2020 NFL Combine Prop Bets: Which Running Backs To Back

  • The NFL Combine is February 23rd-March 2nd.
  • D’Andre Swift is projected to be the first running back drafted.
  • Running backs will participate in the Friday, Feb 28 portion of the NFL Combine.

INDIANAPOLISThe 2020 NFL Combine is one of the final places for prospects to showcase their abilities in front of NFL scouts and general managers. The annual combine will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 23-March 2.

The running back position has been the subject of a lot of debate in football circles, but the truth is the position matters and this year’s class is deep with value. Certain teams Super Bowl odds can be carried by their running back’s, similar to Derrick Henry’s incredible performances in the previous NFL Playoffs.

Among the many running backs participating in the combine, three prospects have odds at online sportsbooks for their Best 40 Times being faster or slower than a set time.

Running Back Odds At The Combine

The running backs whose 40 times can be bet on are Jonathan Taylor (WISC) D’Andre Swift (UGA), and J.K. Dobbins (OSU). These are the top three running backs in the draft and expect these three to be off the draft board by the end of the second round.

Jonathan Taylor Best 40 Time

  • Faster than 4.51 seconds (-500)
  • Slower than 4.51 seconds (+300)

Winner: Faster than 4.51 (-500), Jonathan Taylor is a speedster who came into Wisconsin with back-to-back state titles in the 100m dash. Taylor averaged 6.3 yards per carry to go with 2,003 rushing yards and 21 touchdowns in his junior season at Wisconsin. Taylor also showed his abilities as a receiver catching 26 passes for 252 yards and five touchdowns.

He’s the only running back in the draft that has a chance to get drafted before D’Andre Swift. Which is why his odds for this prop are listed at -500. Unless you want to roll the dice on Taylor failing at the combine (+300 odds) it’s best to fade this prop.

D’Andre Swift Best 40 Time

  • Slower than 4.47 seconds (-175)
  • Faster than 4.47 seconds (+135)

Winner: Faster than 4.47 (+135), D’Andre Swift will likely be the first running back taken off the board as his blend of speed and vision project him to be a three-down starter. Swift compiled 1,216 rushing yards along with 24 receptions for 216 yards and one touchdown for the Georgia Bulldogs in 2019. Previous mock drafts have him going to the Miami Dolphins, which would be a major help to their offense.

Take the odds on him having a faster than 4.47 40 time because that’s where the profit lies on this prop. Swift has the speed to run in the 4.42-4.45 range and that should be expected for his best times at the combine.

J.K. Dobbins Best 40 Time

  • Slower than 4.49 seconds (-145)
  • Faster than 4.49 seconds (+105)

Winner: Dobbins slower than 4.49 (-145), Dobbins has had a firm grip on the Ohio State Buckeyes starting running back position for two years and has shown scouts that he is durable enough to be a three-down back in the NFL.

In his last season at Ohio State Dobbins put up 2,003 yards, 21 touchdowns and averaged 6.7 yards per carry. Dobbins is more of a bruising back that can break off yards in big chunks, but he doesn’t have the top-end speed like Jonathan Taylor or D’Andre Swift.

Expect his 40-yard dash time to be slower than 4.49 seconds as Dobbins will likely run in the 4.51-4.54 range.

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