Colts Now Favored Of Landing Tom Brady This Offseason

  • Tom Brady’s odds of leaving the Patriots have shifted in the wrong direction for New England fans.
  • The Indianapolis Colts have moved into serious contention on the odds list of landing spots.
  • Sources say that Brady is going into free agency with intentions of playing somewhere else.

BOSTONNew England Patriots fans are wishing that this is all a nightmare right now. The odds for Tom Brady returning to the Patriots have shifted in the wrong direction for them. This is not what fans were expecting from their superstar franchise quarterback.

The Indianapolis Colts have moved into the mix on the odds list of teams that could possibly land the three-time MVP and six-time Super Bowl winner. This would shake up the league as well as the Super Bowl Odds for both teams.

Odds Shift

Tom Brady is a player that many consider being the “G.O.A.T” (greatest of all time). For a player of his caliber to go to a new team in free agency would reshape the league. The thought of that is turning more and more into a reality as his odds of remaining with the Patriots have changed from -350 to -150.

This is a monumental shift as it is starting to bring fear to the Patriots organization.

If Brady were to decide to leave the Patriots, however, they would need to find his replacement as soon as possible. They might not need to look so hard though as there are many options in free agency or they could look to one of their draft picks for help.

If they do look to the draft, they should really consider drafting Jalen Hurts.

Hurts just participated in the NFL Draft Combine where he showed off his impressive speed with a 4.59 40-yard dash time. Hurts would be a reliable option for them as he would immediately learn and develop from arguably the greatest franchise in NFL history.

He would help transform their offense to have a more modern feel with his ability to run the ball and avoid being sacked.

Indianapolis Colts Move-In

The Indianapolis Colts have recently made some noise on the odds board of teams that Tom Brady could end up at.

The odds of the top three teams, in general, has been shaken up. At the beginning of February, the Las Vegas Raiders led that list at +300 odds to land him while the Los Angeles Chargers were a close second at +400.

Since then, things have changed dramatically. The Chargers are now listed at +300 in third place while the Raiders and Colts are now tied for first at +200. If the Colts were to land Brady, this would be huge as they have the assets to really make a lethal team.

The Colts have a top-5 offensive line in the league led by Quenton Nelson, they have quality receivers in T.Y. Hilton and Zach Pascal, which the Patriots lacked and they have a pretty decent running game with Marlon Mack.

Brady would be able to play his style of football if he went to Indy as he would have time to throw the ball to great receivers.

Free Agency Rumors

The changing of odds did not come by itself. It came when sources close to Brady revealed that he is entering free agency with the belief that he will be playing for a new team come the 2020 season. Last season it seemed obvious that Brady was upset with the lack of receiving talent the Patriots had to offer.

Tom Brady has not even met with the Patriots yet to discuss the possibility of a contract as there is still uncertainty surrounding the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) proposal.

“Without knowing about the CBA, that talk can’t happen,” a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

If Brady does leave, it would be the end of a historic run. Brady became the greatest of all time while playing for New England. He won 3 league MVP’s, 6 Super Bowls and 4 Super Bowl MVP’s.

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