NFL Draft Betting Odds: H2H Draft Props, Preview, Picks

  • Jerry Jeudy is favored to be drafted before CeeDee Lamb.
  • The first ever virtual NFL Draft will be on April 23 and will begin at 8 p.m. EST.
  • Jake Fromm has +105 odds to be drafted before Jalen Hurts.

LAS VEGAS — This year's NFL Draft will be the biggest event in sports simply because the coronavirus pandemic has postponed or canceled all other competing sporting events.

However, the NFL still had to change the format of the annual event that was scheduled to take place in Las Vegas. It will now be held virtually because of federal guidelines attempting to curb the spread of COVID-19.

This year’s draft process has been a challenge for scouts and GM’s alike as pro days, in-person interviews, and team facilities have fallen victim to the global pandemic. This could cause players to be drafted in places that could catch many bettors by surprise.

Teams haven’t been able to thoroughly scout players and this could be the reason some teams reach for players that may not be worthy of an early round selection. For some bettors, this could mean cashing in on the uncertainty of this year’s draft and there is no shortage of draft odds at sportsbooks.

One of the more interesting types of NFL Draft props to be listed at online sportsbooks are those that have draft prospects put up against each other head to head. Many are torn between which of these players will be drafted first, creating potentially profitable betting lines.

Who Will be Drafted First, Lamb or Jeudy?

  • CeeDee Lamb (+125)
  • Jerry Jeudy (-165)

Winner: Jerry Jeudy (-165). Jeudy is arguably the best wideout in this draft, and even so, it’s probably more of a coin toss between these two. The person who will be drafted first and wins this bet could come down to a team’s preference. Jeudy is the best choice for this prop although if a bettor is playing the odds for a profit, taking the +125 odds on Lamb shouldn’t be faded either.

Keep in mind, Jeudy is considered one of the best route runners in this draft and should see no problems creating separation from NFL corners. Either one of these pass catchers will be the first off the draft boards but Jeudy has the best chance at being drafted first especially when the Las Vegas Raiders are on the clock who have a major need at pass catcher.

Who Will Be Drafted First, Fromm or Hurts?

  • Jalen Hurts (-145)
  • Jake Fromm (+105)

Winner: Jalen Hurts (-145). Although much noise has been made about the other quarterbacks in the draft, Hurts and Fromm are both successful college quarterbacks who’ll need to prove to teams that they can develop into Pro Bowl-caliber signal callers. Fromm’s lack of arm strength is one of his biggest concerns for teams considering taking the Georgia Bulldogs product.

As for Hurts, teams want to see improved pocket presence. Fromm and Hurts may not be first-round picks in this draft but bettors should take the -145 odds on Hurts to be drafted first as he’ll likely go in the second or third round of the draft. Expect Fromm to be selected any time after the third round.

Who Will Be Drafted First, Swift or Taylor?

  • D’Andre Swift (-230)
  • Jonathan Taylor (+160)

Winner: Jonathan Taylor (+160). The running back position has been one of the most underappreciated positions in football recently with the analytics movement at the front of the sport. However, both of the running backs in this prop should be gone in the first round and no later than the second round.

Figuring which one will go first between Swift & Taylor however, is a coin toss as this prop will come down to draft order and team preference. Taylor is the faster back and had a bigger workload than Swift in college.

Swift has long been considered the best running back in the draft while also backing that up at the NFL Combine. Take the odds on Taylor to be drafted first as that’s where the profit lies but also both he and Swift will likely be taken in the latter part of the first round.

Taylor should come off the board first as his speed makes him a great complimentary back to a team with a sturdy running back already and with +160 odds the risk is worth the reward for this bet.

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