Odds For Who Will Announce Tom Brady’s Free Agency Decision

  • Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport are favored to break the news on Tom Brady’s free-agency decision.
  • Other notable people on the odds board are Bill Simmons, Julian Edelman, and Tom Brady himself.

BOSTON - With the NFL Free Agency period set to begin on March 18, fans are waiting for the news on where Tom Brady has decided to continue his career. One question that fans might be asking is who will break the news.

NFL online sportsbooks have released odds on who will have the privilege of releasing this highly anticipated news.

Adam Schefter Vs. Ian Rapoport

Both Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport are arguably the top two most popular reporters for the NFL. It would only be fitting that it would be one of them who is going to announce the free agency decision of Tom Brady.

Both of them have been reporting on this situation since it became a big deal and both of them have insider information that fans cannot get access to.

As mentioned before, they are both go-to-guys when it comes to breaking NFL news so fans should not expect anything else. Sportsbooks have Schefters’ odds at releasing the news at +110 while Ian Rapoport is at +130. A bet on either would be a smart bet.

Press Conference

A live press conference would not be out of the question either. Sportsbooks have a live press conference to break the news about Tom Brady’s decision listed at +750. This might sound a little out of the ordinary but is it really? The Patriots star is not known to stir up drama of any sort. He just wants to play football.

If it were to be a press conference, it would not be anything flashy as Brady is not known to be that kind of person. It would not be a whole production like how LeBron James announced he was leaving Cleveland to join the Miami Heat. He is formal and straight to the point player when it comes to answering questions in interviews.

Social Media

Although Brady is not a flashy guy, he is very active on all social media platforms. The odds of Brady making his announcement on Instagram are at +1200 while the odds of him making it on Twitter or Facebook are at +1600.

On his Instagram, he posts more about the Patriots and football so it makes sense that Instagram has higher odds than the other social media platforms. If it were to come through Instagram, it would not be surprising if he made the announcement on Instagram live or on a video post.

His Twitter and Facebook don’t gain as much traction as his Instagram account as he has 7.2 million followers on Instagram and less than a million on Twitter and 4.4 million on Facebook.

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