How Quick Will The First Score In Super Bowl 55 Come?

  • A Score in the first 1:30 of Super Bowl LV comes with +900 odds.

TAMPA, Fla. — The Super Bowl LV matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers features two of the most potent offenses in the NFL.

There is a plethora of talent on both the Chiefs and Buccaneers offenses, as it can only take one play to change the fortunes of many bettors.

In Super Bowl 55 all eyes will be on the quarterback matchup between Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady to create the perfect ingredients for a Super Bowl shootout that could feature some quick scores in the opening quarter.

Those looking to place wagers on Super Bowl LV without having to bet on which team will win the game, will like these props over at BetOnline. Each of these props features intriguing odds for early scores in the game up to the 3 minute and 30-second mark of the opening quarter.

A Score In The First 1:30 Of The Game

  • No -1800
  • Yes +900

Winner: No (-1800). A score in the first minute and a half of Super Bowl LV could happen although it’s very unlikely.

Unless the opening kickoff is returned or a big play happens in the first couple of plays taken the -1800 odds that there’s no score in the first minute of the game. If thinking about rolling the dice on the +900 odds the hope should be that the Chiefs get the ball first as that would be the best-case scenario for this prop.

A Score In The First 2:30 Of The Game

  • No -900
  • Yes +550

Winner: No (-900). This prop gives bettors a little bit more wiggle in trying to figure out when the first score will happen in Super Bowl LV.

A score happening in the first two minutes and thirty-seconds is possible, especially when considering the speed and big-play abilities of wide receivers Mike Evans, Tyreek Hill, Mecole Hardman, and Scotty Miller.

The passing game for both teams will be the driving factor into how many points get put on the board quickly.

A Score In The First 3:30 Of The Game

  • No -400
  • Yes +300

Winner: Yes (+300). If not wanting to place a small wager on the other two props or to avoid having to place a bet on all three, this is the best bet of the three props individually.

The +300 odds for there to be a score in the first fifth of the Super Bowl are well worth the risk as even a successful field goal early would make this prop a winner before the first quarter of the game has concluded.

Super Bowl LV is set to kickoff at 6:30 p.m. EST and will be broadcasted by CBS.

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