Sportsbooks Say No To NFL Onside Kick Rule Change

  • The NFL’s competition committee decides if a rule will be changed during the offseason.
  • Proposed by the Philadelphia Eagles, onside kick rules would change to mirror the AAF.
  • Sportsbooks believe that the rule will not be changed, putting “yes” at a high underdog status.

NEW YORK – With the NFL announcing the proposed rule changes on Wednesday, one, in particular, has caught the eyes of online sports betting sites: the onside kick.

As the current rules state that teams wishing to maintain possession of the ball can kick the ball at least 10 yards and recover possession or (bump off a returning team player), the Philadelphia Eagles are hoping to modify the onside kick rules to keep the offense on the field.

The team wishing to keep possession will have a 4th and 15 opportunity to convert a first down on their own 25-yard line. Similar rules occurred in the AAF, as the league only required teams to convert a 12-yard conversion.

As changing the rules on this, oddsmakers seem to think that the NFL will laugh this joke out of possibility.

At BetOnline, the online sports betting site listed “yes” to “will the NFL adopt the alternative onside kick rule” at +325.

The NFL not changing the rules are set at -550, which seems like the favorite for a reason.

However, it is important to note that the NFL just changed its rule in 2018 regarding onside kicks to increase the safety of players. While the NFL has shown previous desires to change the rule, this may come across as too gimmicky.

Still, viewpoints from around the league, fans, and players have seen different mindsets on this rule.

With many rule changes to discuss, the league will announce which proposed NFL rule changes make the cut by the end of the month.

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