Will The New CBA Be Passed By The NFLPA? Prop Bet Odds

  • There is a prop bet surrounding whether or not the NFLPA will pass the proposed CBA.
  • Oddsmakers believe the CBA will pass, with yes having shortest odds at -320.
  • The new CBA will bring a lot of rule changes, including a 17-game season.

NEW YORK - The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) is voting on a proposed collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that will bring a slew of changes to the NFL season. There is a prop bet surrounding whether or not the CBA will be passed by the players.

The changes include a 17-game season, as well as only allowing a bye-week to the number one seed in the playoffs.

A lot of players are opposed to the CBA in its current iteration, but sports bettors are still siding with the notion that this version of the CBA will be approved, as the NFL will like to get stability in the league before the media deal next year.

New CBA Before Media Deal

Although the current CBA still has a year left, the NFL will try and get the new CBA in effect before then. It is easier for the league to negotiate deals when there will be 11 seasons of uninterrupted football guaranteed.

“If the deal fails to be passed, the league would be negotiating with the possibility that there would be a work stoppage after the 2020 deal if a CBA couldn't get done at the end of the current one,” said NFL reporter Judy Battista. “The fear is that the threat of a work stoppage would mean the NFL could not fully maximize its new media deals.”

Sportsbook’s odds show that sports bettors expect the deal to pass, as Yes has the shortest odds at -320 and No is at +210.

Will NFLPA Pass Proposed CBA:

  • Yes -320
  • No +210

The confidence sports bettors have of the CBA being passed is shared by Eric Winston, president of the NFLPA, as when speaking in an interview with Peter King of NBC Sports, Winston expressed optimism of the deal being done.

“I would think it would pass,” said Winston. “I would think it would pass by a lot. It’s important that we let the process play out, and important that all players understand the issues and vote their conscience.”

We will have to wait and see if these NFL rule changes are approved by the players, for now, sports bettors continue to take action.

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