Which State Will Be Home To Super Bowl LVI Winner?

  • California has the shorts odds of any listed state at +450,
  • Florida is close behind with betting odds of +500.
  • The “Any Other” option is set at EVEN and includes the Super Bowl favorites.

LAS VEGAS – Football season always brings a wide variety of betting opportunities including prop bets. Now, bettors can wager on which state will be the home of the Super Bowl winner.

California has the shortest odds for a specific state, but the field may be the safest play.

Super Bowl LVI Specials – State of Winning Team

  • California +450
  • Florida +500
  • Maryland/DC +1000
  • New York/New Jersey +1100
  • Ohio +1200
  • Pennsylvania +2800
  • Texas +2500
  • Any Other EVEN

California Gives Three Options

California is home to the Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers and San Francisco 49ers. The Rams and 49ers are both in the top five of shortest odds to win the Super Bowl at +1300 apiece while the Chargers are a bit down on the list with the same odds as the Cowboys and Saints.

NFL bettors may be more inclined to bet separately on these teams as the odds are more rewarding, but with at least two of the three teams having a legit chance to make a run, it justifies betting on California.

Is It Worth Betting Florida?

Florida, like California, has three NFL teams, but probably one has a chance to win the Super Bowl and that’s the reigning champions. The Jacksonville Jaguars can be ruled out, the Miami Dolphins are unlikely to make it out of the division, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a real chance.

Sports betting sites list the Bucs with the second-shortest odds to win this year’s Super Bowl, behind only the Kansas City Chiefs.

As is the case with almost every state on this odds board, simply betting on one team (the Buccaneers) will bring better odds despite barely lowering the chances of the bet cashing.

If Anything, Bet On The Field

The “Any Other” option brings teams like the Chiefs, Packers, Colts and Titans into play. The Chiefs have been Super Bowl favorites since the beginning of the offseason and nothing has changed.

Frankly, even this doesn’t have the same kind of value as betting on the teams in a standalone spot, but it’s surely the safest bet on any listed option.

Considering the Chiefs have the shortest odds to win the Super Bowl at +500, even putting a unit down on a handful of teams will bring a profit back.

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