Could Travis Kelce Find Himself In The Super Bowl LV MVP Conversation?

  • A quarterback is favored to win the Super Bowl MVP with -350 odds.
  • A wide receiver has +350 odds to win the MVP.
  • A tight end has +800 odds to win the Super Bowl MVP.

TAMPA, Fla. - The Super Bowl marks arguably the biggest sports betting event of the year as there are plenty of odds within the game to take advantage of. One of the most important set of odds for the Super Bowl is who will win the MVP.

Well before Super Bowl, NFL sportsbooks have the quarterback position favored to win the Super Bowl MVP but which position will win the Super Bowl MVP

Super Bowl MVP – Winning Position

  • QB -350
  • WR +350
  • TE +800
  • RB +900
  • Defensive PLayer +1000
  • K +6600

It should not be surprising that the odds to win the Super Bowl MVP are heavily favoring a quarterback to win being that Patrick Mahomes is currently the heavy favorite to win the award over the rest of the players.

There is certainly money to be made here betting on the quarterback position to win the Super Bowl MVP as Tom Brady follows Mahomes with the second shortest odds.

However, more money can potentially be made here betting on another position to win the award. The position that bettors should be flocking to bet on is the tight end position and that is because of Travis Kelce.

Kelce could go down as arguably the best tight end in the history of the NFL, especially after having his best season as a pro going for 1,416 yards, 11 touchdowns on 105 receptions which are all career highs.

With that being said, bettors can not only look to bet on the tight end position to win the award but also double down by betting on Travis Kelce to win the MVP of the game as well. What is surprising here, though, is that the tight end position has the third-longest odds to win the award at +800 while Kelce’s odds are the first outside of Mahomes and Brady.

Bettors should also not shy away from the tight end position either as this game is loaded with star position at the wideout position with guys like Tyreek Hill, Chris Godwin and Mike Evans who are all capable of popping off at the Super Bowl.

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