NFL Mock Draft by The Odds: Young Stays Favored to Go First

  • Bryce Young has -6600 odds to be selected first overall.
  • Jalen Carter has -250 odds to be the fifth overall pick.
  • There are +140 odds for Bijan Robinson to be the eighth pick in the NFL Draft

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The NFL Draft is Thursday and there are mock drafts all over the place. Those that continue to make mock drafts though should be looking at where the NFL Draft odds sit to fill them out.

NFL betting sites have odds on each of the first 10 picks in the draft where bettors can bet on which player will be selected at that specific pick. These NFL Draft odds could also justify many decisions on mock drafts on whether or not a player will be in the top-10.

As they currently sit, the top-10 picks according to the 2023 NFL Draft odds are as follows:

# Team ATS Players Odds Of Being Drafted At Pick
1 Carolina Panthers Bryce Young, QB -6600
2 Houston Texans Will Anderson, LB -250
3 Arizona Cardinals CJ Stroud, QB +110
4 Indianapolis Colts Will Levis, QB -105
5 Seattle Seahawks Jalen Carter, DT -210
6 Detroit Lions Devon Witherspoon, DB -170
7 Las Vegas Raiders Christian Gonzalez, CB +290
8 Atlanta Falcons Bijan Robinson, RB +175
9 Chicago Bears Paris Johnson Jr., OT +275
10 Philadelphia Eagles Peter Skoronski, OT +240

There are some things to take away from these odds before making any mock drafts official. The two main ones are that QB, Anthony Richardson, and WR, Jaxon Smith-Njigba are not favored to be selected within the top-10 picks.

In Richardson’s case, this is strange considering he is favored to be the third QB selected in the draft with +150 odds, but there are already three QBs favored to go in the top-10 and none of them are him.

As for Smith-Njigba, he is heavily favored to be the first wide receiver drafted, however, it is expected to come outside of the top-10 being that no receiver is favored on any of the first 10 odds boards.

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