000 or shorter odds to win Super Bowl 58.

Any of the top two division finish bets at Bovada Sportsbook that include the New England Patriots have +1000 or longer odds, making them too long to be worth a bet. The best exact top two bet is for the Buffalo Bills to win a fourth straight AFC East title with the revamped New York Jets finishing second at +275 odds.

For bettors that are high on the New York Jets, a safer bet would be the top two divisional finishers without an exact order.

AFC East Top 2 Divisional Finishers

The combination of the Bills and Jets is slightly more likely than the Bills with the Miami Dolphins at +185. The Miami Dolphins added Jalen Ramsey in the offseason and could make noise in the AFC East if Tua Tagovailoa can stay healthy.

AFC East Top 2 Odds

  • BUF Bills / NY Jets +140
  • BUF Bills / MIA Dolphins +185
  • MIA Dolphins / NY Jets +450
  • BUF Bills / NE Patriots +650
  • NE Patriots / NY Jets +1500
  • MIA Dolphins / NE Patriots +1800

NFL sportsbooks find the New York Jets offseason addition of Aaron Rodgers to be far more influencing of their AFC East odds. The Jets finished last in the 2022 AFC East standings but have the next-shortest odds behind the Buffalo Bills in 2023.

AFC East Exact Order

An AFC East exact order bet of Bills, Jets, Dolphins, Patriots has +400 odds. The Buffalo Bills (+120) are favored in the AFC East Division odds with second, third, and fourth place finishing in order of their Super Bowl 58 betting odds.

Based on divisional odds, the Buffalo Bills are likely to finish first and the Patriots to finish last. The discrepancy is in the middle, where the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets share similar odds to win the AFC East.

An alternate exact order bet of Bills, Dolphins, Jets, Patriots has +450 odds.

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