Shopping Lines On Tennessee Titans Super Bowl, Futures Odds

  • The Tennessee Titans are ranged from +2500 to +2800 to win the Super Bowl across sportsbooks.
  • The odds for the Titans to win the AFC Championship are between +1200 and +1400.
  • They are also either +110 or +115 to win the AFC South depending on the oddsmaker.

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Titans will be one of the more intriguing teams entering the NFL season.

Over the last two years, the Titans have made the AFC Championship game and tallied an 11-5 record on the back of the reigning Offensive Player of the Year, Derrick Henry.

Plus, the team added Julio Jones.

Shopping Super Bowl Odds

Given the Titans’ recent success, it’s fair for anyone betting on the NFL to put the team near the top of the shortlist of Super Bowl contenders. However, sportsbooks don’t see the Titans as a legit threat, leaving plenty of value on the table in their Super Bowl futures odds.

Tennessee Titans Super Bowl Odds

  • Bovada +2800
  • BetOnline +2500
  • MyBookie +2500

BetOnline and MyBookie both have set the same odds for the Titans to win the Super Bowl, but Bovada has slightly more generous odds which NFL bettors should take advantage of.

Conference Championship Odds

To those who believe the Titans can make a run, but not necessarily finish the job, it may be better to use the AFC Championship odds instead. There’s still great value on the board in this spot.

Tennessee Titans AFC Championship Odds

  • Bovada +1400
  • BetOnline +1200
  • MyBookie +1200

Maybe unsurprisingly, it’s very similar to the Titans Super Bowl odds in that Bovada is offering slightly more favorable odds to the bettor.

Even if one thinks it’s unlikely, there’s little justification for the Patriots to have shorter odds than the Titans to reach the Super Bowl, which both MyBookie and BetOnline have.

AFC South Division Winner Odds

At the very least, the Titans should be in a good spot to compete for a division title. Since the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars are projected to be amongst the worst teams in the NFL, the only real competition in the AFC South is the Indianapolis Colts.

Tennessee Titans AFC South Odds

  • Bovada +115
  • BetOnline +110
  • MyBookie +110

The story remains the same, if anyone is interested in betting on the Titans, head over to Bovada to get the best odds.

Both BetOnline and MyBookie list the Colts and Titans with equal odds to win the division while Bovada is the only sportsbook to have the Colts as a standalone favorite.

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