Overreaction Monday Divisional Round: Rodgers, Brady, Kupp

  • Aaron Rodgers has an 11-10 postseason record after putting up just 10 points against the San Francisco 49ers.
  • Could Tom Brady have finally played the final game of his career?
  • Cooper Kupp could very well have the greatest WR season of all time in 2021-2022.

GREEN BAY, Wis. - With all four divisional games coming down to the final play, a lot of these overreactions could have been different if things went another way.

Aaron Rodgers The Most Overrated QB Of All Time?

Aaron Rodgers finishes another season without a postseason win despite having the No. 1 seed in the NFC. Many consider him to be either the best or most talented quarterback of all time, but he’s simply been unable to succeed when it matters most.

Those betting on the NFL should note that Rodgers has just an 11-10 record in his career in the postseason. Not only does his team lose, but his performance drops in the playoffs as well. Rodgers has a lower completion percentage, higher interception percentage, lower passer rating, lower touchdown percentage and a significantly worse TD/INT ratio.

People will claim Rodgers gets costed by his poor defense, but he only put up 10 points against the San Francisco 49ers. Plus, that’s proven to be a trend as his team averages just 19.8 points per game over their last seven postseason losses.

Has Tom Brady Played His Final Game?

While Rodgers may be considered more talented, virtually everybody considers Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all time. However, he’s reportedly considering retiring after his most recent loss. However, if Brady is a man of his word, he’ll be back.

Brady led his team to a 13-4 record which was tied for the best record in the league. Plus, he had arguably the most impressive season as he led the NFL in passing yards and passing touchdowns.

Per his words, he can still play at an elite level and can lead his team to wins so he should be back for another year.

Cooper Kupp Greatest WR Season Ever?

Of course, those who have bet on the NFL have likely taken notice of just how good Cooper Kupp has been this season. He led the NFL in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. But it was good from a historical standpoint as well as relative to his peers.

His 145 catches were second-most all-time in a single season, the 1,947 receiving yards were the second-most all-time, and his 16 touchdowns were the 15th-most all-time. Kupp’s 183 yards in the divisional round marked the 12th 100+ yard game of the season. If it’s not the best season a receiver has ever had, it’s just barely below.

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