Odds For How Long The Super Bowl 55 National Anthem Will Be

  • Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church will sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl 55.
  • Bovada has the total set at 1 minute 59 seconds with the Under favored at -135 odds.
  • BetOnline has the total set at two minutes even with standard -120 odds for the Over and Under.

TAMPA, Fla. - One of the most famous Super Bowl prop bets for bettors to take advantage of is how long the rendition of the National Anthem will be.

This time around, the National Anthem will have two performers. Singers Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church were given the honors of singing the Star-Spangled Banner.

With the National Anthem singers now set in place, different NFL sportsbooks have set the totals for how long it will take them to sing the song. Bovada has the total set at one minute and 59 seconds while BetOnline has it set at two minutes even.


How Long Will The National Anthem Be?

  • Over 1 Minute 59 Seconds -105
  • Under 1 Minute 59 Seconds -135


How Long Will The National Anthem Be?

  • Over 2 Minutes -120
  • Under 2 Minutes -120

Breaking down the past National Anthem performances by both Sullivan and Church may aid in choosing how to bet this time. However, this is the first time that either has collaborated on the singing of the anthem.

Looking at Jazmine Sullivan’s past performances, in the two times that she did it, both of them stayed under the totals set for them. Her first go-around was in 2016 at the NHL Stadium Series where she clocked it at 1 minute and 39 seconds which is the second shortest time after Kelly Clarkson’s performance at Super Bowl XLVI.

Something to take note of from this performance was that this rendition was done outside in 35-degree weather. So, it could be that Sullivan was trying to get inside as soon as possible before freezing while singing.

Her second performance saw eight seconds added to it for a clock time of 1 minute and 47 seconds which was performed indoors this time at a Philadelphia 76ers game.

As for Eric Church, there is no previous time or record of him singing the National Anthem before. However, being that this will be a two-person performance, bettors could see this as an opportunity to bet the Over being that both performers will want to make sure their voices are heard.

The last time there were two performers for the National Anthem at the Super Bowl was back in 2006 when Aaron Neville and Aretha Franklin did it and clocked the time at 2 minutes and 6 seconds which would hit the Over on both Bovada and BetOnline.

Line Shopping National Anthem Odds

When looking to bet on the National Anthem, it would only make sense to bet on it where the most money can be made.

Both Bovada and BetOnline’s total for the time are separated by just one second, but their odds differ. BetOnline is offering standard lines while Bovada actually has the Under favored.

With that being said, those bettors looking to bet the Over can find that more money can be made on Bovada rather than BetOnline. However, looking to bet on the Under can be more profitable on BetOnline with the standard lines rather than Bovada as they are more expensive.

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