Dolphins Longshot Odds For AFC East Could Turn Major Profit

  • The Buffalo Bills are -5000 favorites to win the AFC East.
  • The Miami Dolphins have +2000 longshot odds to win the AFC East.
  • The Dolphins and Bills face one another in their last game of the season.

MIAMIThe Miami Dolphins have had a resurgence season this year. The team has played their way into playoff contention and stand only two games back for the number one seed in the AFC East.

The Buffalo Bills currently occupy that seat, and sports bettors are taking heavy action that the Bills will win the AFC East this season.

Longshot bettors should note, there is reason to bet on the Miami Dolphins as the remaining schedule could turn into a massive upset win.

Longshot Bettors Dream

While the Phins are only two games behind the Bills, sports bettors are leaning heavily in favor of Buffalo in their last three matchups to retain their lead.

NBA Three Point Winner

  • Buffalo Bills -5000
  • Miami Dolphins +2000

While it may seem like a forgone conclusion for the Bills to claim the division, Miami simply needs to go undefeated and for the Bills to lose two of their next three games, and the Dolphins can have a direct impact on this outcome.

In the next three games, the Dolphins will play the New England Patriots, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Buffalo Bills. The Phins have proven this season, with an 8-5 record and a strong top 20 team defense, that they can beat anyone.

The Phins defense managed to cause MVP favorite Patrick Mahomes to throw the most interceptions he has in a single game this season with three. Additionally, Miami forced a 30-yard sack on Mahomes in the game.

If the Dolphins' defense can continue to play strong, Miami could go undefeated for the remainder of the season. The home now is that one other team could derail the Bills.

The Bills remaining schedule will have them face off against the Denver Broncos, the Patriots, and then Miami.

The Broncos have struggled all season, boasting a 5-8 record to the Bills 10-3. It is unlikely that Denver could pull the upset, especially since they are playing without star rookie Joe Burrow who is out with injury.

The Patriots are the interesting matchup. Like Miami, this is another divisional rivalry so the teams know each other well. Additionally, Bill Belichick is one of the greatest coaches of all time, meaning he may have something up his sleeve for the Bills.

Those who bet on the Super Bowl should note that anything can happen in football. This makes the Miami longshot odds appealing as it could possibly become a major cash grab for lucky bettors.


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