The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: Betting On TB12 To Win Super Bowl 55

  • Tom Brady and the New England Patriots seem to be ready to part ways.
  • Before oddsmakers adjust futures betting odds, bettors can predict Brady's location.
  • Doing so will help a bettor collect more in return than after the lines move.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – With the rumors surrounding Tom Brady being the focal point of the NFL offseason, the uncertainty is giving sports bettors a perfect moment to take advantage of the unknown.

Brady has time on his side regarding his upcoming decision but online betting sites are still offering futures odds on who will win Super Bowl 55.

Rumors suggest that Brady is likely to sign with the Indianapolis Colts, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, aside from his New England Patriots. However, without knowing if Brady will make one of these locations his final destination, bettors can take a chance while taking a futures bet.

The three teams in question are still well outside of the list of the favorites.

Odds To Win the 2021 Super Bowl

If Brady is expected to switch up locations, taking a chance on the 6-time Super Bowl champion to lead one of these organizations to a Super Bowl victory would pay out handsomely.

The Patriots are the third favorite according to online sportsbooks but the Chargers, Colts, and Raiders all fall outside of the top third of the league. Now represents the perfect time to beat Brady to the punch and lock in these longshot NFL odds.

Chargers (+2500)

The Good: The Chargers are nearly a complete team. Philip Rivers has been announced to part ways with the organization that boasts an incredible duo of running backs and plenty of targets including tight end Hunter Henry.

The Bad: The Chargers were the worst defensive team in the league last year with ending drives due to a turnover. If the scoring output from Brady is similar as opposed to last year, he will need some help occasionally from the defense.

The Ugly: Brady will be located in the AFC West and will have to face Patrick Mahomes twice (and likely three times) in a season.

Colts (+3300)

The Good: The Colts are a well-assembled team that is led by a young defense and an offense that is ready to roll. They won’t have a quarterback controversy here and Brady will be able to put up some solid numbers.

The Bad: Ownership issues surrounding the release and knowledge of injury reports keep players from wanting to play in Indianapolis. With Brady’s age, having a medical team that understands his body is crucial.

The Ugly: Does Brady really want to be “another quarterback” in the Colts system? Skipping over Andrew Luck, it could be seen as a damper on his resume if he heads to the Colts and plays in Peyton Manning’s aftermath.

Las Vegas Raiders (+3300)

The Good: Vegas. Vegas. Vegas. What is better than Vegas for his wife, his life, and his career? Not only is marketing an ease in Las Vegas, but the weather is beautiful and the transient fan base will certainly bring in plenty of fans to the stadium.

The Bad: Brady and Jon Gruden are somewhat of the opposite when it comes to dealing with the media and leadership styles. As the combination of these minds would be incredible, the personalities may not be the best fit.

The Ugly: Besides a solid rookie running back, there is not much talent on this team. This would be a tough landing spot to win an NFL title for Brady – which is the only reason he should be looking to leave New England.

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